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    Thanks so much for answering my query about the PTT test..I have discussed this with my PCP, too, but she does not have any experience with HYPERCOAGULATION, and I do not have access to any CFS/FM physicians..I have brought her a stack of information on these diseases, but she indicates that she does not have the time to read much..at least she is open and honest..So I tend to do all the research...

    I do not have the cold symtoms that Jelly had, in fact, I am really heat-sensitive and have problems with high temperatures..If that is the clinical symptoms for HYPERCOAGULATION, cold-sensitivity and whitish skin, then I wondered if it was imperative to do the testing..Those were the only ones I was aware of, are there other clinical symptoms?

    ...Do you think that this an absolute necessity? (have no insurance, because it had increased to $470/month and was not paying for much, and I had had to go the the state's uninsurable plan because an insurance agent indicated I was uninsurable based on the CFS diagnosis)..

    I have been using Pancreatin, which Klutzo indicated would clean up the fibrin in the blood..I had considered the Nattokinase (don't know how effective it is, did not know that it might be dangerous), and also, read some big negatives on using the Heparin, indicating heparin can cause a benign fungal infection to change into a toxic shock reaction..There never seems to be an easy solution, free of negatives..SUCH IS LIFE..

    I was a Psychologist (M.S. LEVEL) in a previous live, it seems..

    Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide,
    HAVE A GREAT DAY, if possible
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    Are you busy?
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    Life for us just seems to get complexer and complexer!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Amelia,

    I'm ALWAYS busy, but I'll try to respond to questions as soon as I can. I've got lots of patients in the same boat you're in. It's frustating because a lot of insurance companies won't pay for these tests (though that seems to be changing, thank goodness.) I'd be happy to talk to (or email, or whatever) your doctor to answer questions. I don't have a crystal ball, but I almost invariably find that the ISAC test is helpful. Problem is, you need someone who is already familiar with it or WILLING TO LEARN. (Tell your doctor it seems to be a variant of Anti-phsospholipid Antibody Syndrome.) I was a complete novice 2 1/2 years ago when I started investigating this model of disease for a patient. Thank goodness I did, or my 12 year old son and I (not to mention a number of my patients) would still be struggling with patients rather than confidently working towards the cure (or at least control - I'll settle for that if I have to) of this disease.