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    I've been around, and not around, and then around, again. :) Oops! Don't get dizzy reading this post! LOL

    I found a new PCP doc for myself, an internist, female, 30 years experience. I met with my counselor, and she gave me a great pep talk.

    Then I found out a few days ago that Kevin's (my hubby) health insurance would be changing at work.

    His office is now offering one health plan -- AETNA -- take it or leave it. No more blue cross/blue shield, which is accepted at MOST doc's offices. Aetna is NOT. :(

    My appointment with the new PCP doc is for Nov 2. At which time the blue cross will be accepted. After December 31, they will not accept AETNA.

    I think it would be a huge waste of time and money to see this new doc, who will not accept our insurance on Jan. 1. Then I'd have to find another primary care doc within the Aetna health plan. What do you think????? (In case y'all don't remember: I have PTSD, anxiety, etc. -- medical phobias.)

    My mind is just so jumbled. I want an internist who accepts my insurance and has privileges at our local hospital (instead of going into the CITY -- UGH).

    Any thoughts, support, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


    I've been occupying myself with music for distraction and listening pleasure. I can't do the Name Game right now, maybe soon.

    Love y'all, Diane
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    Hi Diane.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    I hope your counselor can help you find a new doc that accepts Aetna. And you need to cancel your appointment for Nov. 2 with that other new doc. Bummer.

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    Hi Diane

    I would have responded sooner to your post, but I was so dizzy after reading it...
    Actually, I don't know what there is to say. We patients don't have too much to say
    anymore. As medicine has gotten more complex it has also gotten more expensive and
    more regimented.

    What we need is an Aetna insurance company that provides benefits like its namesake
    Etan, the largest and most active volcano in Europe. Wikipeada says, "Its fertile
    volcanic soils support extensive agriculture with vineyards and orchards spread across
    the lower slopes and broad plain" etc.

    I don't have the energy or brain power to deal with stuff like this anymore. Gordon
    has to do everything. I remember when our insurance at work was going to change.
    The head bookkeeper said, "If you have meds, you might want to get them refilled now.
    Once we get the new carrier the amount you pay may go up."

    I don't know what the situation is in Penn. My doctor says doesn't matter what
    insurance carrier you have in CA. They all have the same program: Obamacare.
    It's been fine for me. I haven't had any medical expenses for the last few years except
    pills (relatively inexpensive) and a few office visits. Some years previously I had
    a couple emergency room visits and an MRI, Cat scan, ex-rays. Medicare and
    whatever additional coverage I had paid for almost all of that.

    Oh yeah, on a related note, our carrier (which I think is Blue Shield) notified us
    a month ago that our coverage was cancelled for non payment of premiums. Gordon
    called them up. Was told the problem was a "corrupt file". Thousands of people
    who paid their premium got notices that they hadn't paid. Ain't modern
    science wonderful. Except, of course, when it doesn't work and you plane flies
    into a mountain. Or, as Dave Barry put it, when the doctor sets the laser beam
    on "melt tractor" rather than "delicate eye surgery."

    Good luck
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    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, I responded to this post on the Porch. I wish I had some advice for you. I know how difficult it is for you to find a doc for your specific needs. I hope and pray you find someone really good. Little prayer going up.

    gb66, a little prayer for you. So sorry about all the reactions to your meds. So often, the treatment brings us worse problems than the original condition for which they were prescribed Hope you are doing better.

    Rock, happened to see you were here. Just thought I'd pop in to say, "Howdy." Hope to see you over on the Porch.

    I should stop in here more often. I was bedbound most of the time some years ago and I still have relapses which drive me to my bed to rest. I empathize with everyone here.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody,

    Thank you all for your replies. And the birthday wishes! :) I really appreciate hearing from y'all.

    I haven't seen this new doc yet (appt. Nov 2). She was recommended to me by my counselor, as well as the Walgreen's nurse practitioner (I stopped in at Walgreen's for a blood pressure check, a prescription refill, and also got a thorough exam.). I truly wish Walgreen's could be a PCP, but they don't do that. Sigh.

    If I do keep the Nov 2 appt, I will have to pay "full price". Our "health insurance reimbursement account" has run dry. So now the deductible kicks in. Whatever the ins will pay, we are responsible for the rest of the $. Last year we had money left over in our "reimbursement" account. This year, as of Friday, we have $24 left. :(

    It costs about $300-$400 around here, to walk into a doc's office as a "new patient." So I'd have to deal with that, plus blood work (I'm sure she'd order lots of tests). Then a follow-up visit.

    And then, I wouldn't be able to see her after Dec 31, due to the insurance change.

    So, I'd have to have my medical records transferred, again. And find another PCP. And have another "new patient" office visit.

    It goes on and on. Friday, I just broke down and cried all day. Just exasperated, 'cause there was nothing I could do. (I needed to ask Kevin for a confirmation of the name of the new insurance, and he was in meetings ALL DAY.) I'll call that doc's office tomorrow, to confirm that they will not accept Aetna. Their website says "no, they don't accept it."

    I do appreciate your thoughts and good wishes!!!!!!!!!!!


    Patti, great to hear from you! I still have to listen to the music video you posted, after I'm done posting here.

    GB, I'm just like you. I get so many adverse reactions to meds I'm prescribed. It's gotten to the point now where I ask: "Is it in PILL form? Can I cut it into halves or quarters???" Sorry to read that your thyroid med is bothering you. Is it synthroid? I had a positive reaction to that, then poof, it stopped working. My doc wouldn't increase the dosage amt, he just said to wean off it. Duh! So that's what I did. Feel better soon, GB!!!!!

    Rock, always great to hear from you! I can't think of anything to say, except you are always "on point" with your comments. :)

    Mikie, stop by anytime you want to! I did read your post on the Porch. I'll try to post later today on the Porch, but it's FOOTBALL SUNDAY! Leftover pizza and leftover shrimp, so no cooking today. Yippee!

    I should mention -- all this insurance "confusion" is through Kevin's employer. It's not "Medicare related."


    My friends, thank you! You all keep me going, when I'm feeling down. :)

    Luv ya, Diane
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  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, if it were me and I could wait, I'd concentrate on finding a new doc who accepts Aetna. Perhaps this recommended doc's office would refer you to someone else if you told them you really want them but they do not accept Aetna. If you do end up seeing this new doc once, it wouldn't hurt to tell them you are paying out of pocket and ask whether they would accept what your ins. would pay rather than full price. Many will do this. Our newspaper just had an article on how many people are going through just what you are and, believe it or not, worse.

    When I was an ins. agent, many of my clients were in the same boat as you. Often, switching docs tuned out to be even better. Other times, clients had to switch again to find someone they liked. Try doing what I do; I relax and tell myself that everything is just as it should be. That doesn't mean everything is perfect. It just means that I may have a challenge but that I'm up to it. If I tell myself this, I begin to believe it and a lot of the stress melts away.

    Remember in "The King And I" when Anna sings about whistling a happy tune and pretty soon, she's not afraid? It's kinda like that--mind over matter. It does work, at least, a little. I have a small plaque next to my bed which reads, Be Strong And Courageous. With all we go through, we are some of the most courageous people I know but we can get rattled with stress due to our medical problems which affect us physically, mentally and emotionally.

    As always, prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi y'all, and thanks for your additional replies. I really appreciate your support.

    I got some ins. news yesterday. Now I feel like 1 step forward, maybe a couple steps forward? Still some areas of "not knowing."

    I will get to see the new doc. They do accept Aetna. But their office was sooooo overwhelmed with phone calls yesterday, I literally traded phone calls back and forth, for over 5 hours.

    Kevin said it's "that time of year" -- insurance time. And his company alone has 1500 employees who will lose Blue Cross coverage. So everybody is researching and calling to find a new doc.

    So anyways, I finally got through to a person at my "new doc's" office. And she was totally clueless. I told her the reason I was calling (I want Dr. V to be my PCP, since she does accept Aetna, and this would be a "new patient appointment"). I thought this would be self-explanatory.

    This person's reply was: "you want a thyroid test??" I repeated again what I said earlier, and I said that the doc would probably want to do bloodwork, plus a consult with me. Then she said, "Oh, so you want a physical?" I booked an appt for Jan 11, 8:15 a.m. Hopefully when I get in with the doc or her P.A., things will go smoother.

    I called my psych doc office. Just to verify about Aetna. Liz (who is like the office manager expert), said .... "well, Aetna usually contracts out psych services." So I need to call Liz back, after I have a plan number/ID, so she can verify coverage. That would be just devastating, if insurance is declined, since I got comfortable with Dr. T and my therapist.


    Today I can chuckle about "oh, do you want a thyroid test?" This doc is not an endo (or whatever the correct word is). Her specialty is "internal medicine", 30 years experience.

    GB, good luck with your thyroid med. You and I are so similar with our drug-related experiences.

    Mikie, thanks! You've got that song "Whistle a Happy Tune" stuck in my head!!!! Did you hear recently, on the news, that listening to some sad songs can release/relieve our pent-up emotions, and make us feel better afterwards? I do that sometimes too. Some sad songs, a good cry, maybe a short nap, and feel a bit better. :)


    By the way, Rock you are correct (on the Porch thread). Kevin does have a Birthday coming up on Monday. He'll be on vacation, starting Friday, back to work on Wednesday. So I might not be doing a lot of posting during that time. I'll be reading though.

    Y'all take care!

    Luv ya, Diane
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    Hi Diane

    Here's a verse you could pass along to Kevin. Can't remember when
    I wrote it. Maybe 30 years ago. It's still apropos.

    Roses are red.
    Kumquats are orange.
    My thumb's black and blue.
    Got caught in a door hinge.

    Hope you have a very C o l o r f u l B i r t h d a y!!


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    I will pass your verse on to Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane :D

    PS: Kevin said to say "THANK YOU!" :)
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