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    I am sorry that your Mom is still acting out. I know how hard that is on you. I am glad that they are getting the meds out more regular.

    That is so sweet of you to give out pictures of Snuggles. I know that the people appreciated it. I am glad that you got some help from Chloe.

    Who does that Joan think she is. I would not wish anything bad on anyone but is they had to walk in our shoes for a couple of weeks. I have a friend who use to call me from work and I do not care what time of day it was she would always start the conversation with "Where you asleep". Like that is all I did. What would she do if she had to deal with what you do?

    Alexis stayed with us Sunday night so I could take her to preK. She said when she went to bed "Papa has to go to work, he goes to work and we don't get to see him." They have a special bond. When he came in to see her he went to touch her foot. No one was able to touch her foot. I said "Don't touch her fo. He had a hold of her foot and she laid there like she was looking at him with those big blue eyes. When she was tiny there where time when she was fussy and if she heard his voice she calmed down.

    I exchanged Draven's shoes yesterday, I couldn't get the same ones. I also took the outfit back that I had already gotten him and got another.

    I am trying to get my house cleaned back up. I didn't do a whole lot last week and it really shows. Every time I started something I either stopped and did something with Alexis or I just did not feel good.

    The weather here is cool but it is suppose to warm up. Holloween is suppose to be warm but there is a chance of rain. I got the candy a while back, but I had to get something special for my little witch and teddy bear.

    Take care and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI Pam, that was nice you had Alexis and took her to school and glad Alan is able to work. Yea me too I still need my house cleaned more and Chloe may come back on thurs. She spent some time hooking up my printer that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

    Yea I should have told Joan if I could work and had a husband my mom would be with me and not in a NH. I would work part time. She would probably say "what if you couldn't afford to work partime" I'd say I'm living on less then parttime wages now.

    Well problem with the meds today already and I'm not even there. The nurse was rude to me on the phone. I'll go in in a hour or so. My mom did get her meds after me calling twice.

    Do you get much snow in the winter? What is your favorite season? I like the spring the best. Wal Mart puts out BBQS and spring clothes out in Jan. We will have rain and "cold"weather til about early April. Cold is 60.

    They are having a big party at the NH. I may stop by with Snuggles. We will see how my energy is. I was thinking of getting him a little outfit. I am gonna get him a santa hat to bring in the NH.

    Is ALexis having any field trips coming up? Is family always allowed to go or do you have to take turns?

    Well I'm gonna get dressed and get the yams ready. I had ran out of marshmellows for the yams and my mom didn't even notice and still loved them.

    If you have any ideas on a puree food I may try to make for her let me know!
    Take care,

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    I am sorry that you are having to deal with so much. You thought that the meds where straightened out and then you have to call. I hope you could make the party and enjoyed it.

    Alexis had a field trip to the apple orchard that she missed when she was sick. They go to the Zoo in May. Family is always welcome to the parties, field trips or just to stop by. Her teacher is a really good teacher.

    I can't remember if I told you but my friend's husband that had the cancer scare, all of his lymph nodes came back cancer free. The Dr. still wants him to take a little radiation. They are very thankful.

    I don't know if I like the Spring or Fall best. The Sprind every thing looks like it is new and warm weather is ahead. I love all of the colors in the Fall. Some winters we get more snow than others. Last winter we seemed to almost get it all at once.

    I think I will lay down for a few minutes I am hurting. Take care and get some rest.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? Glad your friends dad didn't have cancer in the glands! Well are you gonna go anywhere for holloween or is the kids coming over? Do you get trick o treaters? I never have got one so I don't buy any candy.

    My mom was a little bit better today. This man named Rolly who visits his wife who had a stroke keeps telling me my mom when I'm not there is talking out to nobody and that she needs to talk.

    Rolly won't go in there as she won't allow clothes on, she throws a fit. I've bought her tank tops and even bra tops and she will rarely ware them. I keep telling her she makes people uncomfortable when shes naked.

    I've started doing a gratitude journal. I have been such a complainer. I write down 5 or more things I'm thankful before I go to sleep. I hope it works. Oprah said yrs ago it can change your life.

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    Well I guess Holloween is over for another year. The kids came over and went to a couple of neighbors houses and they where going to Andrea's Moms and a couple there. They both looked adorable.

    I had Alexis here so they brought her stuff and got her dressed. She got to coughing so hard on the way to PreK that she threw up. I was going to bring her back home but she got so upset. I took her in the bathroom at the school and cleaned her up. I told the teacher and she said that if she got sick she would call. I went back for the pumpkin party and it was fun.

    If your Mom is talking out when you are not there that tells me she is not as content as they say she is. Do you know why she doesn't like clothes?

    How are you doing. All of this is so hard on you. You are doing everything that you can do.

    A white car like Daddy's came around the corner while Alexis and I where outside and she said here comes Hoppie. Then she got this sad look on her face. I said honey remember and before I could say anything else she said he is in heaven.

    I am worn out so I will get a couple of small things done and go to bed. Take care and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam

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    HI Pam, sounds like you had a good time with the kids and the party. Is Alexis doing ok now? Did you get a lot of trick or treaters? I never get one which is so weird. They have kids here but nobody ever goes out in this complex.

    I don't know why my mom won't wear clothes. She was like that at home. SHe keeps going I'm hot over and over and you get her a fan and it doesn't matter. I've tried everything to treaten her not to come and everything else.

    Shes in bed 23 hours a day at least so they just wrap her up in a blanket if she gets out.

    I just was to tired to go. I wanted to go at dinner time and I stayed home but 15 min to get lucnh today,but I just couldn't go. So I will be there tomorrow I think.

    I really am at my wits end. I don't know what to do. Just guess keep trying to do what I can.

    This week has gone by so fast. Do you have any plans? I hope you get out and have some fun.

    Do you ever read books? I like to read at night right before I go to sleep. I like non fiction books but never was a reader before I got sick.

    Take care,

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    I took Alexis to the Dr. today and she has the croup and a ear infection. That is the bad thing about being in a pre school so many things go around. She is the 4th or 5th case in just a couple of weeks. We kept her tonight to, in hopes that Draven won't get it.

    I had about 22 trick or treaters this year it use to be that we got a 100 or more. I enjoy the little kids dressed up and so excited.

    Your right all you can do is do the best that you can for your Mom. You are giving it your all. She is very lucky to have a daughter that cares so much and is there for her.

    I do love to read, I have for many years. I have well over half of Danielle Steeles' books, I have Debbie Macomber, Lori Wick and some others. It doesn't seem like I have time to read like I use to.

    I am worn out so I am going to head towards bed. Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless Pam
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    Hi how are you and Alexis doing? I hope she is feeling better soon. Yea I remember she was Always getting sick during preschool. Is she still staying with you? That is so nice of you to take her while your sick and shes sick.

    Saw my mom last night for about 1 1/2 hours. I went today to for about that long. She is still the same. She really likes the yams so that part is good.

    The nurse today was new and she was so kind and a good nurse. I don't think I can make it back tonight. I am super tired.

    They moved Jennifer to a different part of the NH. I saw her for a few min last night. I feel bad for her. I was shocked how small the room was and they don't even get a phone. She was always so happy but shes so upset now.

    Well I talk to ya later.
    Take care,
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    How are things with you? You are so good to your Mom, she is so lucky to have you.

    Alexis is still not feeling well. She acts like she is beginning to feel better and then she hits bottom again. We where up at 5:00am this morning, she threw up and her ears hurt along with her head. She threw up again tonight. Her croup gets worse at night. She finally went to sleep. Poor little angel

    Needless to say it has been a long day. I am so tired and so is Bill.

    We got Alexis' school pictures back. As soon as I can I will post one of them. She is beautiful.

    I am going to go to bed. Take care and let me know how you are.

    God blss; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you and Alexis? I read up on what the croup is and it sounds awful. Hope shes ok soon. The teacher outa have the anti bacterial gel for everyone. I always use it at the NH its in every patients room on the wall.

    Did you have her all weekend? Wheres Bill off to next?

    I went twice yesterday for about 1 1/2 hours each and today once for about 1 1/2 hours. She was ratteling and I asked the new RN if she could suction her and she did and got a good amount out.

    I just stayed on the counch and the bed all day and was gonna get a pizza but just had chicken noodle soup for dinner instead. Cloe is coming tomorrow so that is good cause I need her.

    Alice who is across the hall isn't doing so good she is sick for the past week. I told the rns. Her son came in who doesn't come to much but she was only awake just for a bit.

    Well I'm gonna so I'll talk to ya later!
    Take care,
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    Hi how are things. We wanted a nice quiet weekend but it didn't work out that way. We had Alexis until Sunday. Alan kept coming over to see her. I don't think Draven would have gotten it. The teacher keeps the room very clean and makes the kids wash their hands, but kids have a way with getting germs.

    Alexis is doing better, Alan just called and said that she had loose stool, it very well could be because of the antibiotic. He is worried though.

    Andrea had to go to the Dr. for her back. It is hurting her and she keeps getting headaches, I guess 7 years ago she had fluid on her spine and it was a major operation for her. She has spina bifida and scolosis. Alan said her spine is almost like a J.

    Bill took the day off yesterday. He made me sit around and rest all day. He even took me out to dinner.

    How is the lady across the hall from your Mom? Does the son live far away or just does not come to visit often?

    How is your Mom doing? I am glad that the nurse took care of the suctioning as soon as you asked her.

    Sunday was my Momma's birthday. It was really hard this year. Last year I at least had Daddy. I would call him and make sure he was ok, I would wait for him to mention it and we would talk. She would have been 74.

    I am trying to clean house today so I will let you go and talk to you later.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, how are you? Glad Alexis is doing better. That would be hard for Andrea to handle Draven with a bad back. I hope she gets better.

    Its so not fair that your parents had to go so young. I know they are watching you and are proud of how you help everyone out.

    Went to the NH yesterday and my mom was really acting out but at least she would allow a top on. I had her morephine patch up to the next level. She is absoulutely the most miserable person. I just don't know what to do with her.

    She does like her yams and thats about it.

    I didn't go today as I had to get Snuggles food and soap and didn't have energy to do both. I'm not doing so good. Thankfully Chloe is coming again Thursday.

    SHe came yesterday so that was great. I called my mom like 3 times today and she'd want off the phone and drop it in about 3 min.

    Well I'm gonna get ready to go to bed.

    Take care,

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    Thank you so much for the kind words about Momma & Daddy looking over me. It meant alot and came at a time I needed it.

    I set today and sent out letters and copies of death certificates to Daddy's creditors. Capital One was one of them, he never saw a Capital One card. He didn't know any thing about it until they started calling him about non payment. I asked them for information about where it had been used and any phone #'s connected with it.

    I found a picture of the boys sitting on each side of Daddy with his arms around them. I made copies of it and I am going to give it to thme for Christmas.

    I changed the picture on my profile, it is Alexis' PreK picture. I love the smile on her face and everything, I just wish that they would have straightened her dress.

    I feel so bad for your poor Mom. I wish that there was something they could do to make her more comfortable. It is so hard on you, you have did everything you possibly can.

    It is getting late so I think I will go to bed. Take care and talk to you soon.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? That is a darling picture of Alexis. You can see her personality shine through too. I really love looking at the pictures you post.

    I'm sure everyone will love the picture of your dad and the kids.

    When you dad got the call from Capital one did he tell them he didn't know about it or did he go along with it? That is awful to have to keep sending out death certificates to everyone.

    I didn't make it to the NH today. I was gonna go after I dropped off Chloe but she had to stay late after school for over an hour so I didn't go. I did need a break.

    I went to Wal Mart to get some cinnamon scented pine cones. I love those and they last a few weeks.

    ALice the lady I see a lot was in the hospital and still is. I kept telling them she is sick for the past week. She should get out tomorrow I think.

    Any plans for the weekend? Same old stuff for me.I called my mom and the RN went in her room and she didn't want to talk to me.

    Well you take care!
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    Thank you for the compliment on my beautiful grnaddaughter. She is sure special. I am going to pick her up from preK tomorrow and bring her here until Alan gets done with his orientation. He is going back to where he was working when he dislocated his kneecap. He is really excited.

    Daddy told them that he did not know anything about the card or the bill. That he had never had it. They where suppose to send him paperwork to fill out to report it as fraud, he either did not get it or it disappeared before it made it into the apartment. Guess who was getting his mail?

    I got a envelope today from Link Federal (car & visa) it was addressed to Daddy at my address. I opened it and it was a Visa statement. It said on it that the accountant was auditing there records and if the statement was not right to write the CPA. I sent him a letter as well as Link Federal and let them have it. My name is not on any thing so they can not make me pay it but they keep sending things and trying to get me to.

    I am glad that you took a break from going to the NH for a day. I know it is hard but you really needed a break. Where you able to get any rest?

    Bill really likes those cinnamon scented pine cones too. He likes anything that smells like cinnamon.

    It is late and I need to get into bed. Take care of yourself and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? Glad Alan is able to work. Hope he can keep up with it and not have pain.

    I think if the right paper work gets to you they will wipe out the credit card. Im working too on my moms credit card stuff too.

    Doing anything fun the weekend? Joan called to go out to lunch tomorrow but I told her I don't think I can. She wants me to call. She thinks its a choice but its not.

    I hardly have any strength and saw my mom for about 15 min. during lunch. She was sleeping when I called her at 10.

    Her eyes had that wide look to them that I haven't see.n since her meds were reduced. Don't know what to do and she is in bad pain.

    I went to Target yesterday to get cleaner for CHloe to do my floor and in the front part of the store they have dollar stuff. I found Snuggles a santa suit with a hat and it is super cute and only $2.50! I only got it for the NH.

    Alice is back so that is good. She was so happy to see me. I would have visited her in the hospital if I had the energy.

    My mom wants me to come tonight but I'm so tired. i probably will just for piece of mind but I am not feeding her as I just can't. SO I have to wait till 6 30 if I go.

    Well take care,
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    The Santa suit for Snuggles sounds really cute. I am sure that the NH residents will love it. I know they really enjoy seeing the dog.

    Have they messed up on your Mom's meds or is it the increase of the morphine patch? You would think in that in this day and age that they could do something for a person in pain without keeping them completely doped up. I know she likes having you there, but I also know how hard it is on you. You have been at it for a very long time.

    I hope I can get that Capital One card taken care of. In my head I know my brother took the card, but my heart is still saying I hope not. I haven't decided how I will handle it when I find out for sure.

    I am really tired and hurting so I think I am going to turn in. We are suppose to meet a friend of mine for brunch tomorrow. I hope I feel better. The rest of the weekend I hope we can just relax. We have a leak in our pantry Bill said he has to fix.

    Take care of yourself and get some rest.

    God bless; Pam

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    Hi Pam, were you able to go out to bruch? Were did you go if you did?

    Capital one was really easy to work with when someone made a good size charge in taking it off. In a way it seems like crime does pay.

    I was worried about her meds. I had for months, to get the rns to give her meds that was to be given as mom asked but theyd only give her 1 pill or take forever to get it.

    Then I raise the patch and NOW they are giving my mom 2 norcos. If the rns kept the pattern of only giving her her meds half the time then everyhing would be ok.

    I can't wait for Snuggles to wear his suit. It even has sequines on it too.

    Wel talk to ya later!
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    Yes we did go to brunch. Had a good time but I still feel awful. I think if I am not better by Tuesday morning I will call the Dr. His office is crazy on Mondays so I try to avoid it on Mondays if at all possible.

    I think you are right it seems like alot of times crime does pay. Look at all my brother got away with. I really feel like Andrea's Mom is commiting fraud with the medicaid.

    It is a real shame that the nurses are not consistent with giving the meds. They need to stop and think what it would be like if it was them or a loved one that was laying in the NH.

    I am feeling awful so I will talk to you later.

    God bless;Pam
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    Hi Pam, glad you made it out to brunch. How are you now? Leslie from the NH has the flu really bad and I think I'm getting sick too.

    How is ALans job going?

    I agree crime does pay too. IF they get caught out here they don't do anything. Just think of all the stuff people do and don't get caught? In Ca they are supposed to have the 3 felonys and you're a lifer but they don't do it.

    Is Andreas mom not really sick?

    Just went to the NH for the lunch time and fed her yams. She agreed to put on a top! I am only feeding her yams and having the aids feed her her lunch it as I am exausting myself feeding her. I feel like I'm working a 10 hour day even though I'm there only 1 or 2 hours.

    So have you started Christmas shopping yet? Time is going
    by so fast. Its probably gonna be really hard for you on the holidays this yr but remember they will be watching you and want you to be having a good holiday.

    Take care and talk to ya later!