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    I am starting a new post, the other one was getting very long.

    I know they get busy at the NH but they are also there to take care of the patients. From what you have told me there are some people there that are not doing their jobs. You mentioned before that there is a girl there that has had troble with the same aids that you guys have. Is there a social worker or human resources person that you can talk to about your concerns? Could you talk to the head nurse? You and your mother have a right to proper care. It is hard to say it very well could be that the people in charge do not know how the aids are acting. Is there any one else (pateint or family) that is having the same problems? I think I would mention it and tell them that you are concerned.

    How is snuggles feeling? I know you are completly worn out, try and get some rest.

    My brother's x-girlfriend had the guts to write Dad and ask him for $20 more, and than tell him that they only accepted postofficed moneyorders, she is still trying to get him to take the block off of the phone. I told him that if he heard anything else from her that I was going to notify the jail. He said no he was just going to ignore it. If my brother can be believed when I talked to him, he wants nothing to do with her.

    It is always something thou. One of these days maybe things will slow down for us both. Get some rest and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    I hope you see this new thread and everything is ok.
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    Hey Pam how are you? I can't believe Buds ex did that and to even say she wants a moneyorder. Your dad will keep ingnoring it right?

    Thankfully Snuggles hasn't been sick for 24 hours so that is good.

    I did call the head nurse to tell about what is going on with my mom. SHe said her diaper should have been changed as they were picking up dinner trays and there was no reason to make her wait. I reminded her of all the UTIs my mom has.

    Well I got a call from the Omsbudsmas today that my mom made a complaint against me. She said I won't let her go home and made her sign papers and she didn't know what shes signing and I'm selling the house! Thats great. I called the ombudsmans back and then she removed the complaint. It will always be on record though.

    I saw my mom last night and we had a ok time. Today her phone is off the hook and i told the aids that. I think my mom is not talking to me because its still off the hook.

    Well Thats is all for now.

    Hows everyone else doing?
    Take care,

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    Hi it sounds like things are still a mess for you. I am sorry to hear that.

    We took Alan to the ER again last night for his stomach. A PA looked at him and ran a couple of tests that came back normal. She said that it could be IBS. It makes since, he is suppose to eat no seeds, peanuts and such things. If this is what it is after every thing he has been thru I am going to be so mad at the Drs. and hospital.

    Are you sure that your Mom filed the complaint or someone acting like they were her did it. It sure seems funny that your brother's time is almost up before he is evicted and this happens. If not can you show the people that she has been proven incomptent and that she is not able to take care of herself and has to be in the NH.

    When Bill's Mom was here she called the police on Bill. The NH demanded that he get emergency guradianship and sign for her to have a mental evaluation. They took her to the hospital and he was told not to go visit her for a couple of days to let her calm down. She called the police and told them that he had stolen her car and all of her money. They had to respond to the call, when they saw where she was and showed her chart they called Bill and he had to take a copy of the guardianship papers to the police department. They can do some strange things when they are not in their right mind.

    I know that it was hurtful to you. You are doing every thing you can to take care of your Mom and do right by her. Could someone have talked to her and got her to do what they told her to?

    I am going to turn in. I am here if you need to talk.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, sorry you had to go again with Alan. I hope following the IBS diet will help. Did you like the pA? I usually like them better then doctors. I think if this doesn't work they should admit him till they figure it out what he has!

    Oh the obsbudsman was there visiting my mom. I told her my mom had not signed any papers for over a year. My mom told her I made her sign paper to sale the house! The obsbudman said usually parents in the NH always make that complaint against the best most helpful kid in the family. That made me feel good.

    I see my moms point but I told Alex I can't take her home as I WON"T be responsible for her care I can't. With my brother would come back to be with her at the house and all the drugs and homeless people and screaming of my brother I won't go in that house. Plus my mom isn't an easy person to take care of and she wouldn't tell me if she was being abused as shed know shed have to go back to the NH.

    I remember you telling me about Bills mom. Its awful. The obsbudsman is only to watch the NH staff and my mom complains about me but to me she complains about the staff.

    Well sorry for going on. I really hope you don't have to go the the hospital anymore. Gosh how many more times.

    Well Snuggles isn't doing good again so Im making him some rice and cottage cheese so I'm gonna go.

    Take care and hope you have a nice weekend.
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    How are things going with you Mom? I can understand her not wanting to be in the NH but sometimes we can't do the caring for. I remember Bill's grandma telling him "you take care of them, put them thru collage and they stick you in here and forget about you" She was refering to Bill's Aunt, like you she had to do everything for her Mom. Bill's Mom even made the statement "I'm not going to mess with any of it". She was really not a nice person. Bill's Aunt went to see his Grandma at least every other day.

    My brother called me a couple of days ago. He asked me if I could send him $20 to make it until he gets out, and wanted me to go on line and see if he had an outstanding ticket. I told him the letter he sent Daddy to forward to Marcie came back, they had moved her. He said "that's her problem" He did admit that Daddy had sent him some money. Daddy made the statement "he hasn't changed". It seems like the closer to time for him to get out the more upset my Dad gets. When I tell him, he doesn't have to let him come back he says "he has to go some where". I am sending him the $20 and told him no more. He better not hit Daddy up for anymore.

    I am sorry that I went on, it makes me so mad. I hope things are getting better for you, let me know.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi hope things are ok.
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    Hi Pam, how are you? I couldn't get on my computer so I finally called to get some help so I'm on.

    I feel bad for your dad. Where does Bud stay when he is there with your dad?

    I saw my mom last night. Today I didn't go. I can't take care of her shes to much I can't even take care of me and am confined to my couch 22 hours a day.

    I could get a reverse mortgage and get her help but her house is 30 min a way and she needs 24 hour care. Those people don't always show up either so then what? ALso I refuse to stay in that house that is one thing I won't do. I'm having a feeling my brother is calling her now. I have til Thurs and the eviction is done unless she tells him he can stay.

    Snuggle is doing better. I wonder if he ate a piece of chocolate as I got him tonight with a choc kiss in the wrapper he got from behind the entertainment center. I don't normally have it around but that would be nice if that was all it was.

    How is Alan feeling? How is Andy doing in his job? Well guess I will go for now.

    Take care,
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    It sounds like things are still a mess for you. I understand completely about not being able to take care of your Mom, I am the same way about Daddy.

    If your brother does call your Mom do you think she will tell him to stay? If she does that time will she say it the next. They won't just take his word for it will they?

    We went and saw Daddy yesterday and took him some Ensure, coffe and cookies. I had called ans asked him what he wanted to eat and he wouldn't tell me. Alexis and Alan went with us so we stopped at Wendys. Alexis carried in his bacon cheeseburger and said "Hoppie we brought you a cheese burger eat it". He did and his frosty. He perks up when she is there.

    He keeps telling me "you can't even inmagine what Bud has stolen from me". I told him it is probably a good thing that I don't. I will not put up with what I did when Bud was living there before. Daddy did say he was going to tell Bud if he ever got a hint that Bud was drinking that he was out of there.

    Alan is feeling better. He is taking the mediecne the Dr. prescribed and watching what he eats. If this is what it was all that time I would like to "yell" at the Drs. and hospital. In fact he is going to fill out paper work to go back top work where he was today.

    Andy seems to like his job. He is dealing with a lot of headaches at present. They where robbed the other day. He wasn't there, some guy came in to use the restroom and told the clerk that it needed cleaned, she went to do it and when she got back the cash box was empty.

    Well I have went on long enough. Take care and get some rest. We need to remember to take care of ourselves first. Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, That is really hard for you about your brother. My mom would tell me things and then I couldn't do anything about it so it would go round and round. I had to tell her not to tell me anymore about my brother. But that never worked I'd have to know.

    I wonder what he did take from your dad. If Bud knows the law your dad would have to evict him out. Do you think your dad wants you to somehow keep Bud away by letting things out? Not that you can, you need your dad to do it but that is the problem he won't, maybe that will change.

    I don't know about the eviction. The judge can request a trial by jury as well. It all depends on if my brother responds or not so I have to wait till Thrusday at 4:30. I am so sick of it. Joan told me today that my mom told her I made my mom sign papers and my mom didn't know what she was doing. Shes talking about power of attorney a yr ago. I was kinda upset Joan didn't tell me last week.

    Do you worry about Andys safety? That would be awful that is what Alan had the IBS and he even went though surgery for nothing! I'd let them know. Maybe you can sue.

    I'm glad your dad enjoys Alexis. That was nice of you to bring him Wendys.

    Well I'm going to the NH and that Joan lady will meet me pretty soon.

    Take care,
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    Boy it sounds like things are still crazy for you. Who is Joan is she a friend or someone from the nursing home. Is there any way that she can state that your Mom is incompetent. Has anyone heard from your brother?

    I don't know what Daddy is wanting. Your right unless
    Daddy would state that he does not want Bud there, there is nothing I can do. I will turn him in for elder abuse if he starts his stuff up again. I am not going to let it go this time.

    I did not really worry about Andy until he told me about them being robbed. He tells me it could happen at almost any job.

    You are right there should be something that can be done after all that Alan went thru. He went today and filled out his paperwork and tomorrow he goes for orientation at the place that he was working before.

    I really hope that things go good for you, you sure deserve it. Keep me posted and if you need to "talk" I am here.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, how are you? I'm glad your gonna turn your brother in if he starts up again but I understand if you can't. One thing I heard is there is something called "failure to protect" which i saw on TV. Its if someone fails to protect someone being abused they can be in trouble. I know you want your dad not to be hurt and that turning Bud in will hurt your dad. Its a catch 22.

    So how is everyone else?

    I went to my moms NH last night. She only will eat grilled cheese for lunch AND dinner. SHes been doing this for days and she has yet again anther UTI.

    Joan was answering the phone at the Luthern school when I was asking if they could put a word out that I'd like some help if someone would like some money. Joan said since I didn't have any help she could go with me to see my mom from time to time.

    Well my mom says she hasn't talked to my brother. She better not be lying to me. Of couse I wish they'd talk but she better not say this eviction was me and he can stay in the house. I have to hold my breath for 2 more days. They we can ask the judge for a defaut and win.

    I can't belive my mom said I forced her to sign papers. The only papers she signed was a yr ago (power of attorney). I could cure cancer and my mom would find some fault.

    Sorry for all that. I have been having a lot of trouble logging on my computer.

    Well take care,
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    You are still going thru so much. You do not deserve it. I am sorry that your Mom is being difficult. It hurts when we are trying to do the best we can and they still are not happy.

    Do you think that your Mom would remember if she had talked to your brother? Would they tell you if he had came to the NH? It is so wrong that you are having to go thru what you are to get him out of the house but you cannot turn off the utilities either.

    Alan is going back to work today on the second shift. I will be watching Alexis.

    I doubt if my brother has changed. He has tried twice in 5 days to write the judge to let him out early and they have turned him down. I can guarantee tht he is using Daddy's health. He told me he made his probation officer mad is the reason he got time. He still has not called Daddy, he told me he was going to either that evening or the next day when he called on Thur., that he had ordered a phone card. Daddy said that he would call when he wanted something.

    Do you thing we can ever go a day when we can tend to just us? I am glad that Joan is going to be able to go with you. Are they going to get you help at your place?

    Let me know how things are, I am here if you need to "talk". You are still in my prayers.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? Glad Alan is back to work hope its not to overwhelming for you and taking care of Alexis.

    I don't think that looks good to the judge that Bud writes him. Thats sad that your dad said he only calls if he wants something. Is your dad gonna try to work with the golf courses?

    My mom was ok yesterday. Today I called her and she said to never mind about her, but how am I doing. That was nice. I do get scared she will not tell me stuff for fear I will tell. I'll have to talk to her today when I go see her.

    Today is the last day I have to wait to see if my brother responds to the court. I hope not. I bet anything hes gonna go out to the shed and stay. If I let him then I have to evict him again from the shed. I want him gone.

    I'm scared and don't want to go to the house. I don't think that Joan will go with me I didn't ask but she didn't offer. I don't think she'll help. She actually wants him to stay!

    Well anyway hope your ok and thats so much for the prayers!
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    How are things going? Have you heard from your brother? Is Joan a family friend that knows your brother? How is your Mom?

    I have had a long rough day. Alexis has been a little stinker. She has had another change, she has to get use to Daddy being back at work.

    Alan is doing pretty good as far as work and his stomach. He found a court order in his door today. It was for old medical bills from a long time ago that he did not know about, I wonder if they are from when he was married. He found bills that should have been paid after he threw her out. It seems like that boys luck starts going ok and he gets hit again.

    I talked to Daddy yesterday and he was going on about bills, and such. It is so hard to see my Daddy like this. When Momma was alive he paid the bills at the first of the month and always had money.

    Well sorry to go on, I am so down about all of this and I am in pain and worn out to show it. Maybe one of these days we will both not have anything to worry or stress about.

    Let me know how things are. Take care.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, oh sorry about Alexis. Thats a big job for you to do in your condition. Do you have to pick her up from school too or just drop her off.

    That would be upsetting about the medical bills. Maybe he can file for bankruptcy and have it all waived.

    What are you up to this weekend? I'm just doing the same will see my mom today.

    Haven't heard from my brother but thankfully the lawyers have the request in for a default judgement so he can't request a hearing! That is good. I don't know if he left the house now or if he thrashed it or what. I really wish I never had to go there ever.

    Joan doesn't know anyone but just met me and my mom. My mom is feeling bad and not getting treated nice like getting the meds she wants (pain) or her diaper changed. I going to start making a record of it. I did call the osbudsman again yesterday.

    Well hope you have a nice weekend.
    Take care,
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    Hi how are things? We had the first cookout of the season yesterday. I was to tired to really enjoy it. My Daddy came out and he was upset because they charged him full price for his scripts and he is suppose to have script insurance. His one script alone is over $200. Alan was down in the dumps about his problems, and Andy was not in a very good mood. Fun times LOL. Bill told me I was not doing anything today but rest.

    Alan is able to take and pick up Alexis from preschool as he works the second shift. She doesn't like Daddy not being here when she goes to bed. I think she is beginning to adjust.

    Bill is wanting to go camping next weekend. We will see, he just discovered that the refrig in the camper is not cooling like it should.

    How is your Mom? How much longer do you have to deal with the eviction or is it final now?

    I am thinking very seriously about writing my brother, he still has not called my Daddy, he better not call me or him just to ask for money. He put him self there not us. I think it is to much to hope for that he has changed.

    Let me know how things are with you. Take care and get some rest.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, sounds like everyone was in a funk at the cookout hope the food was good at least!

    Do you think your brother EVER feels guilty? I know mine does but not for long.

    I hope they pay for your dads meds. I am glad he at least came over. Was Draven there too?

    Well yesterday my moms mind was really good but today she was kinda mean and told me it was me who put her there. I said I'm not gonna take her abuse and I'm gonna go home. Well then I called her again and her diaper was soaked for a while she said so I had to call the nurse.

    Well the weather is starting to warm up which means I will have less energy. I don't think I'll go tomorrow cause its gonna be really warm.

    So where does Alexis go during the summer as far as school?
    Or will she be with you?

    Well hope you got your much deserved day of rest today!
    Take care,