hiatal hernia hurts again after 10 years of staying under control

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Bloody hell been thinking I was having massive heart problems.... hubby been worried sick and I woke up last night and went OMG I know what this pain is that is killing my ribs!

    THe stinking hernia is back!!!! ACK Me stomach goes up over my diaphram and until either the stress passes or the stomach relaxes I lay in pain for bleems.

    I first got it back when I was 18, I am now 33 I think... anyhow had it under control by the time I was about 22ish. Never had a problem again until this last month of massive stress.

    Felt like someone was crashing my ribs in a vice and making me sick to me tum, I haven't felt like this in 10 years!

    Unfortunately we are having massive financial issues and with me not having a green card yet I am upset over not being able to contribute financially. Hubby is going over the deep end cause he thinks he is causing me to be so sick when it is my own stress issues I need to deal with...

    anyhow that said I have $100 in meds I can not afford right now so going to the doc to get something that would ease the hernia is out of the question...

    other then sleeping on my left side... or just laying there on the left side screaming me head off what else have any of you done to help relieve the pain naturally??

    Hope for a brighter afternoon after a nap.... tyvm all!
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    I do not a lot of advice to offer, but have had that problem for years, even after surgery to correct it about 20 years ago. Several things that may help you until you can get to doctor. My dr has put me on prilosec ( there are others)--2 times a day AM and night. Also,diet- by paying attention to which foods and lig bother you most, and drinking antiacids--and of course head of bed elevated.

    I hope you get better--this is a bad condition to have, and hard to controll. Hope you can see a doctor soon, as so many things have the same symptoms--and it may not be the hernia--or something that is making the hernia "act up" Best wishes---Laverne
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    Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time ( are you home sick for Canada ? ) .. I don't have that condition but I have heard it is torture .. I don't have any advice for you other than my husband using Previcid for out rageous heartburn and coughing spasams with it and it really helps him .. I'm not sure if it is worth suggesting, but I wanted to say something of use for you.
    Hope things get better quick for you ! Love your aniaml zoo ! LOL
    Good Luck
    Fudge : )
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    I would get some "Food Enyzmes" and take them with every meal.They will help you and they are not expensive. I get mine at Wal-Mart but you could get them at most any herb shop or drug store. These will help your food to digest. Also when you get to feel better with the Hiatal Hernia,
    you should do a complete Colon Cleanse. That will stop future problems. Do a Google Search for "Death Begins in the Colon" and you'll learn a lot about the things a plaque filled colon can cause. Hope you are feeling better real soon. God Bless
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    I've been wondering how in the world you were doing and now here you are sick. I don't have any answers for you, I just wanted to touch base with my Buckeye neighbor and say hi.

    I sure hope you get this under control soon!

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    I know what you are going through; it's really miserable! The enzymes suggestion is a good one, along with a good probiotic. DGL had been very helpful for me.
    I've also been told to raise the head of the bed ( which I haven't done!) and to eat smaller meals more frequently.
    Do a search. There are some old posts on this and reflux that might help.

    Good Luck

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    I have one and just talked about it with my Dr today, she gave me more prilosec and said it is very important to keep the acid reflux under control so no coffee, no eating 3 hours before bedtime, raise the head of the bed, and if I have to have something that will cause the acid reflux to eat it at lunch. It sounds like you are in a lot of pain, I would get checked out and find out for sure if it is the hernia causing you the pain.
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    Hi Everyone!

    TYVM for all your replies. I got things back under control as all the pain is gone.

    I blew a hissy on hubby told him to stop giving me stress lol went and played at the coffee house with my art supplies and mellowed out.

    Well once that time of the month hit today all the pain of the hernia clicked in my head.

    When I am stressing and all that and with that time of month coming on ..... well my body side bite my shiny ass I am making you shut down.

    Eheheh but I am back in control and my fingers are raw from spreading oil pastels around on paper lol.

    If I have more episodes then I will go to the doc but I really did have it under control for 10 years so I know my triggers I just had not had that kinda stress for years.

    hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Hey Tonakay I am doing alright we are having an art show in Chillicothe at Schlegals downtown in dec. Hoping for the opening on dec 3 a sat so that we are both there for the full time. Otherwise hubby is working in Columbus too late at night to go play at the coffee house. So got projects to get done and so it was a good clearing weekend for me!

    TTFN Brenda
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    wow sounds like you're really busy. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Bet hubby hates that drive to Columbus! Keep in touch...