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    I was just wondering why my rhemy Dr. even takes fital signs, because when I was there yesterday mine was 142/110 and heart rate was 110. I think that is all way to high, but she never said anything about it at all. Is anyone else have that high of numbers?

    thanks Patty
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    Your numbers do sound high. You should talk to your doctor about it even if she doesn't bring it up.

    But I'm also with Jaminhealth - if I were you, I'd be doing lots of research for natural means of lowering blood pressure. I've just been reading about cayenne which is supposed to be very good for the heart, and helps lower blood pressure. It can also cause detoxing so you have to go slow with it.

    One site I looked at said that tincture of cayenne was the best way to go, but I think in capsules it would still help. They say the hotter the better - if you get it at the health food store, the bottle should say what the heat measure is.

    Take care --

  3. pattyholland

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    Thanks so much for all the advice. I will check into as soon as I can, but right now the right side of my head hurts so bad that I can even move my head.