Hi Shirl! Want to thank you!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Bambi

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    I came on a few days ago to supposedly give a support word to Crissie and ended
    up dumping my own. You replied to her but
    I think you replied to me also. I really
    appreciated the common sense in your reply, whoever it was to. As I said then,
    I'm having a fairly tough time with the
    pain and depression. I have an appt. with
    my pain specialist in two weeks, well overdue. So I'm expecting to be feeling
    much better in general. Thank you again for your thoughtful words.
  2. Shirl

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    Sure hope you are having a good day today.

    I was probably answering both you and Crissie in that thread. I read, then reply, and sometimes two posts get answered with one.

    I think we all try to help others and get some of our own frustration out at the same time.
    Thats not 'dumping' just relating to our own problem while
    supporting the other person.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am soooo glad the holidays are behind us for another year.

    By the way, I recall you saying that you are more or less alone with family, so am I. I lost my parents within a four month span, then my only sibling, my brother. So I am actually without family except for husband, three grown children, and two grandchildren one cousin. That is the extent of my family.

    It is hard to deal with all that lost, but somehow we go on.

    I hope the pain specialist is helpful, and you get a better quality of life.

    I do not have depression, its more like spells of frustration that gets to me.
    The Fibro truly is a 'thief', and takes so much of our lives away from us, that we do get very down sometimes. If only we could make 'normals'(family, friends, and yes, doctors too) understand how we feel, I think that would lessen the extream pain and mental distress we live with daily.

    You take care, and if I helped just a little, that makes me feel very good!

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Bambi

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    Yes, my dad died in '90 and my mother died 21 days after being diagnosed in
    the ER with cancer. I took care of her in her home with Hospice to call if I needed them. I was in shock for
    the full 21 days and literally collapsed when it was over. My legs wouldn't hold me up. My husband put me to bed and that's honestly one of
    the few things I remember about that
    first year. I have a daughter, 30, who was diagnosed with FM a year ago
    and is advancing very fast. I've had
    it for at least 20, and I think many
    more, years. I also have asthma, IBS,
    PSTD issues..a mess at times. I love
    this board in the short time I've been here. There is so much good advice and support, most things I've
    heard of or tried, but some not. We
    can never know enough about what helps others and we can pick and choose what we and our doctors think
    are good ideas for us. You are also so right about having to have others
    who know what you are going through by the fact that they share your pain. I wish we all shared the END of
    the dd and I refuse to stop hoping that will happen some day. I do forget it at times though when the pain is at it's worst and when the world seems too big. This is a cozy
    place, a soft place to fall and I at
    least need that. I only hope I can
    help someone else even a little along
    the way also. As you said, I have no
    brothers or sisters either and the
    only relatives by blood are the whole
    country away. One I would not know if
    I met her on the street though we are
    getting to know each other through emails. I had a small group of support friends, all older than myself and all with serious health
    problems themselves. Around the time
    my mother died I lost all of them also to various sudden and severe health problems. I am basically homebound and isolated so it does get
    lonely and hard. I feel stronger than
    I think I act and I feel I'd have to be to have survived this FM this many
    years, even through the years of doctors who would not treat me. I do have a good and supportive pain specialist now that I've goofed and
    not seen in too long a time in the last few months. THAT won't happen again. I cancelled the last appt. because it was just days before Christmas, we had a storm system and
    I was just in too much pain to go out
    the door. It was the first time I've
    ever cancelled and won't again. Thank
    you again for your ear...we do have
    much in common. Soft hug and goodnight. Sincerely, Bambi