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    Do you know of any natural antihistamine as I seem to be allergic to them and they also make me depressed.

    Did you ever get up the website What Really Works where Susan Clarke who used to write an article for the Sunday Times all about alternative medicane. It is a very good site and I subscribe to the newsletter.

    This week it mentioned Wheatgrass and its benefits. I was thinking of getting it to see how I reacted. Its supposed to have a lot of Amino Acids in it.

    Apprciate your help

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    Hi Mary

    I have problems with antihistamines too, apart from one cream I am avoiding them if at all possible. Immune modulators such as vit D3, samento, noni etc seem to have lessened the severity of my allergic reactions so far.

    Having finally found a turmeric supp I could tolerate I found that helped too, it's anti inflammatory and helps block histamine. Quote from a web site source on turmeric and IBS "

    "turmeric is able to block the chemical histamine, which can also cause the small muscles of the bowel to contract abnormally (Itthipanichpong C et al. J Med Thai 2003, 2:S299-309)."

    I found the What Really Works site when researching various supps and alternatives. It a good resource.

    Wheat grass does not suit me. Instead I am taking spirulina (with care since it's not recommeded for auto immune issues) and chlorella now that I can tolerate it. :) These functional foods provide lots of bioavailable nutrients, amino acids, and hopefully are assisting detox.

    I no longer take a multi vit/min, instead I am trying out these algaes and taking the other nutrients seperately. My aim is to find the best levels of each and the best sources of them, it's trail and error as usual, but so far things are still going in the right direction.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 11/02/2005]