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    Our old thread was getting so long I thought I would start a new one. Is your brother still in the house? How is that going? Will this rescue take all of the pets?

    We got to see Draven yesterday, he is getting big. He threw up after he was fed. I really think that it is because he is getting to much air and not burping good after he is fed. I have tried to get her to use the playtes bottles with the drop in liners as you can squeeze out all of the air. I even bought her a big box set and I found out that she took them back to Walmart and got the other bottles. We had to use them with both of my boys and Alexis and they worked wonders. He is a real cutey and he is crazy about his Daddy. Alan told him that he had to leave and he stuck that little lip out and wimpered.

    Alexis is feeling alot better, she has been thru alot lately. We told her that her Daddy had to have surgery to make his tummy feel better. She said that her tummy hurt too and she needed surgery like Daddy.

    I hope that you can get some much deserved rest. I am truly glad that your Mom is doing better.

    I talked to Daddy tonight and he sounded pretty good. I need to get to Sam's Club and get him a case of Ensure. We thougth that my brother had to go to court on the 8 but he told my Dad that it was the 10. I don't know what is going to happen there.

    Sorry I went on so. Take care and get some rest.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, oh I forgot all about your brother. You will have to let me know how that turns out.

    You'll have to put a new picure of the kids up when everyone gets better. Hopefully after next week you'll be free and clear of hospitals for a long time.

    The gal from the animal group is just taking the pictures so I can email them to people. Oddly her mom was our vet. Actually she doesn't know any rescue groups personally. I don't know what to do.

    I really love them and I feel like such a let down to them and my mom. I feel like I am ruining everyones life (my brothers too but hes a bad person and shouldn't be in the house).

    Well I go out there tomorrow. I'm so exausted that will be all I will do.

    Well I'll talk to ya later.
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    Things are still going along here. Alan is still in pain, I will be glad when it is over for him. I know he is 25 but he is still my baby and I can not stand to see him in pain.

    You are not ruining any ones life. You are doing everything that you can possibly do to help. You did not make your Mom in the shape that she is in. It is sad about the animals but that is not your fault either. As for your brother you are not to blame for him being the way he is. He has not done anything to help you or your Mom.

    He is alot like my brother he takes and takes. My brother will than turn it around that everyone has done him wrong. I am really curious to see what will happen when he goes to court. To the best of my knowledge he has not completed any of the things that he was suppose to complete. Unless this girl he has hooked up has been paying it for him.

    Did I tell you that this girl is on work release for shooting at her estranged husband? She had a son and her Mom took him to Pennsylvania to live with her. He goes and sees her at work and when she gets a 24 pass they stay at her sisters.

    Well I have went on enough, please do not feel that you are ruining any ones life. You are doing everything that you can possibly do.

    Let me know how you are doing. Get some rest.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, thanks for your kind words. Well hopefully everything will go good tomorrow. I will check in here BUT I understand if you can't post know cause I went through it before.

    Hope Draven is doing ok.

    I just feel all this responsibilty and I am making choices for my moms and dogs life. Not so sure about my mom place as all the stuff that goes on there even her breaking her shoulder, which actually she could have done the first time she fell out of bed as they didn't call the ambulance and her shoulder/arm hurt for for awhile.

    No you didn't tell me about you brothers girlfriend. Sounds like a winner to me! To bad she can't keep him in line after what she did. My brother needs someone like that.

    Well I'll be thinking of you and Alan tomorrow. My moms did good mentally today. She said a few things like a mom would that was nice. SHe said when I mentioned to close the blinds (she doesn't like a lot of light) "leave them open cause you're here and I know you like the blinds open".
    That was a big shock to me for her to be so with it. She also said she wants to watch the news at 5. So her memory is doing good and I'm getting her back a little bit.

    Take care and I will pray for Alan.
  5. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Thank you for your prayers.

    I understand how you feel about the responsibilty you have. It seems like what ever you decide after the fact you think should I have done different. You can only do what you think is best.

    I can remember when my Grandma was sick and Momma had to do everything. She was so worried about what her brother and sister thought or would say. I told her she was doing everything she could do and if they did not like it to bad. My uncle lived close and would not even go and sit with my Grandma at the hospital. It bothered him.

    We went and saw Daddy today and he seemed pretty good. We took lunch in and he ate ok. He really enjoyed spending time with Alexis. He said that he looks for the court to come down on my brother when he goes. I hope that they do. Daddy said if they sent him to jail that he was going to leave him there. Maybe it would wake my brother up.

    We had everyone over to night to was New Year's Resolution. It is a wrestling thing. Yes I actually like wrestling LOL. Andrea even came over with Draven. He is doing ok and growing like a weed. He has a follow up Dr's appointment tomorrow.

    I know Alan will be glad when tomorrow is over. He has really been hurting. I am a nervous wreck, but am trying to stay cheerful for him.

    I am getting ready for bed. I will let you know how things went.

    Take care of yourself and get some rest.

    God bless; Pam
  6. Rene

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    Hi so how is Alan? I thought I was the last to respond. Well let me know what they did and how he is and where he is ok? I hope everything went ok and that this operation will take care of it.

    I bet that was nice to have Draven come over and watch wrestling. You'll have to put up a current picture when you get a chance (easier said then done huh?).

    Well I didn't go to my moms today as I couldn't do it. I did go to my neighbors for a little bit as I needed to get away from thoughts and my apartment.

    Well let me know how he is doing. I'm glad your dad isn't gonna get your brother out of jail if he goes.
    I guess you'll know pretty soon. Out here they don't keep people in too long.

    Well let me know how everything is.
    Take care,
  7. Busyknitter2

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    Alan's surgery went well. We got home around 6:00pm. He is hurting but as he said it is a different type of hurting.

    Andrea kept calling Bill's phone yesterday. Draven had a Drs. appointment and they sent him for an upper GI today. They also changed his formula. We told her to use the playtex bottles to keep the air out of his tummy. She wanted either Bill to take her or Alan to go. That is just not possible. Alan did talk to her and the upper GI was ok. She said that she didn't like think she liked the playtex bottles. Alan told her, "so what if they are better for him and keep the air out of his belly". It seems like if the attention goes away from her at all something comes up.

    When I called Daddy to tell him Alan was ok he told me that my brother did go to court yesterday. He got 135 days in jail. He has to be there next Tues. at 9:00pm. I guess for every day he serves he can get a day off for good behavior. Something about he may only have to serve half of it. Daddy is a little upset and I know that he will worrey about Bud. I think he is getting what he deserves but there is a little part of me that is worried something will happen to him.

    How are things with you. I hope that you are feeling better. Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  8. Rene

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    Hi Pam, I'm glad Alan made ok through his surgery. Were you there the whole time? I'm glad he has a different kinda of hurting as to me that means the surgery is gonna cure his pain. How is he doing now?

    Well I hope Andrea changes his bottle. Makes no since to me.

    Wow that is a long sentance for your brother. Has he been to jail before? I wish my brother would get that. Is he a big guy?

    Well I'm just really tired. I saw my mom and she kinda was not being nice telling me I don't help her when I super duper and giving her my all even though it was hardly much help.

    We have to go to the surgeon but I canceled it from Thurs as they booked it an hour away. I can't do that. SHe doesn't want it but we have to see him for her shoulder.
    Take care,
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    Yes we where there the whole time. I just did not want to leave. I had even stuck a bag in the car in case they kept him. He is doing pretty good. He is able to eat now and is not in pain from that.

    Yes my brother got a pretty good sentence. He is really not a big guy, and he is not strong. That is what worries me. I refuse to feel to bad thou he did it to himself, and he has taken so much from my Daddy.

    I am sorry that your Mom was not nice today. I think sometimes they feel bad and they strike out to the person closest to them. Can they find a surgeon that is closer to you? I am sorrey that she is going to have to have surgery. Is this from when she fell out of bed at the NH?

    I am really tired and hurting so I am going to try and make it an early night. Take care of yourself and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  10. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, how is Alan doing? HOw are you? Does he have to go back for a follow up? Is he staying with you? Hows Draven?

    Yea I wouldn't feel bad for my brother either though I hope your dad doesn't suffer from worry.

    Yes we had the appt due to the NH fall. The hospital hasn't called me back yet. I really doubt she will have the surgery. She was kinda ok today not in the best mood but she wasn't mean at all.

    I ordered her an Elvis gospal cd from the library and she asked if it came in. That makes me feel good she remembers the CD. Her medicine is helping.

    Well I'm not sleeping much and really stressed about the dogs and my brohters 30 days is up next week. He called and left a message and said "I love you". WHich means he will go psycho cause hes such a nice person and why am I"m kicking him out. He will be the victum.

    Well let me know how everyone is. I posted again last night but it didn't post.
    Take care,
  11. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Alan is doing pretty good. He is hurting from the surgery but as he said he can eat what he wants to and is not in severe pain. He does have to go back for a follow up appointment in 7-10 days.

    Draven is doing ok. He really likes his new formula. She came over today and told Alan that she was about out and that she had to get a hold of the Dr. so he could write a order so she could take it to WIC. Why didn't she do that when she was there? She said that she would just give him the old formula, knowing it did not agree with him. We went and bought some. She also had to call the Dr. because there was blood in his stool. We asked her if it was bright red, she said I don't know my Mom changed him. She changed a BM while they where here and I asked her if it had blood in it her reply was "I don't know I didn't pay any attention. The Dr. call her while she was here and I had to ask what he said she was not going to tell anyone.

    Your brother is so much like mine. He has always blamed everyone else for his problems. We all caused them. A couple of years ago when Daddy was in Florida my brother was sick. We where helping him, feeding him, giving him money, etc. I found out later that Daddy was sending him money and he told people that he had to live on crackers and no one would help him. That is just one example.

    I am so sorrey that you are under so much stress. It is so hard to deal with. Does he know where you live? You do not have to go to the house to tell him to get out do you?
    I am glad that your Mom's new pill seems to help her dementa. I am here if you need to talk. Take care.

    God bless; Pam
  12. Rene

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    HI well this will be short as my webtv broke and now i have to go to the rental office to use the computer. Great timing as I have ads on the pets coming to me.

    How is Alan doing now? I'm glad he can eat what he wants. Hope hes doing better.

    Glad Draven likes his formula. Guess Andrea isnt gonna change.

    Did not see my mom to tired. No my brother doesn't know where I live but he said he'll burn the house down before or break the windows. Al the pets are will him but snuggles.. SOrry though I have to go I'm so tired. I am gonna miss my webtv.

    I check in when I can

  13. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Sorrey that your web-tv broke. I hope that we can still stay in touch.

    I know that it is hard but you really need to get yourself some rest. I know I am one to talk.

    Do you think that your brother would follow thru with his threats? My brother is always threating to kill him self or when his last 10 year livein girl friend threw him out he was always saying he was going to kill her or destroy her car, etc. Is there anyway that the law can help you?

    How is your Mom? Try and get some rest. Let me know how things are when you can.

    God bless; Pam
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  14. Busyknitter2

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    Sorrey that your web-tv broke. I hope that we can still stay in touch.

    I know that it is hard but you really need to get yourself some rest. I know I am one to talk.

    Do you think that your brother would follow thru with his threats? My brother is always threating to kill him self or when his last 10 year livein girl friend threw him out he was always saying he was going to kill her or destroy her car, etc. Is there anyway that the law can help you?
  15. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, how is Alan? Is he feeling a little better? How are you and Draven? Is he glad he had the surgery?

    Well I went and bought a lap top at Wal Mart. I'm not to good at it as my web tv was so easy.

    Did your brother act on his threats? Mine did once cut the phone line outside but nothing we could do as the police asked if we saw him do it.

    I'm scared he'll burn the house or something. Plus all the animals are there but Snuggles. The lawyer said today if we have him do work (like feed pets) and he stays and does that thne the judge can go in his favor. Lola won't feed them if he is there.

    I had to go the court house about the eviction. Thankfully they weren't crowded. He wasn't much help though. I didn't go see my mom as I'm to tired.

    What are you goning to do this weekend? Do you have Alexis?
    When is Alan expected to fully recover? Does Bill start back to work soon?

    Let me know how you all are and I hope you have no more impromptu hospital visits!

    Take care,
    Rene [This Message was Edited on 01/12/2007]
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    Hi Rene;

    Alan is feeling better. In fact he is at his place doing some cleaning so that him and Alexis can go back there to noght. He just has to be careful and not lift anything for 4 more days and he has to go back to the Dr. for a followup.

    Draven is doing ok. Alexis has an ear infection but she is doing ok. Alan was chatting with Andrea last night and told her that Alexis had an ear infection. Her next reply was "I think that the baby is getting sick" Alan asked her what he was doing and she said sneezing.

    No my brother never followed thru with any of the threats. The only thing he ever did was hit his wifes and live-in when he was drunk. That is why the last live-in kicked him out. They where both drunk and high on cocaine and got into and he popped her. He has threatened to kill himself more times than I can count. He supposedly even bought tape and a hose to hook up to his car. He never used any of it.

    We looked online on his court case and it says he has a 270 day sentence. I case it is one day for each day of good behavior so if that is the case it may be 135. Who knows?
    I know that my Dad is really down. He feels like he is loosing someone else. He does say that it is no ones fault but Buds.

    I am so sorry that you are still going thru so much with your brother and getting him out of that house. Does he do anything? (taking care of things). It seems like the law is more for the person in the wrong sometimes doesn't it?

    I am worn out and hurting. We are going to go have a family dinner at TGI Fridays, and that is it for the weekend.

    Take care of yourself and I hope that things start going smoother. How is your Mom? Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi, thats great about ALan! I'm glad he is feeling so much better. To bad they made him wait so long but now its over with so that is good. Has Alexis always been sick or has it just been the last couple of months?

    ThAT is a good idea looking on the internet about the case. I do that to look for my brother or his rotten friend. Don't know why we have to be sick and not them cause I would love to work.

    TGIFS sounds good. I haven't been there in years. What did you have? I like their hamburgers and one time I got their enchalada and they we really good too. Was your dad there too?

    When does your brother sentance start?

    Did you see Dr phil where the son was living with his mom and she wanted him out. He didn't pay anything cause he did not work. HE called the police on her to say she was tresspassing! He got away with it and she had to prove she was a resident in court two weeks later! She also got sued by the city for having no renters permit but he DIDN"T pay rent. She is having to prove that!

    I hope my brother doesn't see that show.

    Well when I did go see him he was drunk and putting a lit cigarette in the kitchen garbage can with newpapers in it. Larry had told him 10 min before to stop that.

    My mom was horrible today. Just yelling (I heard her from the front entrance). I left to get her the Elvis tape. Tomorrows another day so I don't think she'll be that way. SHe was Yelling DONT LEAVE ME over and over.

    Well hope you had a nice time at TGIF! I loved that place. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon.

    Talk to ya later.
  18. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Well Alan and Alexis spent last night in their own home. She called to tell us good night. We all decided it would be a good idea if she knew how to use her Daddy's cell phone and could call our number. She did it the first time.

    No she has not always been sick. In fact she went for over a year without seeing a Dr. for anything other than a well check up. It seems like when they started hanging around Andrea's family, one of them is always sick with something. It could be Preschool too. I know I was Asst. Director at the same school and had to quit because I was always sick with anything that one of the children had.

    My brother starts his sentence on Tuesday at 9:00 pm. I talked to Daddy yesterday and he sounded a little better. He said that it comes and goes, that it will really hit him on Tues. when he has to take my brother there. It has hit me too. I think it is what he deserves but I don't want anything to happen to him.

    I hope that your Mom is better today. Was she in alot of pain or just confused? I bet she will enjoy her Elvis CD.

    No I did not see Dr. Phil. I can believe anything thou. A person who owns the house having to prove that they live there. I knew of a poor lady who had her son living with her rent free, paid nothing. She had surgery and he half way took care of her. He took her to court and sued her, saying that he had took care of her and got no pay or anything. He won. A year or so later he actually tried to move back in on this poor woman. Your right I hope that your brother does not see it. If you ever said I do not remember is he on drugs as well as drinking?

    My Dad did say that with my brother in jail he would not have to worry where he was at night. He won't be able to get his booze or drugs either.

    Well once again I rambled. Sorry. I hope that things are better for you. I am here if you need to talk. Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  19. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam how's everying or maybe I should say how's everyone? It will be nice for you to get a break and not have to run to the hospital all the time. Will you go to the follow up for Alan?

    Yea thats a good point your dad made that at least he will know where he is and that he isn't on drugs. My brother has done meth and stuff will needles as we found them outside. I don't know exactly what hes doing now but he admited he does do a little bit of drugs whatever that means.

    My mom was simi ok as far as her mood. She is though in a lot of pain and I told the nurse. I will call the supervisor to get her better pain control. SHe has to wait til 7 pm to get her morpine for her elbow.

    I met a nice lady today at the NH who was there with her mom. That is one nice thing about the NH is I get to meet some nice people.

    I sure hope you get a break with everyone being sick.

    Thats awful about the son suing his sick mom. I bet shell even leave her house to him. I hope not.

    Well take care and talk to ya later!
  20. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Well things are beginning to line out here. I hope so anyway. LOL. Alan is feeling alot better. Alexis is doing better.

    Yes I will probably go to Alan's followup with him.

    I hope that they get your Mom's pain under control. The poor thing sure does suffer from pain alot. I know how hard it is on you too. How are you feeling?

    I still have not talked to my brother I have called Daddy every day but he is never there. He is spending as much time as he can with that female. Daddy did not have alot to say today. He was getting ready to go to work. I don't remember if I told you a friend of his created a job for him. He drives a car around and checks on this guy's golf courses.

    I hope that things are going ok with you. Take care and let me know.

    God bless; Pam

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