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    In the back of my mind after 4 months of pain I was starting to think more and more I probably have fibro after chron's/std's/reiters(hlab27) and many other things are getting ruled out. BUT This last month I have presented with cervical dysplasia AND high antibodies against epstein-barr(not active though) and high antibodies against chlamydia pneumonia (the airborn bacteria/virus NOT the std showing I have a recent infection - on z pack). I have also presented with newly onset headaches/ eye pain/ reactive arthritis in an inflamed tendon above my ankle. My question is do I just attribute these viruses to stress or start thinking about CFS? I know it is too early to be thinking that way but my mind is trying to figure it all out so I can make myself better. I see posts on here about overlapping symptoms/ confusion. I just don't know if I can wait out 9 months to a year of things piling up like this before I have an answer. I realize at this point that I may not have either one although I suspect one or the other. How long before you had answers? Is this how anyone else with cfs started? Or fibro with a few infections by coincidence? I supposed I will have to wait for a proper diagnosis, but whatever it is I just want to get a head start on getting it under control as I can see a pattern - new symptom every two weeks!!! that is the real odd part!!
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    To start thinking about a diagnosis when one has a number of suspicious symptoms. The problem is that it can take some time before a diagnosis is arrived at.

    Jelly here told us about a good book called, "Living Well With Autoimmune Disease" by Mary J. Shomon. It won't clear things up for you. In fact, it may muddy the waters a bit. What the book says is that more and more researchers are learning that there is a lot of overlapping symptoms which usually signal that something autoimmune is going on in the body.

    At the very least, one can go through the battery of tests to eliminate some things, improve one's diet, do whatever exercise one can do, journal to try to identify patterns, and eliminate stress from one's life. Stress is the worst thing for any of these illnesses.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie