hi protein diet = higher cholesterol????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sofy, May 20, 2003.

  1. sofy

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    Been on the Suzanne Summers hi protein Diet for about a month. I eat lots of chicken, fish, ostrich and veggies, nothing like bacon of other processed meats and cheese. After a month my cholesterol went up about 30points and my bad cholesterol went up over 40 points. Geeze louise, everyone else says just the opposite. Im grumbelling and back to the drawing board.
    Oh yes started low dose thyroid and cortisol at the same time. Perhaps that is part of the problem.
    Im going out and get my hair cut, first time since jan, and forget all this nonsense. Would have a drink but then Id be asleep so cant even drink to forget. Thank heavens I still can laugh at all this.
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  2. Mikie

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    Eating animal fat does not usually raise cholesterol levels and, as you know, my experience was just the opposite. I would be suspicious of the meds too.

    Love, Mikie
  3. sofy

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    any more thoughts???????????
  4. ssMarilyn

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    I've eaten Atkins style pretty much all my life, and my cholesterol is excellent. Low thyroid can cause our cholesterol to be bad, so maybe if you're on the meds for awhile, your numbers will improve. As Mikie said, animal fat, which is natural fat, does not hurt us, it's the artificial fat in processed foods that is deadly for us, but most doctors won't admit that. They will tell you the opposite. I was surprised to find out that MD's only take a few weeks of nutrition in all those years they go to medical school, so they are basically ingnorant when it comes to nutrition. I would rely more on the nutrional information I find right here on this board!

    Marilyn :)
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    Being hypothyroid can make your cholesterol soar. Idon't know how old you are, but the hormonal changes at menopause can also cause a huge jump in cholesterol....mine went up 50 pts. I was just given Armour Thyroid and will be starting it tomorrow. I hope it will help my cholesterol.
    I've been on the modified high protein diet aobut 7 months now and my cholesterol has dropped 35 pts. even though I do eat bacon, cheese, etc. The only bad thing is that the bad LDL cholesterol went up 39 pts. and is now too high. That can happen from good fats as well as bad, ie. nothing makes my LDL go up faster than fish oil!
    For women, the important numbers are triglycerides, which should be a whole lot lower on high protein (mine dropped over 150 pts.) and HDL cholesterol, which should be higher (mine went up 10 pts.). The single most important number for females is the HDL, which should be over 55 to be safe, and over 85 to be ideal. From the research I've done, I no longer worry about the total cholesterol number...don't think it really means much.
    Good luck with your thyroid med, and cortisol. My new doc would not put me on cortisol until we got the results of my ASI saliva tests back. I am doing the tests today. She prefers to use licorice tea to treat mild adrenal problems, but will have to come up with something else for me, since I have high blood pressure and licorice is a no-no for that. I am starting Armour Thyroid tomorrow.
    I hope it helps both of us!
  6. AutumnGirl

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    I've read time and time again that thyroid disorder/disease causes cholesterol to raise quite a bit. Maybe your meds just haven't kicked in yet to correct all that. So you were diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well? I wondered because of the cortisol.

  7. sofy

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    All my lab test come back fine except for growth hormone and I suspect that is low due to non restore sleep.
    The new endo gave me low dose thyroid and cortisol and have been on it for 3 months on symptoms basis. He told me last week to up the cortisol but he clearly thinks I just need to heal spiritually and then I will be just fine. I made an appt with a councelor for tomorrow and will try that route. As mikie says it passes the chicken soup test. My fear with this guy is that he is so firmly in the "There are no accidents and we choose the paths we take to learn lessons not learned before" that he could be overlooking something. Anyway Im looking foreword to starting learning the unlearned lessons and get on with the rest of my life.
    My spine is in the process of fusing itself together and from what I understand that will cause shallow breathing during sleep and cause non restorative sleep. Im working real hard on trying to return to my active excercise routine and do those chest opening exercises.