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    First, my hearts are and have been with you folks, new and/or former ie. old timers like myself. My computer keeps going on the blink as does my spine and I think each of you from there knows the rest of the same old story. BUT

    I do bid my howdy with a caveat.....fairly recently my pain et al took on a life of its own and it was discovered through the sleep clinic I have acute obstructive sleep apnea; well, lo and behold. My now demonic caregiver(s), never knowing a cotton-pickin thing about my condition despite my efforts to tell them.....rush in the very next day I was put on C-pak etal. and up and have me jerked up out of bed and off to the hospital on a "supposed OD" of morphine! The story is in here somewhere..

    Lesson. Write just what you are taking, the amounts et al.and if necessary sleep with it taped to your a - - ! I have had more hell than a little bit. Also if you have any spinal problems (mine are serious) write that down also. I have been going through a hell like you could only imagine.

    Even my in-house "caregiver" daughter did not know the magnitude of degeneration of the spinal stenosis and I was literally thrown all over the room to get me out...no backboard nada! It goes on and on. And now the doc, who had ordered a special power chair that could be added onto as my condition worsened, is holding up signing off on the medical necessity until I have this daughter removed from my home! This custom ordered chair sits are the med supply until I get this "caregiver" out. I did comply and get a criminal trespass against my older daughter and hubby but this doc means business.

    Anyone who knows me knows what I think of the feds getting into my business! Adult caseworkers have been here, I have been there....yada-yada. My family is not happy with me to say the least and I feel quite sure by Monday they will see to it I have no doc. There are also none others in this county who take medicare or medicaid patients; now isn't that lovely!

    And I thought I had problems 3-years ago when I came to this site! I am not one to "sue" but this business of worsening my back condition (I wear at all time a medic alert) may force me into xseeking an attorney's opinion concerning the handling by the EMS.

    Later friends. CactusLil'
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    dear CactusLil':

    Was getting concerned because you had not posted for a while. I do not post much , but do read almost every day. Sorry to hear your woes. I also have spinal stenosis, and am concerned about how it is going to progress.

    My neurologist said I could lose the use of my legs, but so far I am still mobile-applied for SSDI-still waiting. Hope to get on it before I am in a wheelchair.

    Strange thing is after 8 months of waiting, I still have not been asked to see any other doctors-hoping it is because the stenosis and myriad of other problems means I could get approved - or not, like who the heck knows.LOL

    That's about it, sincerely Loonie
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    Boy! Oh! Boy! did this ever strike a chord with me!!!! I have a husband with a bad back after two back surgeries caused from mishandeling in the hospital and I will always believe that my fibro was caused by treating my 75 yr. old body like a sack of feed in surgery. I believe that, because I was alright except pain in the tail bone when I went in + came out not being able to swalow, dehydrated and in screaming pain. Of course the surgeon denied it. If you feel they mishandled you ( although I also am not a sueing person ) I think you have a good reason to do so. They must learn that our bodies are fragile things + should be treated with care. Clueless
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    Its hard to believe what I am reading here. I thought you were doing well and living a little instead of being cooped up with the computer and the board.

    I am so sorry about all your health related problems. Goodness, is there anything I can do for you?

    Just let me know, you know how to get in touch with me.

    Do take care dear lady, and let us hear from you as often as possible.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Sounds like your life has been as nasty as the tornadoes that trouble us here in Kansas! (((((Gentle Hugs))))) to you with the hope that some sanity will come back into your life.

    I also have a bad back and have had back surgery due to a herniated disk in my lower back and coupled with fibro it's a double whammy to anyones life and spirit.

    Keep posting here so we all can give you support so that you know that you are not alone. I don't post too often but am always around "lurking" as they say here and I never fail to learn something or just get a spiritual boost from reading how others cope with this nasty disease.

    Please take care--be safe.

  6. Mikie

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    I am so very sorry for all of this. I know how long you have struggled with your medical problems and not getting much cooperation from anyone, medical community, govt., etc. I didn't realize what a bad time you have been having.

    You know you are always in my prayers as you have really been an inspiration to so many of us here. Take care of yourself, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

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    I have this quotation on my favorite bookmark. Angels are everywhere helping us.

    Love, Mikie
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    about anything and the last two responses caught my "writers" eye. Alot of spiritual things DO happen and around my "temple" the acts of angels are ever present. I justhad to say to you ask for their help. Angels gave up having a mortal life in order to do things only spiritual beings could do because of their special gifts, properties, characteriestics. I always remember to thank those now nameless beings (I believe one day one the other side we will meet them, though having been temporal we can never be one as they are...) who sacrificed their opportunity at mortal beings and chose to guide, help, teach et al. the rest of us who chose otherwise. love Lil'