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  1. rockgor

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    Are you in Seoul? Do you like soul food? Soul music? I'm trying to get a bigger
    font here, but the computer is being recalcitrant.

    Drop by the porch and the lounge. These two threads have no
    specific topic. Folks just drop by and discuss whatever they like. Right now I'm ready to
    cuss at the goofy computer. There must be some
    technique that young people know at birth while we old folks can only wonder and fumble
    around. Well, a few of us (like Mikie) have a better grip on this stuff.

    Have to go move my car. Tomorrow is street sweeping day. Back and forth is about all
    the diving I do anymore.

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  2. Soul*

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    Hi Rock, your bigger font is showing up for me, looks very creative! :)

    I'll check out the porch and lounge, thanks for being so welcoming.

    I hear you on the young people being wired differently :cool: When my nephew was three years old he already helped my mom with how to work the computer. I'm struggling with the font here too, it keeps changing back to default every time I use a smiley and I'm trying to find a way to set it so it will be Arial 4 all the time but it keeps switching back. I'm stubborn though and usually keep at it till I find a way around and I do kind of like these little 'puzzle challenges' technology offers when energy permits to work on solving them. :p

    I use Soul as a username because I am a soul in a body and not a body with a soul. Helps to keep seeing the value of who I am even if my body can't do what I'd want to. ;)

    See you around and thanks again for welcoming me!
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Soul, I like your name; welcome aboard. I once heard someone say, "We are not humans in search of the spiritual experience; we are spirits in search of the human experience.

    Rock, what you don't see are the times I'm swearing at my computer in frustration. Over the years, having had to fend solely for myself, I've become fairly adept at hardware but using new things always frustrates me. I want to crush them under my sole.

    I've become used to this computer but just found out that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP. This computer is only 3 yrs. old which is 300 yrs. in computer years (they age even faster than dogs). Windows 8 is the now software but it's a couple of years old so wonder whether it'll soon be replaced.

    I've never figured out my LG cell phone. It rings only a very short time and I almost never get to it before it stops ringing and I end up having to call back. By then, the caller is leaving a message for me and I get a busy signal. Oy! It drives me nuts. Sometimes, when I touch it, static electricity will cause it to make a call. I loved my last GL phone but it didn't have Wi-Fi. I don't like using a phone to get on the internet but it's nice to know I can if I need to. Oh, and BTW, these new things come with no user manuals. We are either supposed to be able to pull knowledge out of the air or be young, having grown up with our own little computers made for toddlers.

    Apple put out a new iPad while it had been continuing to sell the old one right up to the day it released the new one. These things can cost $600 to $900. They tried to appease the buyers of the old one by offering them $100 off the new one. They are already releasing a new iPhone and the last one hasn't been out long. They are getting some strong competition from Samsung but they are just as bad at putting out "new and improved" phones and tablets all the time.

    This is what Roomba did with those little vacuum cleaner robots. I was bedridden most of the time when they came out and I got one. They have continued to put out "new and improved" models ever since. It isn't new technology. They knew how to do it from the start but had planned release of the new ones over a period of time. As a consumer, I'm sick of this planned obsolescence.

    A lot of the people I see with the latest expensive gizmos don't appear to be able to afford them. Lots of kids, probably living at home with some lame job, who use all their money to keep up with the latest technology. I once dated a guy years ago who would never think of using anything but the latest whatever. His ego was way too involved in techno products. To him, it was a sign of success. I have a friend who is afraid of growing old. She keeps buying phones and computers that she can't afford because she doesn't want the kids to be more hip and sharper than she.

    Apple, and all the rest of them must play on this vulnerability. I studied consumer behavior (my degree is in Marketing) and it was one of my favorite classes. What makes people buy things, especially things they cannot afford or which are not in their best interest? This is closely related to why people vote for various candidates. Of course, you have to remove the crazies and gullible from the equation and then try to ask. There are large groups who vote totally against their best interests. This is what makes politics equally interesting.

    My favorite ads are for cosmetics and hair coloring. Now, I do color my hair and wear makeup. My Mom was always well groomed and I try to look my best. At a certain age, most of us accept our looks and are more comfortable in our skins. Every other week, there is a new mascara to make one's lashes "longer, thicker and sexier." The women in the ads have expressions as though they are in the throes of orgasm, especially in lipstick ads. My marketing professor once asked us what cosmetics companies are really selling. I said, "Hope."

    Just in your honor, I decided to break out with a larger and different font in blue. See ya on the Porch or in the Lounge. I have a hard time keeping up with those Porchers. I need to pop in over there.

    Love, Mikie