Hidden blood sugar could = FM brain fog

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    I urge everyone to check out this news article asap - while it is still accessible. Makes good sense to me.
    Even if we are watching our diets we can succumb as we do not really know if FMers correctly handle our sugar intake. Our problem is it is difficult to work off the excess build up as it just hurts too much.

    Sugars are hidden in rice, pasta, potato (every kind from raw to processed) breads - muffins, beets, carrots
    turnips (all root vegtables) - and fruit juice. Whole fruit is okay - so portions of these should be small - protein could be increased if you are hungry - ie.fish, skinless poultry - and of course, anything green is a go - peas however do contain sugars. This will kill me, no sugar in my coffee. ugh
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    You may post the name of the website but not the URL. Please do post it, as I'm sure many would benefit from this info.

    We have had a lot of discussions on diet here, especially on avoiding the carbs in sugar, white flour, white rice, starchy veggies, high-glycemic fruit, and juice. We have also discussed how processed foods contain all kinds of bad things for us, including sugar.

    You can do a search and bring up past posts on this topic.

    Love, Mikie