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    Hi everyone....I've been reading all the posts the last couple of days and I must say you are a great group of people here! My name is Jamie, I've been dx for about 2 mos now. I've been having FM symptoms for at least 10 years now. I have three children to care after and an unsupportive husband who thinks I'm nuts... I can no longer keep up with my house, and every day it seems I get worse and worse. Doc gave me Ambien to sleep, which does help except for my daughter who wants to nurse every 2 hours... He also gave me a muscle relaxer that I can only take every once in a great while becuase it knocks me out for the whole next day. I have 3 kids! That cannot happen! So needless to say I suffer and suffer and suffer! Looking forward to finding some great info here. Oh I've been reading what your doc may not tell you about FM...what do you all think about this book.. Oh yeah...I'm also very hypoglycemic. Thx all!!
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    Welcome...you are right there are some great people on here with a lot in great information.

    I am blessed with the supportive husband, but I can totally relate to the taking care of the kids. You can no longer keep up with your house....LOL mine went long ago. I figure as long as it's just not filthy...my time feeling good is best spent on my family.

    Did you have a lot of problems from the FM through your pregnancy? Always wondered how that was effected, considering I was wiped out with mine and didn't have my FM problems then.

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    I didn't know a thing about FM so I'm not sure. I did have an irritable uterus and I had preterm labor for all three. This last baby gave me sever sciatic nerve problems and my second child I nearly bled to death during the delivery. I had to have an emergency c-section. They said it was a freak blood vessel. What do you all think?
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    I had the sever sciatic nerve problems with both of my pregnancies. I had to have an emergency c-section with the first(Meconium)....had the bleeding problem too. It took along time to get me alert after that one. My last child I was on bed rest for the last 2 months. They did a c-section with him too. I never had pre labor.... heck I don't think labor would have ever hit with me.

    As for your meds....have you asked your doctor if you could half your pills maybe that would help. Be sure to ask first....some pills are time released and you shouldn't half them.

    Good luck and I sure feel for you....FM and nursing doesn't sound like a good mix.

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    You mentioned that your daughter wants to breast feed. Are you nursing her?

    If you are...does the doctor who prescribed you the Ambien and the muscle relaxant know that you're breast feeding? Sometimes the medications can be transferred through breast milk and are not healthy for the baby.

    And I also really hear that you think you need them for your own sanity.

    My guess is that you're doing the best you can right now. I'm glad you wrote to this group.

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    Yes I'm nursing her still..she's 17 mos and she thinks she's still a newborn.. At times she wakes to nurse every hour or 2. I need to wean her soon but I have no will power to fight her. It's a vicious circle. It seems everyday I get worse. Right now...both my legs are just killing me. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight. Between having bad dreams and the baby, I don't get much.