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    I'm back again to cheer you up!!! Hehehehe~~ Just joshin with you~~~or maybe I'm trying to cheer myself up after a long dental apt. yesterday, which didn't go too well!!

    First off, I want to thank you again for all your help with the breakthrough meds, as always your help has been useful to me and doesn't make me feel guilty for asking for something!! Thats a big plus to many I'm sure, to who ever reads this and can't get the help they need, including myself.

    Second off, at the moment I don't think I'll have to worry about him giving me something extra for pain after my apt. with the dentist yesterday. As it turned out, I now need surgery on my gums because of an abscess growing into the gum area and also will need a root canal, along with another replaced tooth where I have a cap on the one that needs repairing....oh great..it can only happen to me I swear.... and of all places, my front tooth..... why can't it be a simple root canal!!!! Nooooooooooo...not me of course!! And very expensive to say the least.

    But I did want to ask you how you think your new MSIR's are working and if you think you will stay with those or try something different? I think the Oxy Ir's worked better for me and didn't make me feel as "loopy" as other meds in the same class. Maybe those would work better for you?

    I wrote down all my information of meds and what worked and didn't, and I'm going to have it where it states when I was on the Oxcontin 20 mgs, and the Oxy Ir's for breakthrough after my surgery, that combo worked the best for me. Hows that sound? I typed all of my paperwork; history, meds, surgeries, complaints, levels of pain and when or what I was doing at the time, so he would beable to read it better. As my handwriting still isn't what it used to be after my spinal surgery. Does that sound like I did good? LOL!!!

    So, I have to make a decision on that dental surgery within the next two days and which is the cheapest way to go, as theres no easy surgery no matter which procedure I choose!!

    So, I hope you are doing great today, and hopefully somewhat "normal" in your pain issues. And also again, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule I'm sure, to answer and help me once again! Priceless I say, priceless my friend!!!

    I think I just cheered myself up by writing to you instead of the other way around..hehehehehe~~ for that, I'm greatful once again!!

    Gentle hugs,

  2. RedHeadEMT

    RedHeadEMT New Member

    I feel so special that I saw my name on the messageboard! hehe I'm so happy to have a new friend! ::gentle hugs::

    Sorry to hear about your dental nightmare....sheesh! Somehow, I was blessed with the most incredible set of chompers in my entire family. How? I do not know, since my parents both have teeth with issues. I, have had one cavity in my whole life. The only other "procedure" was getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

    I will keep YOU and YOUR toothies on my prayer list. Are you getting all the procedures done all at the same time or what? I always feel the same way...like I have THE WORST LUCK ever; like anything that could go wrong or anything that is bad will always happen TO ME.

    I know that you mentioned that you may be getting pain meds from your dentist, but you should still ask for BT pain meds from your pain doc tomorrow.

    The MSIRs did NOT work for me, AT ALL. I spent the day, taking them the day before yesterday and all they did was send me into a major flare and give me a migraine. It's interesting because I have been taking Morphine Sulfate Extended Release tabs for over a year now and they help to control and dull the pain for the most part without any side effects. Hm.

    I think if you come in as well prepared as you sound, then the doc should take you seriously and you will be able to convey everything without forgetting anything important. Please remember to let meknow how the pat goes; I'll be excited to hear how it goes.

    I, too, have my workers comp doc apt. tomorrow and I'm worried about whether or not she will try to push me into going back to work. AND I AM NOT READY. In actual truth, I don't know when or IF I will ever be able to drive an ambulance or lift pts the way an EMT on ambulance has to...

    Anyways, enough blabbing...I'm gonna go try to put some food in my belly for the first time today. Hope to talk with you soon, Shelby.

    gentle hugs,

  3. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I thought you'd like to see your name right there for all to see..hehehehe..makes you feel special, like you are to me!! Oh, how sweet it is......

    I'm sooooo sorry that those meds aren't working for you and giving you a migraine, it seems funny that something thats in the same class of drugs would do that to you, but stranger things have happened!! I guess I'll make sure I don't ask for those with my visit tomorrow...hehehehe...

    Sure...rub it in about having great teeth and make me feel lousy...great..just want I need..thanks my friend!! LOL!! But wait until you get to be my age and see.....no.....seriously.....you are just lucky to have great teeth, but I did once too, then things went down hill from there with no obvious reason!! I could go toothless in the front of my mouth though couldn't I, that ought to make me look real cute....NOT!!

    I didn't ask my dentist for any pain meds yet, as I didn't want to mess up my apt. with the pain specialist tomorrow. From what I've been told, you should always stay with the same Dr. who prescibes your narcotics, so I thought I'd wait until tomorrow and discuss it with the specialist. I think it also makes me look good, as I'm not out there seeking meds from other Dr's., and that way he would also understand why I would need breakthrough meds, and mostly now with up coming surgery on my gums!!! As things like this always happens to me!!

    Like you said~~~what can happen, always seems to happen to us or me anyway, and I've been told that so many times you start to believe it and then it happens again and again!! If theres a disease or illness out there, I get it!!! I think their going to start naming surgeries after me!!LOL!!

    I'll also keep you in my prayers that you too make out great with your workers comp apt. tomorrow. They can't make you go back if your not ready. Tell them physically and mentally your not ready! Its sort of like having post traumatic stress syndrome~~~the fear alone is causing you health problems, that might work too. After all, that is a conditon recognized by the medical community!!!

    But I will keep you in my prayers that everything comes out in your favor, so you can have more time to recover!! I'll also come back and tell you what happened at my apt. with the pain Dr., and hopefully we both will have good news!! I'll watch your back and you watch mine~~~hows that sound~~~good to me if I do say so myself!! Hehehe~~

    Good luck tomorrow, and I'll keep thinking postive thoughts for you and sending well wishes your way!
    Gentle hugs,
  4. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Hi Ladies :) Can I join the conversation?? :) Actually, I'm in the midst of a flare, but I just wanted to tell you both that I'm thinking of you!

    Readheademt - I'm sorry that the MSIR didn't work for you. Isn't that funny how some meds just don't work? You might have mentioned it, but are you able to get something else? It seems like you have had a bad few days, too. I'm sorry! Are you feeling better?

    Shelby - I wrote it in the other post but I'm SORRY you had a terrible appt with the pain doc. I can feel your anger - I would feel the same way. There is just no excuse for these types of situations. Let us know how your appt goes with your primary doc.

    It feels nice to have support from people actually going through similar issues. I'm sorry we are all sick...but it just helps to hear people experiencing similar issues... Makes me feel like I'm not completely losing my mind!! Take care - both of you! - and I'll be writing more soon. Love, Tina
  5. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    Of course you can join in Tina...more the merrier and happier!! Hehehehe~~ I also wrote you again under my apt. post, so you can read it there about what happened after I saw my own Dr. yesterday afternoon.

    Let us know how you are though, ok? I'm sure its not easy when this hits you and theres nothing we can do to control these terrible flares, that come sometimes out of nowhere!!

    One thing I'm still learning how to do is, how to respond just to your post and nobody elses. I click on at the bottom of say your post, and the one that shows up is the very first post that was posted. Do you know how I do respond to yours and only yours, seeing there is a "reply" right there, but yet it never works for me!!!

    Anyhoo...I just wanted to stop in and say welcome to "our little chat" session we're having here all by ourselves, and praying that both of you are feeling better very soon!!

    Get well quickly my friends~~Tina and Readheademt
    Sparkle and shine brightly,
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  6. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Thanks for the message - I haven't read your other post yet, but am going to in just a minute.

    Re: hitting the reply button - VERY good question, and one I wondered about as well. Maybe Redheademt will help us?? :) Or anybody?? :) I'm still new at these things, too.

    Feeling a little better today...but not much. Just sooo glad it's the weekend and my husband will be home to help!

    Talk to you soon, --Tina
  7. RedHeadEMT

    RedHeadEMT New Member

    Hi girls! Welcome to our little chat group, Tina! I'm so glad that you joined! I'm also happy to hear that you are doing better...yes, you are right, it is so weird how these meds work so very differently in each of our bodies. I've just gone back to my Norco. I have an apt with my pain doc on the 9th of Feb and will talk to him then.

    I have NOT been well because I had a HUGE fight with my mother and have "broken up" with her. I am done fighting an trying to convince her that I am sick. In fact, the stress that comes with being around her makes me even sicker and constantly spins me into uncontrollable flares. Plus, the things she said to me were unforgiveable. I will post more on a seperate link soon.

    Shelby, I'm on my way to read your other link about the pain doc apt, but I am sad to see that it prolly didn;t go well from what tina said. I will address you further in that post after I've read it. Keep your chin up, we'll figure it out.

    As for the reply button; you can ONLY reply to the original poster, not anyone else who is also a replier.

    Talk to you both soon! Gotta use the bathroom...

    Gentle hugs,

  8. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Hi...wow, we do have TONS in common. I'll wait to read the whole thing with your mom - I'm really, really sorry. I'm having major issues with my mom, too. She KNOWS how sick I am...I'm her only child...has the ability to help me with the kids (meaning she doesn't work, has the $$ to come see us, etc) - and just won't help me. As a mom of six kids - I cannot understand EVER not helping one of my kids if they are ever ill (or my daughter-in-laws to be, etc).

    So - our situations may be different - but I KNOW the pain that comes with this situation. I'm so sorry you are feeling that, too. It IS not a funny thing, but your wording made me smile, but in a very sad way that I can so understand (the "breaking up" thing). Anyway, I KNOW it's hard but try not to let it get you feeling worse. I know, easier said than done...believe me.

    Going to bed - both of you...take good care. --Tina

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