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    What supplements do people take for rhematoid arthritis?
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    Lol, no didnt think you were following me, we're just on internet at the same time. Although the concept is very funny.
    I usually stick to united kingdom sites but figured america would be far more knowledgable in research. Do you have fibromyalgia Leah? That is a name ive not heard of, is it american?
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    You may want to do some research on Curcumin.

    I remember reading that it was found to be more effective than a prescription arthritis medication.

    Maybe you can search Pubmed for studies on it, and also search the Natural News site.

    The Prohealth Store sells great supplements and other products. Just click on "Shop Products" at the top left of the page if you would like to check it out.

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    But i spell it Ameile, but when i signed in i hit another "i" and through fear of making anymore mistakes i left it. I was taught some french at school, had a french pen friend, the town i live in is tied to a french one so in the summertime the french students use to come in the shop i was working in at the time and i use to practice it that way to. but as an adult i took spanish classes, i am rusty, need my dictionary to hand. But theres always the translators online, i remembered that after working out what Pilar was saying on the other board. I like to be able to bridge that gap, wish i'd used it more so it sunk in better. Thats the good thing about being in the country,
    When i was in spain i used it, they appreciate the effort even if you do gets things wrong, i learnt a little greek to, you know basic stuff to get by with, mainly things like i am allergic to.. Blah blah blah To stop me spending my entire holiday in the bathroom! ;-)
    i went nightschool to learn sign language to.

    Haven't been abroad since being sick though.
    The Jewish religion is in my family history too.

    Maybe people do stay but their lost in the world of "ignoring themselves" like me, lol
    Speak later


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