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    Hi hon, just wanted to check with you and say hi. Hope all is well and that you are feeeling alittle better. I know the sickness situation with your sis and FIL probably won't go away anytime soon. That is heart bareaking.

    Have been really busy today and won't be here tonight either but I did just want to tell you I was thinking of you.

    When your ready there is is a note from Elaine and others on this board. Should still be on the first page unless it trys to disappear. If so I will bump it tomorrow.

    Don't worry hon we are not going to try and get you to run back to the porch, at least not now. Whenever you might be ready that is fine. Just wanted to let you know that you are being thought of and you just need to get away from all stresses, whatever they may be. Give yourself time. Hopefully someday you won't have so many stress in your life at home either.

    Keep you chin up sweetie !!

    Love and blessings,

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    Of course I will be here for you, whenever you need me- as long as I am not runnuing around somplace that is (-: I will still be here when I get back to my computer !!

    So glad to hear from you hon. You can call me Granni or Grannimom since I am actually closer to your mothers age. Is she she still with you? I do not remember if you have mentioned her or not. So I do not know. You are probably about the ages of my children but I have 8 grankdids so you can call me anything my dear.

    I see that you have been busy some on the boards, still trying to help others. Keep on doing that. You are doing a great thing. I know when and iF I have touched base with someone and even if I am trying to help I feel a little better myself. It also helps take your mind off things at home or going on in your or my body, etc. at least for awhile.

    Please know that you are also alot stronger than you think you may be but your are going through so much now it is easy to feel not so strong, between your sick family and you feeling awful alot of the time. I surely will be here for you my dear (unless my computer crashes or something). Even then I will be with you in my heart. Please do believe that !!

    I have been so busy today and only checked the computer a short while ago,. I saw that you answered the post from Elaine and all and that made me feel good. Do did a wonderful job of keeping the doors open for you.

    WHENEVER, you feel like coming back you will be welcome. I know that no one can change you and that is fine. So much of your personality really great and we don't want to change and be someone you aren't. You are a very caring person and that means you would be great for these boards.

    As far as the Porch goes you MAY have to be there awhile before you feel very comfortable. I took me awhile really and I dont have all the things going on around you that you do. I know you feel also that you have to act and try to be strong for your dear sister and your FIL and that takes alot out of you also, esp with you feeling so badly. Believe me hon I cannot take alot of the things that I used to be able to anymore either.

    Post to me whenever you want to hon. If I don't answer right away, it will only be that I am very busy . DH has lots of little spring chores he wants me to help him with as well as this next week we are getting ready for Easter at church . I have to sing 3-4 nights this coming week and one other pracatice with my county chorale group. Performed yesterday at an assisted living place and will sing also on thursday and friday this week. Will be glad when that is done.

    I just wanted to let you know that if I dont answer that is why. Also sweetie, even if no one says it right off you are being missed so don't you worry. People are also busy and have other things going on i their lives, like you (some more than others that can be so). I am lucky that I can stil do stuff, even if I feel like - - - -.

    Gotta run now hon. Write again soon whenever you feel like it. Been typing fast so forgive any weird words or typos !!

    Love as always,

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