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    I am due to see the NAET man next Tuesday...just as well as I seem to be getting worse all of a sudden.

    One question? :) I seem to have lots of inhalant allergies? When they test and treat inhalant allergies is it still done by touch in the glass...or do you sniff the allergen while the prac does his treatmnet. It's jsut taht I have some things that are inhalant and contact allergies at the same time?

    Thanks so much!!

    Love Shelbo :)
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  3. shelbo

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    Where I went, they always started with the vials first, and if you were having a hard time passing something, they would then have you bring in the actual substance.

    Example, I had a hard time passing when they treated me for hay. So I brought the hay in and they actually treated me with the hay on my body, and I can remember the doctor a few times telling me to sniff whatever they were treating me for during the rest period after the treatment.

    So bottom line, they'll probably start with the vials, then if you aren't passing something, will go for the real substance.

    Keep in mind, Shelbo, that your body is at its worst now, and hopefully as the treatments progress, your immune system will be getting healthier and healthier, and something that bothers you now, say in six months, may not bother you anymore and you won't need to be treated for it.

    Sometimes treating one thing, will clear up a whole bunch of other things, without being actually treated for them.

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    First time I've been able to get here in a few days...

    Sbilek is right about being treated for one thing and it having a huge effect on something else. For years, I've been told I was allergic to ragweed, pollen, molds, grasses, trees, etc. Took allergy shots for these things several times over the years, as I moved from one climate to another (around the US, climates & allergens vary a LOT). Never helped much.

    Then, I did NAET, and after treatment for FOODS like eggs, dairy, grains, etc. my nasal allergies & hay fever have disappeared. They said our ragweed, and especially mold spore levels here in the Kansas City area where I live are the worst in years----and I can't even feel it. So, somehow, my nasal allergies were very much tied to my food allergies, even though I never knew it at all.

    I will be interested in hearing if you notice your chemical sensitivities changing after you are treated for the "basics" like eggs, dairy, grains, vitamins, caffeine, sugar, etc. because you may not realize how much they affect your more noticeable allergies. You can fine-tune other things after these basics.

    One thing I was asked after successful treatment for eggs & dairy, was if I noticed them not bothering me anymore? My answer was that I never noticed them bothering me in the first place---but you see, I was thinking the obvious things you think about food allergies---stomach aches, bowel problems like IBS, etc. That's what I was associating with "food" allergies---stomach pain; I didn't have this.

    But, I certainly noticed not sneezing constantly, not waking up congested, not having itchy eyes, ears & mouth---all my nasal symptoms were SO much better they were literally gone. This had to have been very much tied to the foods I was consuming all the time & didn't realize I was allergic to.

    So don't be surprised if you notice similar things when getting the basics treated. And then you zero in on what's still bothering you...

    Let us know how you progress...

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    Thanks!!! Will let you know how I do!

    Love Shelbo :)
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    <Love Shelbo
  8. Sbilek

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    Glad to help, let us know how you do.


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