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    I thought I would start another thread as the other one was getting so long.

    How was your Mom today? I hope things go well. It is so upsetting when Drs. and nursed will not listen to the family. We know them better than anyone else and know how they where before they got ill.

    My brother has not said anything else to my Daddy about the credit card bill. I wish that he would throw him out. Daddy feels so obligated to take care of my brother. I keep telling him that his "obligation" was over a long time ago.

    Alexis is with us, she had preschool today. We always keep her the night before and take her to school. She said that she did not want to go back where they are staying. In face her Papa said something about it she put her hand on her hip and said "I don't think so". My son is fed up and ready to go back to their place.

    Draven is doing well. I have not seen him since Friday for just a few minutes. He loves his Daddy, my son cannot go out of the room or he cries. When he is at work and calls they put the phone on speaker so he can talk to Draven and I guess he just lays there and looks around for his Daddy. A Daddy's boy already.

    Hope that you are doing ok, and that your visit with your Mom went well. Let me know how things are going. I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers for her surgery on her arm the 9th.

    God bless; Pam
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  2. Busyknitter2

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    Rene hope you see this new thread. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your Mom tomorrow.
  3. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, well Ihope things work out with your dad and brother. How long has he lived there with your dad? If your dad is worried about the charge it was really easy for me to get it off my moms card.

    I'm glad your son and Draven are really bonding together. He seems like a good dad. Do you still have Alexis? IS she easy for you to watch? I know you have to do a lot for her.

    My mom oh its a long story. They are moving her to a different room cause her and Pam both scream. They told me a behavorlist came and said Pams bed is making my mom sceam!!! Her bed has air flowing and you can't even hear it barely! I said my mom screamed with other roomates but didn't really say much. I don't want her kicked out.

    I called at 11 pm last night as they said they would move my mom last night. I heard Pam screaming all the way to the nurses station. I like Pam and feel bad for her.

    They didn't move my mom yet. BUt thats sad for her to be with a
    roommate who can't talk.

    Pam had wanted to go to
    the church service on Sunday and they wouldn't take her. Thats awful as she has no life but neither does my mom. My mom can't have any joy but Pam can. I told Pam to tell her social worker. I won't say anything cause my mom may get kicked out.
    Well I'll meet my mom and see how it goes tomorrow. I feel so sorry for her. Though she can really make me soooooo mad too!

    Well hope you get to see Draven soon and things settle down over there too.

    Take care,
  4. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    My brother has lived with my Dad for two years this month. It was just suppose to be for a short time. It is terrible I wish some times he would just go away.

    My son is a good Daddy. He has so many things on his mind right now. He has a interview for a better job tomorrow. He can not convince his fiance' for them to go back to their place. Alexis is not at all happy staying there and she told us last night that she wants us to go to her new house (trailer) and move all of her stuff here. He came and spent time with her tonight. He has been a single Dad for almost two years. You might as well say that he was a single Dad when he was married, she neve wanted to be a Mom and never was even when she was here.

    I guess Andrea and her Mom took Draven to the Dr. today. They said that he was not breathing right. The Dr. said that there was not a thing wrong with him. He is up to 6# now. We are afraid that it will be like it was with Andrea with Draven at the Dr. or hospital all the time.

    I wiil be thinking of you and your Mom tomorrow and you will be in my prayers.

    It is sad about your Mom's room mate that they would not take her to church services. What do they mean that the room mate's bed makes your Mom scream?

    Please let me know how things go tomorrow. Take care of yourself also.

    God bless; Pam
  5. Busyknitter2

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    how is your Mom doing? Are you doing ok?
  6. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi well my mom got the bars removed without doing surgery! It didn't hurt her as bad as they thought. I'm proud of her for that.

    Oh Pams bed blows air cause its a air bed. Its very quiet.

    I'm scared my moms gonna have to go somewhere else.

    HOpe your sons interview goes good. I admire him for trying to make a better life for his family. Just having a new baby and looking for a new job is a lot of stress.

    Yea I know what you mean I wish my brother would go away too.

    Well take care and let me know how it is going.
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    Glad to hear that it well with your Mom. Will they have to do anything else to her arm?

    A friend of Daddy's left a message on my machine and said that she wanted to talk to me, she was worried about Daddy. Her and hubby have been friends of Daddy's for years. She said that she talked to him yesterday and he could hardly breath and she did not think that he had his medience. I talked to him today and he was down but he was brething fairly well. I told her that he did have his medience that I did not take his word for it any more that I checked for myself.

    My son thought that the interview went ok. I will say a prayer that he gets the job. He is trying hard to do what is right. Alexis is upset with her Daddy because of all of the changes. We met them for dinner tonight and she got mad at her Daddy and said "I'm going to kill you." It really hurt my son. I got on her and told her to never say that again. I asked her where she heard it and she said "I heard someone say it in Walmart". She wants to go back to their "new house" as she calls it.

    Let me know how things are. You are in my prayers.

    God bless; Pam
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    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Bump for Rene
  9. Rene

    Rene New Member

    HI I just got back about 15 min ago from the nursing home. She is in her room and now I feel so sorry for her new roommate. She doesn't speak english so its sad as she just lays there and can't watch TV and she tries to talk to me but I don't know.

    My mom is just next door to where she was. She says her she like it better that the bars are out of her arm.
    I told her how proud I was of her.

    I hope your son gets the job too. I"m glad your dad has some friends that can check in on him too. Do they had visiting nurses that can help him a couple of hours a day? My mom got 9 hrs for free at home a day.

    Yea that is bad what Alexis said. Do you know when they will be back in there own place?

    Where did you guys go out to eat? I haven't eaten in a resturant forever. I used to eat out 4 days a week before I got sick.

    Well hope you have a good weekend. I'll just be going to the home and maybe visit my neighbor.

    Take care!
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    I am so glad that your Mom says she likes it better since they got the rods out of her arm. I am sure that you are very proud of her.

    We went to Applebees for dinner. My Daddy would not stand still for a visiting nurse to come in. We just went to see him and he looked and acted pretty good. I also made sure that he had all of his meds.

    I hope that Alan does get that job. He is so down, they are still at her Mom's. We did go by for a visit today. Alexis is really acting out. It seemed like she was sent to her room more than out. We got ready to leave and she was hysterical wanting to go with us, as my husband said it was all we could do not to put her in the car and bring her home with us.

    My son is so exhausted. "They" say he doesn't get up with the baby, but he still gets up and makes bottles, changes, etc.

    Hope that things continue to go well with you and your Mom. Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Rene I just added a picture of my beautiful Granddaughter holding her baby brother to my profile.
  12. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi That is an adorable picture! Alexis is very pretty girl. Draven is a doll. You are lucky now you can say grandchildren instead of grandchild. Who does Draven take after more?

    When will they go back to there home? I feel sorry for your son.

    Glad your dad is doing better. Well at least it is good that he doesn't absoulutely need a helping nurse.

    I just went to visit my mom and will today. I am so tired.

    SO how is your weather out there? Its been kinda cold here and we had rain yesterday and its cloudy today.

    Well let me know whats up.
    Take care,
  13. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Thank you. I think Alexis is a beautiful little girl but I'm bias LOL. Draven is a doll baby. I can't really say who he looks like. When he was first born his picture could pass for Alexis' baby picture, they looked like twins. There have been people that say he looks like his Mommy. His hair was blond and it is starting to get darker on the sides.

    I still do not know when they are going home. I can just hear it in my son's voice he is miserable and so down. He is suppose to come for dinner and to get some money. He only had a one week pay check to do him two weeks.

    I really think that Andrea loves Alan but she is so young minded. Her Mom is still trying to run her life and tell her every move to make. She is 21 in years but not maturity.

    I hope that Daddy keeps feeling better. One day he seems to feel better and the next he is so very down.

    Hope that you enjoy the visit with your Mom. Get some rest yourself, you deserve it.

    The weather here is a little chilly.

    Let me know how things are going.

    Hugs; Pam
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  15. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi, glad to hear your dad is improving. Yes hope he continues to do so.

    Well hopefully the kids will be back on there own soon. HOpe Alan gets the job he wants.

    Just went to the nursing home today. My mom was behaving well which means I feels so horrible and sorry for her. SHe never says why am I here or I want to go home ect. I think she knows shes not ever going home and it breaks my heart.

    She wanted out of bed and I rolled her over next door to Pams. They both said they miss eachother. Pams roommate can't speak at all and can't hear so well. My mom is usually in bed 23 1/2 hours a day.

    Was your mom ever in a home or was she at home when she passed?

    Well take care and let me know what up!
  16. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Glad to hear from you. I am really glad that your Mom had a good day. I know that her and Pam enjoyed being able to visit with each other. Does Pam have any family visit?

    The kids are still not in their home. Alan told me tonight that he loves Andrea to pieces but he can not stand her family. He did say that he likes her Dad, all the man does is work (two full time jobs) come home and turn his check over to his wife.

    My son told my husband that about all he does when he is there is lay down in the room and watch tv. He is spending alot of time with Alexis. We have her tonight so we can take her to preschool.

    No Momma was not in a nursing home. We found out that she had lung cancer the latter part of May and she passed away on July 9. She had started chemo and it was shrinking the tumor. She got so weak and an infection, she was in the hospital for over a week, went home. I stayed at thieir house and took care of her for two weeks. One night she was doing well by the next morning she was talking out of her head and had a hight fever. We took her to the hospital and she passed away that night.

    My Grandmother (Momma's Mom) had lung cancer also and I think that when Momma found out that she had it she just gave up that and the chemo wiped her out.

    Sorry I went on. I have really been thinking about her more than usual lately.

    Take care of yourself and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi thank you for sharing about your mom. That was awful. So she died of an infection right? That is when they told me my mom was gonna die that day back in Aug of the infection.

    She had a fever last week I was told of 100.7 hours after her arm procedure. I started to cry. but it went down quick thankfully.

    I'm glad your mom isn't suffering anymore. I know you want her back more then anything. Its not fair to be taken so young. We shouldn't have to deal with this until we are in our sixtys.

    I think things will get better for your son as soon as they are back in their own place. That would be really hard.

    Well I'm going to bring lunch to my mom now, Mc Donalds. I feed it to her with a fork and that is what she wants.

    Take care and keep me posted!
  18. Busyknitter2

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    Thank you for the kind things about Momma. Your right I would like to have her back, but I am glad that she is not suffering.

    Did your Mom enjoy her McDonalds. You are such a great daughter to do all you do for your Mom. She is so lucky to have you.

    My son is staying here tonight with Alexis. He came by to see her and his knee that he did not have worked on was hurting him very badly. I took him to Immediate Care and they gave him some pain pills. He took one and is going to stay here.

    Alan got a call from the place where he is trying to get the job. They want him to come in and do test labor. That means that he comes in works the job for five hours for a couple of nights to make sure that he can do the job. It sounds good. I am not going to say he has it yet.

    Keep me posted on how things are.

    Hugs; Pam
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  20. Rene

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    Hi Pam, hope your son is ok. You have been to the hospital more then me this month! I hope you have me beat as the month isn't over yet!

    I think that is a good idea to have him stay the night.

    I don't mean to upset you but if you don't mind me asking how long were you super depressed when your mom left? I don't think I'm gonna be able to take it. She is my whole world. Did you think you would be able to make it without her?

    How is your dad doing? HOw often do you get to see him?

    Well not much with my mom. I just feel sorry she has no one to talk to but she kinda can't have conversations anyway cause of dementia I think. But a tiny bit she can have a conversation.

    I got her a pumpkin pie to bring for tomorrow. SHe loves that.

    Take care,

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