Hida scan for Gallbladder. Have questions please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hi guys~
    I just went for a Hida scan and expect the results today.
    Last week I had a cat scan reveal an enlarged gallbladder and I feel I have most of the symptoms of a diseased GB.
    getting to my question,..... If you've had a hida scan done was it accurate at detecting a problem? I guess I'm just so sick of tests coming out normal when I have signifigent pain indicating 'something ' wrong.
    Thanks for any help
    I guess if its normal, I'll then think possibly I have an ulcer.
    (cause after researching my symptoms,... I came up with gallbladder or ulcer)
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    back up.
    come on now,.....
    at least 12 reads on this and not one person can answer.???
    this place frustrates me lately.
    Its one thing to lose the place we felt comfy at,...
    then losing alot of members,... and now nobody responds??
    what gives.?
    never mind its probably to much to answer

  3. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    Hi Tandy,

    I am having abdominal problems also and just went and had an EDG (upper GI scope) today. I thought for sure that I had an ulcer but the results were normal. I will now have a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis next week and if that doesn't reveal anything then I will have a colonoscopy.

    May I ask what symptoms you are having? My symptoms started with a gas pain, bloating, pressure pain in the abdomen but in the last several weeks I have a constant burning feeling in my stomach, pain in the sternum area and tightness in the chest.

    I don't understand how nothing could be seen with the scope, it feels so painful, I guess it's referred pain from somewhere else. arrgh!

    About 6 months ago I had pain in the sternum area and they did a hida scan, which came out normal. I also had a stomach emptying test that was also normal. They ended up just giving me Prevacid for reflux which did help and I have been fine for about 6 months until this all started again. My doctor doubled the Prevacid dose a few weeks ago but it is not helping.

    Like you - I am so tired of getting a "normal" diagnosis, I was praying that something would be found on the scope today - something fixable.

    Does your doctor think that the enlarged gall bladder could be causing your pain?


  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Geeeez,... my symptoms sound alot like yours!!
    I can't take these episodes anymore.
    same here,.... the drs. started me on nexium saying they thought I was having reflux.
    The nexium seems to help a little but the pain is'nt gone for sure.
    I have days where I'm ok,... and then weeks where my upper belly just kills me.
    sometimes the pain runs straight thru into my backside too.
    Every once in awhile I'll even get a sharp stabbing quick pain.
    but for the most part its a dull almost constant ache. (right in the pit of my stomach)
    about 2 inches up from the belly button. knawing~
    at the worse times I'm afraid to eat. I eat small meals just to satisfy the hunger pangs.
    I'm surprized i'm not a twig.
    so far nobodys given me a reason for the GB being enlarged/distended.
    i'll check back later on or in the morning as i'm hurting quite alot right now~
    hope you find some answers,..and Thanks for helping
  5. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    Tandy, that really does sound like gall bladder from what I've been reading, you can feel pain into your back.

    I have the constant dull ache above my belly button also (knawing pain when I'm hungry which as made me nauseated a few times) and then a sharp stabbling pain every once in a while - exactly as you say! I said that to my doc today and he kind of raised an eyebrow.

    For me, surprisingly, eating doesn't seem to make it worse, it may calm it down slightly.

    Good thing for you, if it's your gall bladder, you can have it removed pretty easily these days. My Dad had his out last year, it was done out-patient laproscopic. He had 4 small incisions to heal and not much pain from the surgery itself. For us, surgery may be harder to take, but I would do anything to get rid of these pains.

    It sounds like a hida scan was a smart move - please let us know the results when you get them.

    Hang in there, Kristina

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  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    story of my life.
    I guess I should be happy.
    ??? but i'm not.
    Cause now it means other/more tests to push for.
    at one time my primary said it was just IBS (out of control)
    if so its quite painful to be IBS.
    plus I did'nt think IBS caused upper belly pain.
    this is weird.
    ho -hum
    thanks for helping me SpecialK
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    They called it a nuclear medicine scan. They injected dye into me and watched my GB on a monitor. Then, they injected something designed to make the GB empty itself. It revealed that my GB wasn't working at all. Surgery was scheduled and it was removed. I've been fine ever since.

    Prior to the scan, I had an ultrasound, which was negative, and endoscopy, which revealed inflammation in my stomach. They told me it was acid reflux. I cannot take the drugs for that. I insisted on further testing and I'm glad I did. It was the GB, just as I had suspected. A bad GB can mimic acid reflux. I had bloating just under my breasts, pain in my midriff, belching and flatulence. Whatever acid reflux I had was caused by the GB.

    Good luck with your test.

    Love, Mikie
  8. featherme

    featherme New Member

    I had a normal hida scan and an abnormal surgeon! He clinically found what he felt required surgery so in he went. My gall bladder was loaded with gall stones that never showed up on any test. He was recommended by a doctor friend who said this man's infection rate was zero.
    I see him next week - why, I'm not sure but we have developed a nice rapport. Maybe it's the four clips he had to leave in me. I'll see. Had the surgery last March.

    May you be fortunate to find an older doctor with experience who relies on his gut more than test results.
  9. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    It took an emergency room visit at which time they finally did a Hida scan and that diagnosed me. I had excrutiating abdominal pain and it felt like my stomach was on fire. This went on for weeks. I couldn't eat and even drinking water was painful. The Hida scan finally showed a dysfunctional ejection fraction, it was only ejecting a small percent of what it should have been.

    Subsequently I had laproscopic removal of the gall bladder, and since that time have not had that problem!

    I was told that in 3 weeks I would be back to work. However, this entire episode is what initiated my CFS/FM. The surgery healed up fine, but I never got back to normal. This was in 2000.

    It took an additional 5 years to finally get diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Lyme and gallbladder problems are often linked.

    I'm not trying to upset you, but just pass along my personal story, in case it may shed any light for you.

    Again, the surgery went very well, and I'm glad not to have the pain from the gallbladder.

    Best wishes,

  10. gongee

    gongee New Member

    Hi Tandy

    I suffered severely with my stomach for 3 years, but all the primary docs and gastrologists said it was only acid reflux and the pain under my right ribs and the middle of my back was only fibro (go figure).

    I had 3 ultrasounds done on my gallbladder which were all negative. Finally after I had gone from 160 lbs to 102 lbs. and could barely eat anything, I not only changed my primary doctor but also my gastrologist, which was the best thing I ever did.

    After being examined by my PCP, he said he would almost bet his house that it was my gall bladder causing the problems. I was sent to a wonderful gastro doc who finally listened.

    First he did endoscopy and found that I do have a hital hernia, gastristis, esphogatis, and he did remove 2 polyps (benign, thank God) I also was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Then came the HIDA scan, where after all these years of pain and even using pain patches on my ribs each day, the results showed that my gallbladder was only working at 2%. I was scheduled for laproscopic surgery within a few days and the first thing I noticed was the rib and back pain was gone. What a relief.

    I still continue to battle the IBS, gastrisitis etc. and take aciphex 2 times a day along with a probiotic, but even though I didn't recup as fast as someone without fibro, the surgery was well worth it. I still have some trouble eating, especially fried or spicy foods, and that probably is a good thing. I have gained some weight, now up to 124 lbs and will try to hold at that.

    I pray that things will go well for you and if the results come back that it is the gallbladder,
    go for the surgery. You may not get all the relief you are looking for if you have other things going on with your stomach, but it will be a heck of a lot better.

    Take care,

  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Sorry I don't know about the Hida scan but I did have my gallbladder removed 11/06 and my overall health improved drastically. Before I was toxic. I never had clear cut symptoms of gallstones, etc. For at least 5 years I became progressively more ill.

    After the removal I was better immediately but it took about a year to really recover - this was because it had gone on so long.

    The surgeon said many doctors fail to diagnose gallbladder problems. The only test I had was a simple ultrasound which showed I was "loaded" with gallstones. After removing the gallbladder I had no bad side effects - the surgery was laparoscopic.

    I also thought I had ulcers or gastric reflux. Once a month I was in the ER with severe nausea and vomiting. When I look back, seeing how much my health has improved, I am mad at the doctors who did not catch the problem sooner.

    Were you checked for gallstones? I mean with a ultrasound which is non-invasive and takes only 10 minutes.
  12. I was 22 when drs started looking into my GB for problems, (2000)

    I had a GB ultrasound, CT scan, and then the test mikie mentioned, that checks the 'ejection fraction'.. now, mine was not 'that' low... 'normal' is considered 30% I was told, *mine* was around 21-23% (I believe, 23%)...

    At the time, I was vomiting CONSTANTLY, when not competely knocked out with phenergan. I'd gone from 138lbs, to 116lbs in the first *17* days! of vomiting.

    Before I had began vomiting (late August), I would get THEE weirdest nausea, though... I would involuntarily get this terrible look on my face (ever see a baby try to reject an 'icky' food that has been put in it's mouth? funky face, & shake's it's head?) that was what I would do, over & over & over, and "gag"...

    I continued to work, but, it became too much, I was sneaking off into the clean utility room, soiled linens room, wherever I could, so that my patients/co-workers would not witness that insane face, head shaking, then god-awful gagging..

    Then after probably 6+ weeks of that, I began vomiting,...

    2 months into this uncontrollable vomiting, I had the Ultrasound, the CT scan, then the ejection fraction test..

    The surgeon himself told me, he at best was '70-80%' confident GB removal would stop my symptoms- but, the only alternative, was to 'continue treating symptomatically" ... which, I, by then, just could not fathom- seeing how miserably 'treating' symptomatically had already failed me..

    I had the surgery... and got MUCH, MUCH sicker - but,, it was only upon the actual surgery, that besides it functioning slightly lower than it should have been, that the surgeon also noted 'signs of chronic inflammation'..

    However, I got sicker, because, my GB was NOT the cause of the nausea, vomiting, pain, etc.. and, also, from the surgery, within 7-10 days, I'd developed pancreatitis. THAT went *completely* untreated, untested, etc for over THREE YEARS, until my primary doctor stepped in, and insisted I see a specific gastroenterologist at that particular practice. (my first one, retired, two months after my GB surgery, he was MEAN, miserable, hateful, and should* have been reported for NEGLECT- and FAILURE TO DIAGNOSE/TREAT!)

    He did an endoscopy/colonoscopy, after the GB removal- and THAT WAS IT!

    Dx- "a "RAGING" case of irritable bowel syndrome" (completely unrelated to me AT ALL, until my GB removal- which, yes, caused the FLYING S-H-I-%-s... )

    After he retired, they just handed me off to any ole doc there, and he, then, for over a yr & a half, ran NO tests.. NONE, and just put me on stomach drug after stomach drug, etc.. until he literally said 'well, we've run through our 'arsenal' of stomach drugs," and put me on Paxil (whole bunch of NEW problems with THAT!)

    So, anyhow, YRS later, I started getting the pancreas tests ran, my gastric emptying test came back slow, I was scoped both ends again, and this time diagnosed with erosive gastritis, duodenitis, celiac's disease, 'redundant colon' (WHAT??? LOL), and some kind of change/oddity in my ileum, which lead to tests for Crohn's disease.

    I'm now looking AGAIN for a gastro, as my pancreas is getting reallllyyy bad again, and, low & behold, I had JUST switched to a doctor, brand new in town THIS YEAR- and I get a letter that the SOB is leaving, december.

    I wish u luck, the test Mikie & I both had, is the most helpful, I believe...

    My mom, I don't think, had to have the test Mikie & I did, but, they told my mom that her GB probably had been not functioning for TWENTY YEARS+... she had so many stones, the doctor feared hugely, that he might not have gotten them all, her GB was SEVERELY diseased, FULL of stones, and infected..

    The doctor told her she was lucky it had not ruptured/killed her, it was so diseased/infected. (YIKES), she had a terrible time, stayed overnight, had to have a drainage tube in for much longer than that, I believe (at least a cpl days), and she was vomiting BILE (not stomach acid, foul green/black stuff)..

    But, I too, as someone else said, came out of surgery, fine... but, got no better- but, not *just* because of the surgery, cuz in my case, it was NOT the problem.

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