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  1. Peashock

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    I have to get a HIDA scan.. Can anyone give me any information on this? They said the test can last up to 4-6 hrs.. Sounds like a long time... Do you have to lay there the whole time or can you get up.

  2. tandy

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    this test is painless but sooooooo boring!
    They can last that long i've been told,but mine lasted about 2hrs slightly more~(long enough!)
    No you can't get up,you have to lay flat on your back~
    They take pictures before a radioactive dye is injected.Then during and after.To see how your gall-bladder is functioning.0-100% Mine was pretty good at 80%.Does'nt help with the symptoms I have thou~
    Alot of upper belly,and rib pain.
    So here I sit and bear with yet another symptom that nobody knows how to treat~ Ho-hummmmmmmmm~
    Good luck!!I hope they find out whatever is ailing you~
    warm regards,
  3. Peashock

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    Thank you for your response.. That is what I have, upper left rib and side pain.. I had a cat scan done and they said they saw sludge(I know this sounds awful) in my Gallbladder so that is why they are doing it. It sounds very boring..
    Have you ever had a cat scan for your pain before?

  4. tes

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    It's me Tes. I am having the HIDA scan done tommorrow morning, so I'll let you know how it goes. That's odd that they found something wrong with your gallbladder, considering your pain is all left-sided. My pain is on both sides. What exactly does slugush mean. How are you feeling anyhow? I was alittle better for 3 days and today I am crippled over in rib pain and alot of gas. Do you have this pain constantly or does it come and go? Do you notice that it hurts alot more in the evening? I am asking because this is how I am. Get back to me. By the way, where are you from? Tes
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  5. Peashock

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    Hi Tes,
    I thought the same thing when the doctor said I had to get a Hida Scan.. I thought of you. I do not know what sludge in my Gallbladder means.. It was picked up in my cat scan and it was noted on my report to have further testing-so that is why the doctor is recommending it. They also found cysts on my ovaries during the cat scan too so I have to have an ultrasound on Monday of my pelvis. Did you ever have a cat scan of your abdomen and pelvis before? Boy, this test sure can pick up a lot of things. I was told it also checks your pancreas, kidney, liver, spleen--all your vital organs. They told me the HIDA scan can last 4-6 hrs. Did they tell you that? I have my left rib pain (right under my left breast) and my side too(which is really painful) pretty much all the time. The evening and during the night is the worst for me too. Sometimes when I wake up in the night, it hurts so bad. Just a burning, nagging pain. Please let me know how the HIDA scan goes tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. By the way, I live in Pennsylvania... Take care!

  6. Tattoopixie

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    Hello! I had a HIDA done last year. It was a cinch. Suggest you take a paperback book to read or walkman or discman w/music to listen to. You do have stay in the same position for however long it takes them to get the pic of your GB & how long it takes to fill w/the dye. Then they had me get up & eat regular potatoe chips & full fat milk (what a combo huh?lol!), then they watch your GB to see how long it takes it to squirt out the bile. Mine was okay so no surgery for me, but then got to go through an endoscopy & colonoscopy to check both ends of my intestine - was asleep for those so they are no big deal either.
    Sludge is what your bile turns into if it gets icky & thick. Think of sandy water! Then if you don't get rid of the sludge it can actually go on to make stones (it has also been described as itty bitty gallstones-like grains of sand). Even w/out stones sludge may cause your GB to empty too slowly & then they take out your GB even if you don't have any stones.
  7. tes

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    No I haven't had a catscan on my abnomen. I have had an upper gi(where you drink some stuff and then they x-ray your tummy), barium enema, ultrasound of my gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys, x-rays and now I'm doing the HIDA scan. They told me it takes about 2 hours. They inject a dye into your vein and I guess the testing starts from there. I will definetly let you know how it goes and thanks for thinking of me. Has your doctor told you that this rib pain could be fm related and have they given you any pain meds? How long have you had it. Mine started last July and really hasn't gotten worse(although I can't even imagine it any worse). Keep in touch. Tes.