Hi VCAMLIN i have a question for you

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by daftlass, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. daftlass

    daftlass New Member

    I was reading the post you sent to buttercakes about the doxy.
    I think i have neuro-lyme,i loose my speech and the use of my arms quite frequently.
    I was wondering if you would post when you have seen the specialist and let me know if you receive iv antibiotics, and the effectiveness.
    I have started a low dose doxy 100mg bd, but did'nt realise that iv antibiotics are more effective against
    If you receive a posive outcome and i hope you do, then i am going to push for some more invasive treatment.
    Thanks and take care.
  2. vcamlin

    vcamlin New Member

    I will let you know what protocol they come up with! They say hopefully I'll get in by the end of the month. Sigh....it seems so far away!!! I'm anxious to get rid of this thing that is ruining my body, my brain, my life.

    So, I'll post the results from my LLMD visit as soon as I go!

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