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  1. onnaroll

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    this is fibro and myofacial pain ? I SUFFER from chronic back and arms shoulder pain rib pain exc exc exc. anyone else have this?

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  2. Bruin63

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    I was dx with the Chronic Moyfasical Pain first then 2 years late I was dx with the FMS.
    Plus a host of other condition's.
    Your in the right place, alright, I have had 2 Rotator Cuff surgery's, also back aches, plus Arthritis,.

    So if you say you Hurt, I will really Believe you, and understand, as will so many of the members here.
  3. onnaroll

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    This suck doesnt it? I have to write my congressmen office again , cause they never responded to me letter on supporting H.R. 1020..I wanted to copy it and now i dont know it they even recieved it..=(

    love ronda