Hi to all, new to the board

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the board, thought i would tell you a little about myself since i am starting to reply to posts.

    I live in SC and was diagnosed with CFS dec 2002, after being out of work since dec 2001. looking at other posts i guess that is not a long time before diagnose. I have applied for ss disability and go for my interview on wed. this has been very hard for me since i started haveing severe fatigue since the fall of 2000. I was very active, worked out 4-5 times a week along with working a very physical full time job. then i started getting so tired that after 8 hrs working all i could do was lay down. housework pretty much had to wait until the weekend. now i get done what i can on my good days, as the fatigue and shortness of breath keeps me on the couch alot.

    thanks for all your posts, they are very encourageing. especially on the bad days. i know my spelling is bad, so is my concentration. anyway i am happy i found this site. I wish you all well.

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    nink gave you very good advise. I am getting ready to go in front of a judge any time now. My lawyer said any time in January, so I hope it is soon. I was denied twice already. Its been a long haul. Good luck to you.
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    Welcome to the boards. New here myself. Hope to see you around. God Bless Wings1
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    I appreciate all the support and will keep you informed.

    Nick thank you for your advice, you are not coming on strong, we all can use as much info from others experience as we can get. The system doesn't really work in our favor and we have to learn how "TO PLAY THEIR GAME" in order to get the benifits that we are intitled to. I already filled out the 10 page form and took it in, then they set up my interview time. I will be taking as many dr. reports as I can get with me, friends and family notorized statements to take with me and any other paperwork I think I might need infor from cause you are right I will not remember,and it will be exhausting.

    I am thankful everyday that I was diagnosed so.... soon and for the support of my family and friends, but I am also thankful that I found this site with all of oyou wounderful people to talk with and share info.

    best wishes

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