high cholesterol and inability to exercise

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    I have high chol. doc said watch fats in diet. did so. blood test 6mos. later. trig. had went down from 250 to 196-ldl had went up from 160 to 167. doc said ldl is what she was concerned about. after learning how ldl is calculated,i see it couldnt help but go up. i am housebound -walk in house and a few steps outside on a good day but cant exercise enough to help chol. anyone with any idea for me? i am already a very small person and low fat means less calories so i have already lost 10lb from change in diet. got copies of lab tests in mail . comment from doc was all ok except vit d which i know is low i cant take supplements . dont want to even try meds for chol. knowing what they can possibly do. i dont have a good track record w/meds although i have several that i have managed to take fortunately for some problems . thanks for reading. excuse mistakes my typing is gettin worse carolyn
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    look up inf online about cholesterol and fats. there are different schools of thought. my cholesterol was going higher and my doctor wanted me on statins, but, like you, i will not take them. i tried once and immediately started having awful reactions.

    i recommend checking Dr. Mercola for his input on cholesterol. he has a different point of view.

    i'm taking coconut oil and cooking with it. it has raised my HDL count (the good cholesterol). there is a way to calculate your health risk by dividing your HDL count by total cholesterol count. the percentage you get doing this should be above 24%.

    i divided my numbers like this: my total count was 284. my HDL was 81. i divided 81 by 284 and got 29%, so i figure i'm ok with how i'm eating.

    study up on coconut oil, too. Dr. Bruce Fife has books out- has studied it for years and years. has credible recommendations.

    also there are supplements like red yeast rice that work on lowering cholesterol.

    i think coc oil is helping raise my energy (i have had cfids for 12 years).

    come to your own conclusions, but i think there's more to the situation than western medicine tells you. best, sascha
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    my latest counts (April, 2012):
    total cholesterol 284
    LDL 180
    HDL 81
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    sasha with that calculation i came up with 17. my hdl is only 44- total is 254. i will look up info you suggested thanks for your reply carolyn
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    dividing it your way freida i got #5. thanks for reply and suggestion of not worrying. you know i am or i wouldnt have posted about it. im 64 just developed a superficial blood clot in my hand so that made me concerned more about clogged arteries. what do you guys think of stanol margarines? good or bad? I am also tired of eating low fat and watching everything i eat . when youre housebound food is still one pleasure we can have. carolyn
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    Hi Mimmic- The best things I can think of for reducing cholesterol, without exercise are phytosterols and policosanol. Phytosterols have been FDA approved for lowering cholesterol, one of the very few supplements that have been FDA approved. Policosanol is also very good at lowering cholesterol. A friend of mine took this combination for 6-8 weeks, with a diet low in cholesterol and lowered his total cholesterol by 48 points,from 254 to 206. Best of luck to you!
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    as to your ? mine hadnt been checked in yrs til last nov. trig were 250 then . now they are 196 and vldl went from 53 to 38 in april. both times tho it was middle of day and not after fasting. homocysteine ill have to check out. i know higher vit d levels would be good but i have posted before about how im unable to take them w/o getting much worse. these sensitive bodies of ours pose a lot of problems. just rambling now. thank you for replies and help carolyn
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    searching today on red yeast rice as has been suggested and read it contains same ingredients as statins are made from. i have problems taking supplements as i just stated about the vit d. when i first started reading about vit d on here and how much it helped some on here, i had hopes it would work for me but no such luck. thanks for your reply. carolyn
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    dr. did know. i ask her about that and she said if nothing had changed since last time we would get a fasting one. i assume its because she knows i am housebound and it makes it hard to get there . afterwards i had wished i had told her to put order on file and come in some morning when i felt like it. guess ill have to go again. i just hate having to pay for it again carolyn
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    Carolyn - I have the same problem - I cannot exercise at all - it's extremely frustrating because I used to be very active physically and miss it so much.

    Anyways, I have high cholesterol too, although I think it may have gone down but I need to get retested.

    Here are some things you can do to lower it without durgs:

    1. Cut out sugar and simple carbs like white flour - these raise triglycerides and cause total cholesterol to go up. My triglycerides used to be high until I cut out sugar. I didn't eat candy but ate a lot of raisins, thus a lot of sugar. I also ate pretzels instead of chips - no fat - but they're made of white flour so cut them out. I eat nuts now for snacks and make a very good protein bar with almonds, coconut oil ground flaxseed, peanut butter, whey protein and coconut.

    2. Soluble fiber is supposed to be very good for lowering cholesterol. It can be hard to get enough fiber in the diet, so psyllium is supposed to be very good for this. Don't buy Metamucil, it has additives you don't need - just get plain psyllium from teh health food store or on-line.

    3. Pantethine - this is a derivative of pantothenic acid and has been shown to help lower cholesterol.

    I am due to get mine rechecked and am very curious to see what it will be, now that I've been taking psyllium 2 or 3 times a day for several months. Because I eat low carb, I don't get a lot of fiber in my diet. It does help me keep my weight under control.

    We do need a certain amount of fat in our diet, but as others have pointed out, the important thing is to eat the good kinds of fat, like coconut oil and olive oil, or nuts which have a lot of fat. I'm with Jam - real butter is better than margarine. Just don't eat a lot of it.

    And do get your levels tested while fasting. I think it is meaningless otherwise.

    My doctor did a test, but I don't know the name of it, which measured the size and type of cholesterol I had, and mine was the good kind - big and bouncy! It sounds very strange but that's what it was and he said these kinds of molecules do not cause theproblems, it's the small dense cholesterol which causes the problems. So even though my cholesterol was high, he was not too concerned.

    Also, re heart problems, of bigger concern are homocysteine levels. I think these are a better indicator than cholesterol of heart problems. And there are natural ways to reduce homocysteins levels. And my levels on this were good too. I think eating proper food does make a big difference.

    Good luck -

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    Hi Carolyn.....are you home bound because of the Fibromyalgia?????? If so, you must not give in. In the house start with simple stretching exercises in a chair and/or standing. Try to get outside and set a goal for yourself. Begin with walking just one block and then add a second block etc.
    Maybe this will encourage you....but I turn 70 in 6 months, have horrible Fibro and spine pain.....but recently forced myself to work through the pain and did a non-stop 14 mile walk. I said this and did not mean to brag but showed you by example.
    Do what you can do....but crucial that you begin doing things slowly.
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    frustrating is the word i use all the time-knowing how helpful exercise is and not being able to. when this illness first started -for a long time all i knew was i was tired and i kept trying to exercise it away. thanks for your suggestions. giving up sweets will be hard for me. are the fats in peanut butter good fats? carolyn
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    dont have fibro . mine is cfs and overwhelming fatigue. if you saw my previous post i kept pushing and trying for a long time. 25yr. later i am still bad at pacing. tend to be up when i feel better til i overdo it then have to pay next day. carolyn
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    I think peanut butter is okay, just in eat it in moderation. Do some reading on this - you'll find which fats are good and which to avoid. But again, I think the carbs and sugar are an even bigger culprit in high cholesterol than fats.

    Good luck -


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    thanks everyone for all the suggestions. i have written them down and will do some searching. carolyn