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    HI, I have had fms for about 10 years. does anyone get the fibro grogs really bad, and some short term memory loss. Also, what has anyone found as far as supplement that help. I have gone the route of pain killers and patchs, and threw them all down the toilet. Does anyone have anything they do to help calm down. My brain never seems to shut down.
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    Have you tried meditation or yoga to help with the racing mind and to help you relax? Yoga works for me b/c all I am able to think about are the movements and the deep breathing. I have dvds for yoga beginners and I try to do the yoga at least five times a week, if I am feeling well enough. After doing the yoga, I feel so much more relaxed but also somewhat energized.

    With meditation, you are forced to focus on one thing, be it a chant or a word you repeat over and over again, and your breathing. This can really help you relax and your brain isn't thinking a mile a minute. Hope this helps. Hopefully someone here can help you with regards to the brain fog and short term memory loss. Take care.
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    Yep, just about everyone here has had it from time to time. Some times worse than others. But you will usually hear it referred to as fibro-fog. Today is a real hum-dinger for me. Just trying to type this is a challenge so trying to even remember what I'm taking without notes would be impossible. I had gotten most of the information for supplements from a nuitrition book I have that listed fibromyalgia. Now I'm reading a book recommended on this board (please don't ask the name right now - I'm having enough trouble remembering my own name!) and the chiropractor who wrote it recommend almost the exact same things.

    I'll try to be more with it tomorrow and get you some better info.

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    Both ask questions! We must Help you!!Mikie& Shirl both have great input on the icky you R dealing with.Hang in there! I am foggy TONS,i don't have solution 4 me yet,but that is why these boards R so wonderful! Many things work differenly on each individual,here you find all types that may help you w/different blends.Good Luck,ez