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    I was told I have sludge in my gallbladder so that is why I am having a HIDA Scan--I was diagnosed through a cat scan. My pain originates under my left ribs and side. I have been hearing that gallbladder pain is always on the right... Could it also be on the left too?

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    We are having a tough time with this rib pain. I did my HIDA scan this morning and it is nothing to worry about. It took a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. They inject you with a radioactive dye and they start taking pictures from there. I was in so much pain this morning that it was really hard for me to stay still. I just wanted to rub my ribs to lessen the pain. I had a real rough night. The pain was so intense in my ribs I was having problems breathing. I guess I started to panic. Generally, gallbladder pain is right sided but I have heard that if the gallbladder is not functioning properly it can cause pain in your entire ribcage. But you say that you have only left sided pain? Your right side does not hurt at all? I guess the HIDA scan will reveal more. The person who did the test said that they can see how your liver and gallbladder function. They don't neccesarily see stones, but if there is blockage, the dye will not pass through and they can see that. I go for my results on April 2. I am not nervous, I just want answers. Is a catscan a invasive test? Maybe I should reccommend that as well. I am just so tired of being ignored. I am going to be very demanding with the specialist when I go back. I want answers. Then I think that it could be my fm. But all that pain...just think there is more. Anyways, let me know how you're doing and when is your scan scheduled for? Do you take anything for the pain? Gentle hugs, Tes.
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    Hi Tes,
    I am so glad to hear you were able to get through the test. I know how you feel at this time you just want some results in what is wrong with you to cause you to be in this horrible pain. A cat scan is supposed to be a pretty detailed test to view all your organs. They took some pictures without the contrast dye, and they gave me a contrast dye to take other pictures. When I had mine the technician said they can view the Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Pancreas, Gallbladder all your major organs very well. I do not think they can see everything as detailed in the gallbladder as they can with a HIDA Scan--they did see what they called sludge in my gallbladder. I had to drink barium also Thursday and Friday before the test and that enables them to see the digestive track. I also had my pelvis scanned that is where they saw he cysts on my ovaries. Maybe if you feel you still are not getting definite results when you go back to talk to the doctor in a few weeks, just run it by him about having a cat scan. My pain is strickly under my left ribs and the side. Sometimes it gets so bad it just makes me feel sick. Like I said, during the evening and night when I sleep is the worst time.
    I guess you are going to be anxious to get your Hida scan results back to see what it showed. Please take care Tes and I will talk with you soon..

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    first, what is a HIDA SCAN--is it anything like a abdominal sonogram? I too have lef-sided pain mostly in the back area. Evidentally, my gall bladder was not grossly inflamed etc. nurse at dr's office said sonogram seemed ok but I have an appt on Tuesday, 3/25. Sometimes I feel like I should just ignore these myriad of pains and get along as best I can. I have FMS and since they don't know what kind of arthritis they refer to it as "diffuse arthritis" . All I know is that I try to keep on trucking but my pain only gets worse and I seem to get more and more tired which leads me to eat less (only what's handy). Anyway, do you recommend a HIDA SCAN? Hope all is better with you this a.m.--Dozzer
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    Maybe I need to post this some other way -- just let me know-- a few days ago I replied to your post and ended by asking what a hida scan was. However, no reply. If it is convenient could you tell me what a hida scan is? Many thanks -- hope sunshine is finding you today as it is here Dozzer
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    I happened to see this,so i'll answer ya!! I had a hida-scan done before. Its a more precise test for gall-bladder function.You get a nice IV put in your arm,you lay flat on a very narrow table,and pictures are taken of your gall-bladder before,during and after they drip a radioactive dye thru the IV.I guess the drip goes thru your GB and shows how its functioning.and will show any blockages,etc... Painless,just boring!It took me 2 hrs!
    Hope this helps!