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    This is my first time on the chat board, so I don't know if I'm doing this right or if there is some way to send you a private message. Anyway what I have to say isn't very private. Read that you like to read and are looking for prolific writers. I have some oldy but goody favorites that should be available for free at any decent public library.

    1. Thomas Mann - Many books and pages of great writing that
    will keep you busy through the next millenium.

    2. Toni Morrison - Great works of contemporary literature from a woman who has extraordinary heart and soul to go along with her talent.

    3. Vince Bugliosi - Saw on your profile that you are an attorney, so you may already love or hate this guy. I find him to be usually thought provoking and often surprisingly funny whether he's writing about Charles Manson in the crime classic Helter Skelter, O.J Simpson in Outrage, how Bush stole the 2000 election in a book whose title I can't recall right now, or any of his other works. He has recently published a 1500 page book on the Kennedy assassination, but since I don't agree with his conclusion that Oswald acted alone, I'm going to pass on that one.

    4. Charles Bukowski - An acquired taste that is not for everyone, but I love him. He has written many books of both prose and poetry. Although their subject matter is usually sad, I always somehow feel better after reading them, even if it is one of my worst days. Go figure.

    Check out my profile for bio and stuff. If it interests you, feel free to contact me.

    Best wishes always.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. As you probably know, we can't post e mail or other addresses here. But you can exchange this info in a chat room. (I haven't been able to get into a chat room this past year.)

    The only author you list that I have read is Vince B. I read Helter Skelter decades ago.

    I did try and read Thomas Mann once. When I saw that he didn't know the difference between a page and a paragraph, I gave up.

    I don't think I ever tried anything by Toni Morrison or Charles Bukowski. If my computer and the library computer are speaking to each other, I can put something on hold.

    Which reminds me, the library is having a book sale this afternoon. I'd better go see what treasures I can find. The paperbacks are usually a dime or a quarter.

    Come and join the book club. The only requirement for membership is a desire to be one. Ken Holmes is our founder and esteemed leader.

    Your moniker reminds me of the postmaster in the village where I grew up. His first name (knickname?) was Tab.

    Happy reading and Happy Trails


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