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  1. lucygoose51

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    Hello everyone!!

    I am new to this forum. I guess I have Fibromyalgia.....My doctor had wrote it on my recite. I didn't even notice till later.....I went to him because I have been having this kinda itchy things on me....I don't know how to explain them....they kinda look like acne, but not.....anyway, I was complain about my bloated stomach, and how when I press on my bone on my elbow, or hands it hurts....I am real stiff in the mornings and it hurts to walk on my heals....but then it gets better after a while.....He asked if I was depressed. I don't think I am as I know how that is from being depressed years ago for a divorce....no, I am not like that...I am a very active person....I garden and have a full time job.....But I must say, that it is harder to stay going as the day goes at work.....I ALSO was diagnosed a year ago in March with Hepatitis C......I have to admit that I was a mess when I found that out.....I did have a liver biopsy, and it was excellent.....no fibrosis and inflammation is a 1.....My hep doc says that is good, and that to just keep check on that by doing liver biopsy, I think it's every 5 years....sooooo, now my GP says I have FM Ever hear of anyone with both before? .....Wished he would have said something....I am not going back to him....he made me mad....gave me a prescription for 25 MG of Elavil (amitriptyline)for sleeping...I take it right before I go to be...which I cut in half because that stuff really makes me groggy in the morning....

    Okay, I think I have rattled enough....I have been lurking....

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    Welcome to this message board! Fibromyalgia symptoms are often brought on by an illness or an injury, and sometimes nothing can be pinpointed as a trigger - it just happens. There is tons of great information on both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes on this message board, and check out the tabs at the top of this webpage. Good to get acquainted with you!

    God bless,

  3. lucygoose51

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    Morning Debbie!

    Thanks so much for replying!!

    After I thought about my post, I hope I didn't sound like a nut! LOL.....In about a year and a half, I have changed so much on how I feel and look! I have gained 25-30 pounds. I always just say, it's 3 things....I went through menopause, had back surgery, found out I had the Hep C, and quit smoking (a year on March 27th)......I guess that is 4....then the 5th thing is this FM. Well, I have to get a female check-up appointment, so I will ask THAT doctor some questions....

    Off to work I go....Have a great day!!

  4. Ranigar

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    Nice to meet you sorry it is on the FM board.My BIL has HepC for many yrs. and is doing pretty well.How are your pain levels and fatigue?You have a lot to cope with and I hope you find answers and comfort here.
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    I wished this site showed not just my post while we reply, but all the posts.....LOL...Now I forgot your name....LOL,,

    Well, I hurt real bad when I get up.....My hands, heals of my feet & up the back of them....elbows, that bone underneath the elbow....just to touch it.....I am always tired, but I try to just keep going.

    There is a lot to read here....


  6. jmq

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    welcome and never feel you sound or are crazy! Everyone on this board is here to learn and to help others. There is soooo much information here that it will be overwhelming at first. I do not know what I did before I found it.

    I too suffer from FMS along with depression and Migranes...and menapause. I worked full time up until about 5 weeks ago when I had a melt down at work from trying to hide the pain and fatigue for too long. I am now taking some time off to take care of myself and LEARN everything possible to combat this thing we have! You will see that there are so many various symptoms and degrees of pain with all that suffer with FMS...some are bedridden and others like you, are still working.

    Just keep an eye on the stress. That, for me, is the trigger. Hope you find some good answers and friends here.

  7. lucygoose51

    lucygoose51 New Member


    Boy, this is a very fast board....I belong to 3 gardening forums with one that I am totaly in......I will do my best to keep up, here....but I can tell it's a fast forum....

    Yes, I have to work....I am a fiesty person by nature...:)

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    to this great board. You will find loads of info here. I have Hep C and FM. I guess like any other DD you can have any combination, lol.

    You will find many members here have more than CFS or FM going on. Keep reading and posting. Use the search and you will find lots of posts on just about any question you may have.

    The people here are knowledgeable and friendly. Just remember, this board moves fast, so go to your profile often to see if you have any responses.

    Take care,


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