Hiatal Hernia surgery question

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  1. kbak

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    Hi All,
    Who here has had hiatal hernia repair? Did it help? I asked my gastro doc weather hernia repair would help solve my reflux problem, but that I didn't want to go through a surgery if it didn't help.

    He said it (might) help, but couldn't say for sure because of my long history of IBS ( which I solved by dropping gluten) and fibromyalgia. Apparently the IBS and fibro can affect the success of surgery.

    Other's have told me their surgery really helped but none of them have fibro. It's all so frustrating!!

    I would love to hear from you.

  2. wendysj

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    Thank you for posting your question. I have been to the Gastro for the first time this month. She has done much of nothing so far... I had a HIDA scan on my gall bladder. The tech doing the scan said my gall bladder was 100% blocked but the report from the radiologist said my gall bladder was "normal". What the heck?

    The Gastro did an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy on Friday. She said I have Barrett's esophagus and hiatal hernia. She also took several biopsys (sp?). I also had a polype removed from my colon. (Yuck.) I had no idea. I've had terrible pain in my ride side under my rib cage and that's why I went to her in the first place.

    I have called and left three messages with this Gastro since Friday and I've heard nothing back from her. This is infruriating!!! Why does it always have to be so dang difficult with doctors????

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for asking your question since I have the same question. I hope you find some relief and answers.

  3. xchocoholic

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    I'd hold off on any surgery until your body has a chance to heal itself from any other damage gluten has done. I had a HH, diverticuli, polyps, etc on my previous endoscopy and colonoscopy but I just had one done 2 weeks ago and this time according to my GI they're gone .. as in my celiac disease.

    A freind of mine was told that her gall bladder problems would resolve too if she kept the gluten out of her diet ... so far she feels much better ...

    BTW. You have to be careful about getting cross contaminated too ... and if other foods are bothering you ... like dairy or soy, etc, those need to go too.

    I'm still looking at which supplements actually help heal this but I know diet is critical ...

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  4. kbak

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    I've been off gluten for 3 yrs. now so that's not a problem. I had my gallbladder out when I was 20, I'm now 56. I'm really interested in anyone with fibro that has had a hiatal hernia repair and did it make a difference. My gasto doc seems to think with my fibro I may hurt just as much afterwards and not be able to tell the difference. I disagree, but would like to hear from other's that have already done it. Hopefully there will be someone out there!

  5. quanked

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    Is this the surgery that permanently reduces the opening size between the stomach and the esophagus so that acid could not work its way up into the esophagus?

    If this is what your referring to then If I recall correctly the doc told me that after this surgery I would not be able to vomit. While vomitting is something I hate I could not imagine what it would be like to be NOt ABLE to vomit when needed. Once I learned this I would not even consider the surgery.
  6. kbak

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    Yes niece, why don't you tell me about your experience. Thanks for being willing to share.

  7. KerryK

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    Having both I can tell you that the surgery made no difference to my general pain issues and the FM made no difference with my recovery. The surgeon had to revert to the open method instead of the laproscopic and thus I had a much longer recovery than originally anticipated, though I did recover and the surgery has been very effective for 11 years now. Further, there are now less severe repair methods available now that can be done without opening you up. For example, there is a RF or microwave ablation technique now available to tighten up the esophagous that is quite effective. I recommend you do some research into repair options. The open fundoplication I had was very difficult to recover from so I would not recommend it for anything but the most severe reflux, which I unfortunately had. Lesser GERD symptoms can be well controlled with Nexium.

    Good luck!
  8. kbak

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    all for your feedback. I was hoping that having surgery would solve my reflux problems and I wouldn't have to take PPI's anymore. My gastro doc said it might help but couldn't say it would help. I would do surgery in a heartbeat if I knew I would get good results, but that's the rub, there's no way to tell for sure.

    Kerry, I will look further into the microwave ablation.

    NOTHING IS EVER EASY!!!!! Just one time I would like easy.


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