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    Somebody asked about you in a post. And I thought, that's right. Haven't heard from Rafiki for a while.

    So I looked up your profile, and that led to a post w/ my name in it, and that led to me rereading all the messages on porch post 200. Cheered me up considerable. (That's not a typo, that's dialect.)

    Cheering up seems to be what most of us need around here. More likely to get cheered up than cured, that's fur sure.

    Anyhoo, hope things are hokey dokey w/ you. Some clerk here in LA asked me what that meant. I said, "Same as hunkey dorey."

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    Rock I am going to join you in asking, "Rafiki, where the heck are you?" I have posted a few things lately that made me think of you, but you have not been around. Specifically, check out my "Calling Rafiki, artists, elephant lovers" thread!

    I remember in some thread you mentioning something about coming into this site through the back door. Enough of that back door stuff! You come in the front door like the rest of us, young lady, so you can see when we are trying to summon you!

    Besides, I just miss you.

    Sorry for the interruption Rock. I will leave you to your discussion now. Rafiki, you know where to find me.
  3. springwater

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    I hope Rafiki is all right. She was going full flow and then just disappeared. Do you think her computer broke down or something else?

    I hope she wil come back soon.

    God Bless
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    I've been worried about you also. I was just asking Terch about you yesterday. Are you okay, Girl??? I know you were pushing hard there for a while then--No Rafiki!! You're scaring us!!

    Hugs. doloresf1

    Hey Rockgor: I have a question for you. In one thread you mentioned the invention of the ball point pen. Do you recall what was the first one invented? Was it a Bic? A Paper Mate? What? I remember it, but do you think I can recall the brand?

    After you answer my trivia question, I'll leave you to chat with Rafiki. If we can find her. haha. Thanks Rock.

    Hugs. doloresf1
  5. rockgor

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    Yes, it was your post to Terch that got me to wondering about Rafiki. She has made a few posts recently. She hasn't vanished altogether.

    I did a little research on ball point pens and mechanical pencils some months ago. Of course my Alzheimer mind has already forgotten most of what I read.

    I remember in grade school we had fountain pens. The girls used to have little square bottles of ink, sometimes 4 different colors. The ball point became popular in the USA when we were in 5th grade; 1950.

    In those days a ball point cost a dollar. You can buy one for a dollar today. A dollar in l950 had the buying power of about ten or 12 dollars today.

    I read a guy named Biro invented the ballpoint in the 30s. I thought maybe the name was French, but it was Hungarian or something. Other sources indicate there were some earlier tries. That's always the way w/ inventions.

    The first mechanical pencil was Eversharp. Invented shortly before WWI, I think.

    Studies have shown both the mechanical pencil and the ball point have proven more satisfactory to users than clay tablet and a stylus.

  6. doloresf1

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    You entertain me:~)

    Those Eversharp pencils were sort of "tinny". Not all plastic like todays mechanical pencils. They were made to last. And they did.

    Speaking of pencils, man did I ever chew on my pencils in grade school! Probably ingested a bunch of lead.

    Have an okay day, Rockgor.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I think you're safe. Pencil "lead" is really graphite, not lead. Sites on the net says graphite is non-poisonous or
    relatively non-poisonous.

    It probably would not be a good idea, tho, to munch on two or three pencils for dessert.

    Graphite and diamonds are both carbon. It's just that one is at the hard end of the continuum and the other at the soft.

    So if can't afford a diamond ring, you can wear a lump of graphite. Just tell people that in a few million years, after being subjected to heat and pressure, it will be a lovely diamond.

    I have 3 or 4 diamonds rings myself. The diamonds were made in a lab. So if they get lost or stolen, it's no big deal.
    See the famous story The Diamond Necklace by de Maupassant.

    Was gonna go to the library this afternoon, but slept instead. It sure takes a lotta energy to 3 blocks and back.

    Hope things are fine at your end.

  8. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    That's all really interesting, but I was worried about the bright yellow/orange paint I was chewing on those pencils. Do you think that was lead paint?

    Maybe it will be sunny tomorrow and you will have another chance to walk to the library then. I live about 3 blocks from my public library also. But, I cannot walk that far. However, I drive over fairly often. They have a real nice used book store there. I buy hardbacks for 1.00 and soft backs for .75 fairly often. A nice selection.

    I thought Rafiki would have posted here by now. Gosh, if she'd search her name, she'd be amazed how often she's being mentioned:)

    Good evening. doloresf1
  9. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    So this is why my ears were hot and red ~ I thought it was a strange new symptom ;~)

    Rocky, I think you should publish a book: The World According to Rockgor. It should be full of these marvelous little nuggets of information and such amusing misinformation!

    Where have I been? The careful balance of my little life is a bit wobbly just now. Family demands changed and involve more sitting up than they did.

    And, as a follower of the Dalai Lama, I continue to be alarmed regarding what is happening in Tibet. I made it to the demo for the International Day of Protest on Monday. It's the first time I've been further from my house than my local bank since I went to see His Holiness. Sad irony.

    Springwater, I hope you and yours are avoiding your local demonstrations. I think more people should take to the streets in the places where it is safe to do so ~ Canada, US, EU, etc. ~ and not in places like Kathmandu. Take care!

    As I'm sure all can imagine, my brain and body are fried. The protest was Monday and I have slept away most of the time since Monday afternoon when I got home.

    My kid comes by this afternoon and she will spend the night on my floor on an air mattress. I keep wondering how I managed my old life, it seems so totally overwhelming to even contemplate now. Nevertheless, I want it back and will get it! However, don't quite know how I'm going to manage the next 24.

    4everkid, I have a huge confession to make. I will make it here buried in the middle of an email so as not to spoil anyone's fun anywhere else. I don't feel as though I risk your pleasure - you are, as I was, well and truly hooked. Ok, I lost interest in LOST! Can you believe it? It happened the moment the NA dentist explained Karma to the Korean character. I found the writing in that episode weak overall and that scene had me slapping myself upside the head. Don't hate me!

    I did see the elephant video! How amazing is that???!!! I've seen painting elephants on video but they were abstract elephant painters ;~) or not... so this was a huge surprise! I love these moments where everything we think we know, for sure, gets turned totally upside down! It makes me feel good to see those elephants being treated well. I went on a trek from northern Thailand into Myanmar and part of the journey was on elephant back. My old female was tired and reluctant to plod up the jungle covered hills. They lit handfulls of dry grass and held them under her belly. It was awful but I was pretty powerless to do anything about it.

    doloresf1, I don't mean to scare anyone! Certainly not you. I am pretty scary, though. You'd be surprised;~)

    Molly, I've been following the thread about your family and the intervention when I could. I'm so happy for you that it went as well as it did. It must have been a great worry. I sometimes think that every family should have an "intervention" even if no-one needs treatment. It must be a pretty powerful reminder of how much you all love each other. Again, so very happy it had a good outcome!

    Rocky, my dear fellow, write that book!

    Thank you, everyone, for providing me a place to catch up!

    With affection to all,

  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    So Bernard ruined Lost for you huh? Stupid Bernard! But that's okay. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I was a little confused over that conversation at first, so I went back and read the transcript.

    Sounds like Bernard learned about Karma from Earl (as in My Name is Earl.) You do good things, you build good karma, bad things = bad karma. He and Rose chose to follow the good person instead of the murderer, hoping karma would take care of them. Then he assumed that since Jin caught a fish, a good thing, then he must be a good guy.

    In that episode, we were reminded (In Jins flashBACK to the year 2000) of what a major self centered jerk he was in the past, in contrast to the kind and loving person he has become on the island. (You did realize that was a flashback for Jin and a flashforward for Sun, right?)

    Whatever Bernard said, it convinced Jin he needed to go back to his wife, and support her decision. He also realized that her adulterous actions in the past were a result of his own hateful and controlling behavior. He did bad things, so his wife had an affair with a kinder man.

    It made sense to me, but I am just your average Christian with no more knowledge of Karma than Bernard and Earl. Is there something I am missing in regards to Karma?

    I won't try to convince you to return to Lost. It sounds like real life is keeping you busy right now. But if you decide to return later, I will help fill you in. Right now we have a hiatus till late April.

    But I certainly don't hate you for giving up a television program. Sometimes real life and strong beliefs take precedence over the things we do to entertain ourselves. I was missing YOU, not just your contribution to the Lost discussion. While I will miss you there, I still hope to run into you on other threads here.

    Your elephant story really touched me, and I have shared that story with my family. Naturally I thought of you when I found the video of the elephant artist.

    I'm just glad to hear you are okay!
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    VERY relieved to hear from you. So you were out demonstrating! I cant do that ....personal reasons...my husbands family is half Tibetan half nepalese and they made most of their money doing trade with the Chinese Government in Tibet. My husbands uncle wouldnt be thrilled. Nothing in my life seems uncomplicated. I had jokingly told my son "i was thinking of going and picketing in front of the Chinese Embassy (its like a twenty min walk from where i live)and he told me "ok, I'm on. lets do it." And he wanted me to get him a Tibetan flag. Im quite amazed at the patriotic feelings Tibetan kids seem to have here inspite of having parents who were little kids when they fled Tibet.

    You, know a few days earlier, as soon as they finished their School Leaving Examination Finals (Grade 10)that morning, a bunch of Tibetan kids forced their way into the UN Building here to protest. Of course, the police were called but the UN staff took the kids in, fed them lunch, showed them some documentaries about what they were doing and then escorted each kid back to their home, so that the police waiting outside wouldnt accost them.

    Ive been passing by the Chinese Embassy for five continuous days now on my way to my cousins house to help out with the pujas there (her father expired) and the Embassy is always thick with riot police. The monks who were on their way to my cousins house for prayers were arrested because they thought they were going to a protest programme.

    Everyone is jittery about the elections...the maoists have made it clear they are not going to accept defeat - what is the point of having an election at all then? Anyway, from this Monday onwards the whole city is closed for a week, banks, government offices, as a precaution during elections.

    God Bless
  12. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Good to hear from you. Glad that if you are really, really busy, it is with the things you truly love!

    Take care.

    Hugs. doloresf1
  13. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Hi Deloresf1, Well, I seem to have given the impression of extreme business but it's not at all accurate. I feel I should out myself here.

    I actually spent 4 hours off the couch Monday and last evening and this morning with my dear child (sharing the couch). That's it. In between I've drifted in and out of lala land... you know the drill. BUT, I thought I'd drop in here before I began to drift into lala land again.

    I don't want to give the impression that I'm off doing more important or interesting things because... well, I'm not, but also because this community is important to me. My kids know that when I say "my friend" it's likely to be someone I've never met.

    4everkid, I love your generous enthusiasm! I think you should be employed by forces for peace to simply explain why it would be a good idea!

    I'm not entirely sure why LOST lost it's grip but it did. It was kinda like that experience when you're dating someone and you think they're so wonderful and then they say something completely innocent and fine but you suddenly think: what are you saying?! You know? Some kind of spell is broken.

    Must say, it could also be because my fatigue has been killer and the desire to pay attention has not been very keen. I haven't found it difficult to follow lately which is odd because I have found it extremely difficult to simply remember that when it is Thursday. I think I'm free.

    Oh, by the by, I am totally fascinated by the elephant video still and my daughter and I spent an hour or more talking about it last night. It brings up so many other really interesting notions and concepts and ideas! Thank you, so much, for bringing that here!

    One more think 4everkid, where's the art?! :~) More please!

    Springwater, What a world! It's so interesting to hear about what really happened at the UN. The media in NA plays up the violence but, of course, does not report on the peaceful resolution.

    Were the monks on the way to your family released again? You certainly have a front row seat to history at the moment. Don't the Chinese have an expression, "May you live in interesting times."? Perhaps they are ensuring it is so. We are such strange and complex creatures. My dog makes far more sense.

    This is such a difficult situation because the youth do not seem to understand how easily Tibet could simply be crushed. It is easy to criticize His Holiness for what seems like inaction until one contemplates how he has kept Tibet alive by refusing to give anyone an excuse to extinguish it.

    At the demo I attended the young man who spoke was a Tibetan Canadian who was born here and had never been to Tibet. It was heartbreaking that there were so few non Tibetans at this demo. Where is the Dharma community???!!! The young man gave a speech in which he intended to speak about all the non Tibetan Canadians who were there but they weren't. He stopped mid sentence, looked at the crowd of Tibetans and the few non Tibetan faces and a wave of sadness went through the crowd. There were, perhaps, 15 or 20 of us. If the Dharma community will not come out to stand with Tibetans, if the thousands of people who buy tickets to see His Holiness when he is here will not stand with him how skillfully we must negotiate this situation. The world forgets so quickly and turns it's attention to the release of a new ipod.

    My child and I were talking about this last night. We were talking about the Somalis displaced within Somalia asking the world for help. We spoke about the Jews during the second world war thinking that surely people would do something if they only knew. We spoke about how such a small gesture makes such a big difference but we do not seem to understand the need to stand up and be counted from time to time. We feel powerless but we're not.

    Yes, your family sounds complicated but who's family is not. My own is made up of people of different religions, political persuasions and fundamental beliefs. We all love each other but there are so very many things we just don't speak about. It seems to be the way with families. Would it be impertinent to ask where you grew up?

    Well, PEACE to everyone. I'm going to allow myself to succumb to a nice healing coma now :~)


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  14. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I know I don't have to say this but keep your head down and stay away from demos! I don't want you to think, even for a moment, that I was suggesting anything else!!! There are plenty of western Buddhist and Yoga practitioners who can speak for the world community from a place of total safety. Also, it is, unfortunately, more effective for the powers that be to consider that their goods ($) might not be welcome in some large foreign markets on which they depend.

    It really is for us to take to the streets, not you and not those in Tibet. Stay home!

    Now, please forgive me for my runaway arrogance. I am not very skillful just now. I wonder if I'll need to write another post to explain what I mean in this one!

    I'm just going to trust your good heart and shut up now.


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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    relax! Not for a moment did I get you were telling me to participate by demonstrating in any of yuor posts! In fact, in an earlier post you have told me specifically to 'stay safe'! You are a wonderful wonderful human being and everyone on this post knows it, it comes out in every post of yours - that loving energy of yours, no matter what the post is about and whtether its one line or a couple of paragraphs! I cant think of anyone further removed from the term "arrogant' than yuorself.

    Oh, yes, the monks for my cousins puja were released immediately after someone phoned and explained. The Nepalese police are only doing what they are ordered to do. They dont have any malice. And are already on edge because of what could happen during election time ( 2 days away)when they wil be deployed in large numbers. The Maoists, on the other hand, are a pain in the everywhere. They actually released a statement saying "Tibetans should be stopped from engaging in anti China activities and should accept Chinese rule as a fact of life". Another reason to go vote them out of oblivion. The crackpots!

    The Somali condition seems pitiful. All those people being forced to run with just a bundle on their heads and carrying young children. Thank God, we can actually see these things on tv so theyre not just scraps of news in newspapers like it used to be when i was a kid. I remember a TV footage of the Bosnian war - an old man sinking to the ground with weaknesswhile running away on foot from his village and his group trying to egg him on. War is truly evil.

    God Bless

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  16. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Thinking of you.

    Thinking of the streets in your city.

    Thinking of brocade and khaki and denim. It's that juxtaposition that makes me love that region so much. (I would love to attend that wedding.) One is fully alive and aware and in the world.

    I don't know if you've ever lived in the west but once a westerner visits the east we understand that we live just a little sliver of what is possible in the world and that we erase history as soon as it has happened. I always experienced the most painful culture shock coming home.

    On the other hand we, in Canada, live in extravagant peace. It is a peace for which our indigenous people paid, and continue to pay, an exorbitant price. Our "Tibetans" have already lost their battle.

    I wish you a calm transition to something fair and good!


  17. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I'm hearing such hopeful reports after having heard some pretty discouraging ones. Thinking optimistic thoughts for you!


  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    I voted. Yay! And it was completely peaceful. No cars were allowed on the streets except those to do with the election. My hubs and i walked down to town a 45 minute walk to join my hubs uncle and his wife and daughter (the one who just got engaged)!. And we went and voted.

    I think the last time i had walked alone with my husband for that amount of time was during the last elections couple of years ago, (lol). It felt kind of strange. Usually, we always have the kids with us or we are in the car. He's not too fond of walking.

    My two brothers names on the voting list was in a vote booth 15 kilometeres away on the other side of town, so they went and stayed overnight with my other middle brother so they wouldnt have to walk down in the hot sun. A lot of our relatives whose polling booths were far away did the same...stayed overnight at relatives places. It is good to know people are going out there and taking the trouble. My husbands cousin voting for the first time said she had not thought of voting but seeing me walk down in the hot sun, made her change her mind and encouraged her to vote.

    Thank you for your thoughts for us.

    God Bless

    PS : You would be most welcome to attend the wedding. It would be a honour to have you there.

    I dont think the Native Americans have completely 'lost' the battle. Because I have interacted with some on chat and they still seem to practise their traditions like in medicine and stuff. But I do think their plight/cause is not majorly in the minds of the world view the way the Tibet cause is. Is it because we have a leader like HH? Is it because the Tibet cause is relatively newer than theirs? I dont know. But I do feel sad to see how overrun their culture is. And it is such a rich culture. Endangered animals are given more importance in terms of preservation than some cultures. Such a strange incomprehensible world.

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  19. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I am so happy and relieved that things seem to have gone so well! Do you feel terrific having voted? If you have always lived in Nepal this would be your first vote, yes? (Your flawless English is not at all idiomatic which leads me to believe that you must have lived or been educated elsewhere - your English is better than mine - so this may not be your first vote.) I've voted many, many times but I always get a bit of a thrill out of taking part in the process. How stirring that you encouraged your husband's cousin to vote when she had not planned to.

    But, to vote in the first election post monarchy would be a really thrilling experience and a historic one. Your children will talk about this day as will their children... And, to have lived in the only (yes?) Hindu state in the world! What a fascinating life!!!

    I am breathing a bit easier now that it is done, I must admit. I hear that Jimmy Carter was over there as one of the UN observers. He's a pretty cool guy.

    Not too many people have had the experiences you have had. I see your life as having been, so far, difficult but oh so rich!

    I love the way you wrote about walking with your husband for the first time in a long time. Some things are the same everywhere... couples don't walk together nearly as much as they once did. An slow after dinner walk used to be the norm in so many places.

    I would indeed love to go to that wedding. I have attended weddings in India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim) and I was treated as an honoured guest even though I did not know the bride and groom! I miss how present and generous people are in that part of the world. We here are much more withdrawn.

    Your observations regarding our aboriginal peoples (First Nations, we call them here) is very astute, indeed. They have not completely lost and some strides have been made in Canada in the last few years but I am very much afraid it is much too little, much too late. It is absoltuely heartbreaking to see First Nations people homeless on the streets of Toronto. It is more than heartbreaking, it is obscene but it is not rare. It is not, thank God, the whole story.

    I so enjoy our little "conversations". I'm much wearier than usual these days (it's transient, it will pass) and did not think I could reply but your post was so stimulating it carried me along. Thank you for sharing these remarkable experiences with me.

    Long Live the Dalai Lama!

    with much metta to you and yours,

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yes, Rafiki, it feels great to vote. But no, this is not my first time. I have voted a couple of times before even during the monarchy period because we had to vote for the constituency leaders under the king. And after the restoration of democracy we had an election similar to this one where the Nepali Congress won.

    As is apparent now, things went quite awry after that...oweing mostly to the blatant corruption and inexperience of the then leaders in running a country...it contributed to the meteoric and totally unexpected rise of the Maoist movement and its bloody aftermath and resulting economic crisis.

    But of course, this last election was special. And it felt special; the public wanted it to happen and have it over wth - its been in the planning for so long and always there were obstructions. Yes, Jimmy Carter is here with his wife Rosalyn. I have always felt he is a compassionate man; one of my favourite US Presidents.

    My English; thank you for the compliments, tho no way is it better than yours. Yes, i was educated in a missionary school run by Christians in India till grade 10. I attended college in another missionary run institution in Darjeeling for six months and dropped out because of financial difficulties. Came to Nepal and got a job instead and stayed on here. But i treasure those six months of college. I was living away from home and was carefree. I even went on my very first 'date'and got into a relationship of sorts. The kind one has at 17. Nothing very serious. Just as well, coz I never got to go after that. It was work and back, work and back till my marriage.

    Actually the kids who are getting educated now in Nepal speak and write English extremely well. Depending on the school they go to. One of my daughters classmates has gotten an almost full scholarship into three colleges in the US: Reed, Haverford and Hamilton which i believe are good colleges. And his older brother has gained admission into Harvard, Yale AND Princeton for his post graduate course!!!. And three of my daughters classmates have got hired by magazines as contributing writers while they wait for their colleges to start. I think its the opportunity afforded them. These kids had the opportunity and the brains and used them.

    Theres this very sweet story about the US Embassy here and a college applicant. He was from a very backward ethnic caste (Manang, I think to be specific). His parents educated him and then he gave in his application for a visa to study pilot training in the USA. Probably thinking it was a sure fire way to earn a good living. The Embassy/Visa staff looked at his schooling marksheets and were amazed at his results - they told him his brains would be wasted on pilot training and instead told him to enroll for something more intellectually challenging and stimulating and they even helped him enroll and arranged financial aid, and now? - the boy is a scientist at NASA in the USA!Isnt that something? I suppose he could have come back home to work but those days the Maoists were wreaking havoc and there was no scope for anything on the scientific front, instead Im sure RONAST was trying to keep from getting closed.

    I hope you will feel better and less tired soon.

    God Bless

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