high blood pressure?

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  1. catblack

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    my blood pressure is very high and i don't know if this is related to cfs or not. i am 40, healthy weight, healthy diet, non smoker, non drinker etc. there's no point asking my doctor as i haven't even yet found a doctor who 'believes' in cfs

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    Dear Cat:

    What is your blood pressure? Are you taking any medications that could cause it to go up? Are you stressed?

    Just trying to help.

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    thanks for replying

    how high? i took it this morning
    after i woke up and it was 152 over/109 with heart rate of 130. i take prozac but no other medications. i used to always show up as low blood pressure but it has turned around in the last few years.....

    thanks for suggestions,

  4. catblack

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    oh not particularly stressed, no more than usual, and i do take fish oil already,,,,

  5. pepper

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    and take drugs to keep it under control. If yours is always 150+/100+, you should probably consider seeing your family doctor and get it treated.

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    Check out what your prozac is doing to it. I also recently went from low to higher blood pressure & discovered it was something I was taking.

  7. mme_curie68

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    I have fibro. but my high blood pressure has more to do with family genetics than anything else - it runs on both sides of my family. Since being dx'd with fibro., I have had more frequent episodes of crisis (2 in the past year).

    Anything above 140 systolic (top number) or 85 diastolic (bottom number) is considered stage 1 hypertension. Stage 2 hypertension is above 160 systolic or above 100 diastolic. Generally if your blood pressure is Stage 2 you are considered to be in a hypertensive crisis.

    Walking around with a blood pressure this high on a continual basis places you at tremendous increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

    It also puts a strain on and can cause damage to your entire vascular system, including your kidneys. It's a silent attacker - generally, you can't feel it, or see what it's doing. I tend to get really bad headaches when mine gets really high - that's my cue to check mine more than the once a day I generally do.

    There are several cheap, effective drugs (hydrochlorothiazide, labetalol, lisinopril) that are generic status and cost very little that will bring your bp down quickly into a safe range.

    I would urge you to at least see a doctor to get this managed while you're still shopping for a CFS doc.

    Madame Curie
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    I am also young 41 dont smoke ect... But I also have both my parents with HBP. I take toprol XL every morning and never miss a dose--- or try not to with fibro fog sometines its hard LOL----My husbands dad died of a massave stroke because of untreated HBP. I have too much to live for.
    Take care and get to your doctor. Keep track of your pressure. Even if its normal at his or hers office tell him it high at home. I have white coat syndrome. My blood pressure goes from normal, with medication, to 199 over 150 at the doctors office. I hate doctors lol...

    Hope you get better. Let us know..
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    For me, it's hereditary. I developed high BP at 24. You must take BP meds. The sooner the better. SSRI's can lower, as well as increase BP. How long did you take it?

    Anyways, go take care of this BP, it is as said by others here not to play with.

    Good Luck!
  10. catblack

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    hi people

    i have been on prozac for about 10 years

    thanks to everyone for posting, useful information there

    hbp runs in my family too so yeah, i take the point, get
    thee to a doctor!!! i hate doctors too...grrrrr

    by the way i am new here and i am in australia

    i was directed to this site by another cfs sufferer
    and how much i appreciate all the feedback on my first post

    thanks all!