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    I'm usualy posting on the Lupus board but I need all the prayers I can get right now and as I often read the message and prayers on this board Ithought of youall. My freind Jim is very ill, he has pancreatic cancer and is very ill. He is only a young man with a youngfamily.Please remember him in your prayers. I am so angry that everyone seems to have buried him already and the guy was only diagnosed, I believe if people think he'll die he will. i refuse to give up on himand believe that God is good and may send him a miracle. Pray please its the only hope we have, thank you, aleanabh
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    for coming to us with this request. Jim is very blessed to have such a friend as you, a friend who is willing to pray instead of giving up. The scripture says that when two or more agree, concerning anything, and they pray BELIEVING, that there Prayer will be heard. So In the name of Jesus, I lift up Jim to the Throne of Grace and Mercy, I ask in the Powerful Name of Jesus, that this Cancer will be removed. I pray that at this moment, the Creator of Heaven and Earth will Create New Cells to develop in the Pancreas. I curse this cancer in the Name of Jesus and command not in my authority but in the authority of Jesus name that it leave Jims body. Lord, I ask you to raise Jim up and cause this healing to be a testimony to your Glory, Your Mercy and Your Grace. In Jesus Name ..Amen
    I thank you Lord that what is not seen will be seen, and that you are taking that which the enemy has intended for evil and turned it in to something good. Thank you Father, that those who do not believe, will have there eyes opened and by this miracle many will believe
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    With the power of prayers on this board a miracle will happen. I also pray that his family be given the strength to get through this time of trials. God Bless Jim and his family. Mama
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    Thank you so much for your prayers, they are much appreciated,

    God bless you,
    You friend in Christ,