hi to all....anyone try elavil(amitriptyline)

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  1. b~kay~b

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    Hi everyone how are you doing well as for me i'm tired of trying to find someone now for pain mangement finally got all the diagnosing finished but our area is small and no one around here does pain management. so i have to look into the virginia area so i went online to look up some places because our phone book is limited as well figures so at least i got thigns for virginia beach and chesapeake and portsmouth the only thing it is painful being in the car that long its about an hour away in any of those places. cant win for losing.so the only one to give me something to try and help with sleep and pain was a psychiatrist i never met before he said he gives all his fm patients(the doc filling in for someone else)oh yeah i do see one of those because of depression im 36 in a 96 year old body no offense to anyone but thats how it feels and i look. anywho i forgot to pick it up tonight duh lol i hate my memory it scares me alzheimers runs in the family as well but it is elavil, starting me off low for two week then raise then get checked out see if it needs to be raised more and then he said trazadone can be added to it at night ive been on that before i believe the max to help for insomnia before. i didnt tell him my husband has that for himself and i have taken it. i actually can still stay awake on it but i dont think its at the max mmmm...okay i just went to look not at the max... okay well if anyone has been on it or knows anyone can you give me your experience? okay well thanx all. he said can help insomnia pain depression migraines. also did anyone who try it gain weight? i'm tired of gaining weight on new meds B~Kay
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    and I had a terrible experience with it. My husband said that my ability to speak markedly worsened, taking me 15 to 30 seconds between each word in a sentence, and that some of the sentences weren't coherent, but I thought I was making sense. My memory problems also worsened. My hubby, a physician, insisted on coming with me to my nuerology followup to explain my sideeffects to the doc as he was afraid I wouldn't be able to articulate them because of the meds. He wanted it documented, and requested that I be taken off them. I was so foggy from them that I didn't know how bad off I was until I had been off them for two weeks, then I was myself again and could see through the fog to realize I had been in a very bad state indeed. I hope this helps.
    Hugs, Cakeart
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    I am currentley on elavil. I am on my second week.
    It was working great for sleep, but not so much anymore.
    Pain is still here.

    I have decided to go the full holistic way. I will be going off elavil once I see my new doctor who is a D.O.

  4. b~kay~b

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    oh no, great, i looked some things up, oh great it looks like it is in the same family with the nortripiline(spelling?) but i was useless my mother in law went with me to the er because they noticed i just wasnt right and i had been refusing to go and it is hard to get in to see the doc before scheduled appts, small area,well they got tired of how things were and were worried so much they drove me an hour away to an er room in virginia instead of our hospital.the doc asked me a question and i couldnt understand him or i couldnt figure out how to answer. my mother in law ws answering my questions for me and had to walk me around. great i dont need another one of those. but i appreciate you for sharing, both of you. B~Kay
  5. SusanEU

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    You can do a search, there are lots of posts on it. Some love it, some don't. I didn't like it personally, i was too groggy, had weird dreams and craved sweets.

    I am on effexor (which has been great for me, not so great for others) in the morning and lorazepam (which also is great for me) to help with sleep. Occasionally I take a Tylenol 3 for the pain if I get too achy.

    I was a mess before I got the right meds for me. Unfortunately they all work different for each of us, so it is hit or miss til we get the right ones.

    This time last year, I was practically bed ridden.

    Hope you find something that helps you.

    Sue in Ontario
  6. b~kay~b

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    yeah, i started to look, i saw effexor, i will look at that one while i am there. you mentione lorazapam lol i cant have that in the house my husband got addicted to it i had to wiene him off of it and he kept begging me for it that was three years ago, so yeah, it was one of his favorites, so i can never try it, my bottle would come up missing. i pray i wont crave sweets. i did that with gabapentin and gained 50lbs in one month. i dont need anymore weight gain i havent lost that all. i try to walk with my kid escorting me, get accross the street (3 minute walk) in 15 minutes and my husband has to drive me back. dont think that is real exercise lol but it burns like it is lol thank you for sharing
  7. SusanEU

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    So have you tried the elavil yet? I know it is great for some.

    Well I take such small doses of the lorazepam, cause I'm afraid I will end up liking it TOOOO much and being in the same boat as your hubby.

    Just a warning if you try effexor the first 2 weeks are difficult with nausea and such, but once I got past that I have not had a problem. I have even lost weight, but then again I have heard that some have gained.

    Good Luck
    Sue in Ontario
  8. LaQuiet

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    I tried it a long time ago and ended up in the ER with hallucinations... Same with nortriptyline just recently. I can't seem to tolerate anything that ends in 'triptyline'.. So when my doc tries to prescribe anti-depressants, I just say "No thank you."

  9. caffey

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    My pain specialist who I have just recently started seeing. Put me on Elavil. I am up to 25mg. It doesn't do anything for me. He said he won't go any higher with me because of weight gain which he says starts at 25mg. and I have already gained 40lbs from Prednisone. I am still not sleeping. Trzadone didn't help. I see him tommorrow Mon. and see what he says. Sorry I can't help you any more.
  10. mayaplayabum

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    I had been taking elavil for at least 7 years. Although I was only taking 10mgs-I immediately started to gain weight. This was also about the time, I started going through menopause. Yes, I did sleep at night and yes it helped with the pain in the morning-but I was always hungry and always craving sweets. About 2 months ago, I decided to stop taking it. I have lost 5 lbs and not constantly hungry. I dont sleep as good and have had more aches and pains but I am feeling better about myself now that I am losing the weight.
  11. naturebaby

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    I was on Elavil briefly last year. It helped with sleep for a short time, but then didn't seem to help anymore. I noticed no difference with pain.

    I did pack on 20+ pounds in a hurry, though! Elavil is an "old" anti-depressant that a medical friend of mine calls a "dirty" drug, meaning it has lots of nasty side effects, and is especially known for causing rapid weight gain.

    Some people do alright on it, but with so many other options out there, I would never use it again. I am still trying to shed the last 10 pounds, one year later.

    Just my own experience, though! Wishing you well, nature
  12. marsupialmama

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    eep, someone said it affects the speech? I am on a low does as the docis trying it for chronic pain for me. I noticed in the last couple of months that I started to mess up my words, I forgot the name of common objects and I mess up my grammar and verbs. This is all when speaking. when I type it's not so bad b/c i can edit before I hit "send" LOL.

    Some days I "sound like an immigrant", as one of my friends liked to tease me. I AM an immigrant LOL but English is my mother tongue!

    i would never have thought to link this to the amytriptyline (which I can barely pronounce let alone spell). THANK YOU to the person who brought it up (my bad memory doesn't help me remember who, sorry). Now I shall write myself a note to mention this to my doc at the next visit!
  13. gnanny

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    Tried the Elavil. I was constantly starving on this med. My stomach literaly growling 24/7. It took me qute a while to make the connection.
    I went to Trazadone for sleep instead.
  14. dolphin67

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    I have been on a low dose for about 1 1/2 years. started at 10mg and now at 20 mg. It really helps me sleep which in turn seems to help me wake up with less pain. I did gain some weight, but it's really hard to say if it's from the amitriptyline or from my struggles with my thyroid. (i fluctuate up and down by 10 - 15 pounds) good luck with whatever you decide.
  15. lovethesun

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    was a feeling of having 10 cups of coffee.I was super alert and energetic when I just wanted to go to sleep.Linda