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    You posted on the weekly prayer thread: "Also , some insight / prayers about this please ?: My gyno. told me that I had a big chance of having uterine cancer. I asked about the fibroid that was found and he said " you have had that for years , I am more concerned about your enlarged uterus and thickened lining , that is very possibly cancer with your background and risk factors.

    Before my next visit with him , I went to the emergency room with a marked increase in bleeding ( now over 50 days of bleeding) The emergency room doc wanted to keep me there and do something right away. My gyno said he wanted to confer with my internist first to make sure I would be alright for procedures considering my health history .

    So , I was approved for the procedures. Then..... I went back to my gyno. for the pre-op appointment . I asked him if he found cancer , how long it would take to wait for the results/referral . He said " I don't think I will find cancer. I am more concerned with your pelvic floor problem" Huh ? Then why did he tell me he thinks I may have cancer ?

    Does anyone have some insight about this ? Now I am very apprehensive and the waiting is just really stressful . Praying does help , but I am still human and have lots of time to research since I have a flare and am on semi-bed rest. Please, if anyone has a Word from God or just common sense advice, I would really really be grateful !


    Holly, let me explain something to you and it help you to ask more questions of your doctor. I had my baby in my early 20s when my husband was in the military. I had my baby at the military base Presidio in San Francisco, and it was totally substandard care. I was way too long in labor before they intervened so both the baby and I were overstressed and too weak, my baby was breach, and finally the baby was not breathing, had no heart beat and they ripped the baby out of me in a rush to get the baby CPR and other life saving care and in the process hit the baby's head on the stirrups giving the baby a hematoma on it's head--the baby was in intensive care for a while and it was only after I insisted on the blanket being taken away from his head after several days did I see the mis-shapen head from all the swelling. It was horrible.

    Within 6 months I returned home to my parents and my regular home town OB/GYN found spots on my cervix and wouldn't discuss them but said they had to be frozen off immediately and scheduled it. Then in 6 months the spots reoccurred and the freezing had to be done again. Each time the freezing was done, later that day I went into bleeding and very, very intense pain.

    Slowly I began to develop increasing bleeding during my periods and increasing pain during my periods. By the time I was in my 30s, I was having such excessive bleeding and pain I had to wear dark clothes and change sanitary pads so quickly. I saw another OB/GYN that was on the plan through work and he was a gray haired man in his 60s who said that I probably needed a hysterectomy, but he would not consider it because Prince Charming could come riding in on his horse and sweep me away and we could want children again. I told him that was a fairy tale and I was dealing with real life.

    I went to a female OB/GYN that many in work were seeing. We could not get the earlier records from the freezing years before and she said she suspected that it had been cancer spots on my cervix (possibly caused from damage from the childbirth) that were found early because I was going in for post-pregnancy checkups with my regular doctor back home and not the military doctors. She was very concerned about the abnormal bleeding and wanted tests and then we would schedule the hysterectomy. Before the tests could be scheduled, I began hemmorhaging and the hysterectomy had to be right then.

    All this taught me that some doctors treat woman differently. That some OB/GYNs are very honest, up front and realistic, while others just pat you on the head, don't provide you with information, and I believe they shouldn't be practicing.

    You absolutely have the right to know the full complete truth about your medical condition, exactly what your diagnosis is and a layman's explanation of that diagnosis, what led to the doctor coming to that diagnosis, if there is a cure for that condition and what the cure entails and what choices in cures you have so you can make an informed and intelligent decision as to which choice you will make. You have the right to know whether you have cancer, what the surgery or tests are for and what the result will be and why is that result sought. Communication is so important and for some reason not all doctors are willing to fully talk to a patient about their conditions.

    If you have to make an appointment to sit down with your doctor to fully discuss your condition, your options and to understand everything, please do it. Go to that appointment with a list of questions and make sure you get the answers to all the questions so you fully understand. I communicate what each doctor tells me about one condition to all my other doctors, so I want to understand. I want all my doctors to be fully informed so they know what is happening to me so they don't trip up and do something that may not be good for me. But I can't do that unless I make the doctors talk to me and answer my questions. Good luck and hugs.
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    Two cats :

    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your story . I just found out something about myself by reading your message : I would not hesitate to confront any of my other doctors about any questions that I have. What is is about this doctor ?

    I am thinking that since I was abused sexually when I was a child , whenever anyone examines the female parts of my anatomy , I just shut off.It could be my abuse situation on top of having an overbearing father and ex , I have a hard time confronting men (duh) I think this tells me that confrontation is EXACTLY what I should do. But I am scared ( I will do it anyway)

    Thank you again for the great message and story . I am so sorry that you had to go through the situation with your child and the bleeding and cancer/hysterectomy situation. But I can see that it has made you a stronger person.

    Thank you again , sincerely ,
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    Holly, know that I care and so does everyone else here and you have the support of people here. I hope you will use the strength from us here to confront the male OB/GYN to get your answers. I think most of us feel intimidated when a male OB/GYN does the exam and it can be embarassing too. Know we care about you. Hugs.

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