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    Day 17:
    1. The volunteer project I did for my friend turned out great, thank God to give me this chance to serve my friend.
    2. Today I got no job to work, so I went for a walk. As usual the self-blaming stuffs kept punching me.... but thank God again, I prayed him for strength. (In fact that didn't really help much, but Iwas grateful I got HIM to talk to)
    3. My parents are fine these days in terms of health and relationship.
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    Really strange!! I remembered I post the above message as a reply, but it automatically became a new topic of post.

    Perhaps I clicked the wrong option....I'm not sure. It's OK anyway.
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    I think it's ok to be"absent" for a few days if you're busy, this exercise is not compulsary. Take care.
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    1. Chance to work (although the result wasn't so good)
    2. Chance to hang out with a friend.
    3. Chance to communicate with God.

    Praying for a normal day for tomorrow.
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    Today was a bad day. I'm so sorry to tell you this, sweetpotatoe. I received a bad news from my friend that the volunteer project I did for him was failed. As today was Sunday, I got not much things to do/distract myself. I kept fighting with those negative feelings. So today I can't really think of anything to feel grateful. I'm sorry I fail again.

    That must be my mistakes. I don't blame anyone/anything. God gave me so much blessings and I still stick to the feeling of unsafe and unpeaceful. I can't face HIM. I feel guilty and shameful. I don't know how to wake up from this nightmare.....

    That's so good to read your Day 19 report. Hope you will continue to move towards the bright side.
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    Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. I have to pray to get used to it. I also have to pray to know what exactly wrong is with me.

    Day 20 (Wow! Already finished 2/3 of this exercise):
    1. For everything I have (just copy from you, hahaha)

    Take care.
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    May God bless you. Please take some good rest. So sorry to know you had a hard day. Take care.

    Day 21:
    1. Got some freelance jobs for today.
    2. Fear reduced a little bit.
    3. No accidents.

    I woke up 7 times last night because of the anxiety attack. I pray for a good sleep tonight.
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    I wouldn't call myself an artist. I'm just quite confident in doing illustrations. In fact, the jobs I mentioned were mostly not about art. I could only get some delivery jobs, proof-reading jobs to earn a few bucks. Although I may get some illustration jobs, it's rare.

    Day 22:
    1. I got the job done.
    2. I may get an illustration job (as I said before, it's rare) for tomorrow.
    3. Everything was not that bad today.

    Same as you, I hope for tomorrow.
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    Today was a strange day. I was supposed to attend a job in the afternoon. When I took a long trip and arrived there, the guys told me the job was cancelled. I felt a little bit disappointed but in the other way I took a relief. Because I figured out recently that this Thursday job was one of the main causes of my anxiety.

    Then I went home to continue the illustration job, and I was supposed to enjoy it very much but then I was exhausted suddenly without any reason. So I plan to continue to finish it tonight. Hope I'll be fine.

    Day 23:
    1. The Thursday job was cancelled.
    2. Have a chance to work.
    3. ....................