1. garnetgirl15

    garnetgirl15 Member

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I am saying hi, I have just joined these forums. Hoping to make new friends and share strategies and stories. :)
  2. JKN913

    JKN913 Member

    Hello garnetgirl15, nice to have you. Why don't you start by telling us something about yourself? What have you done that has helped, etc.?
  3. garnetgirl15

    garnetgirl15 Member

    I have suffered from ME/CFIDS (or whatever they are calling it these days;)) for twenty years. I can't really say what has helped over the long term, but I find that some alternative therapies help now and then, such as Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Mostly it is meeting the challenge of not letting things get me into a down mood. Certain supplements help with that, like Melatonin for sleep, and lots of vitamins.
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  4. JKN913

    JKN913 Member

    I hear you about the moods, I have been fighting that too. I have been fighting this for 5 -7 years. It is hard to say when the original condition turned into this. I finally reached the point where I am working full time, but my moods and low energy sabotage me and I wish I didn't have all this stuff to do because I only have enough energy for so much and it takes forever to get anything done around the house cause I use all my energy at work. Uhg, I am just feeling low today. I want to put up my Christmas decorations, but really all I want to do is just sit.

    Most the people on this site write on the FM threads. A lot of them read the ME/CFS threads but don't post. There have been some how expressed wanting the ME/CFS threads to be more active, but I haven't seen them writing in. Any way, I would like to get to know you.

    Some of the things that have helped me is diet and Noni juice. I have cut out all grains, except corn and oats and rice once in a while, most starches, like potatoes, most junk foods, I do eat some sugars but no chocolate. I eat some cheese but try not to each much dairy. Really my diet is pretty limited, but it has helped a lot and I don't mind giving up so much because I am really quite a bit better because of it. The Noni juice helps me too, it gives me energy.

    Of course I watch my energy output too.

    Do you work? What hobbies or other things do you like to do? Are you going through a tough time right now?
  5. garnetgirl15

    garnetgirl15 Member

    I hear you! I had one of those "just sit" days today. I sat around in my pajamas all day, waiting for a bit of energy to show up. The moods...well, that is probably inevitable with the ups and downs this illness causes. It is hard to keep on an even keel when the rules keep changing!

    Sounds promising! I try to avoid certain foods, but haven't gotten it down to a regime yet. I try to snack on healthy foods, and not keep junk around; of course the holidays makes that tough. I am sure that I would feel a lot better for eliminating certain things for good!

    I had to give up working about fourteen years ago, because I just couldn't find enough energy to go around. I thought that if I gave up working for about five years and just took it easy, I would be able to at least resume working part time, but my condition only worsened. I do love reading when I don't have bad fibro fog, and I also write creatively. I used to love sewing but I can't do that anymore; likewise arts and crafts. A lot of my interests had to fall by the wayside due to health challenges. I now enjoy video games and old movies.

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