High cholesterol with CFS

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    Is there a correlation between these two? I am hoping to hear some firsthand information from others with CFS. At age 33, my chol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, etc. were tested for the first time. My doctor has not discussed the results with me yet as she was on vacation when my results came back, but something seems off.

    In the last year I have gained about 10 lbs. (my naturopath said "metabolic syndrome"), and have a BMI of 24. For the last 5 years or so, my BMI was between 21 and 23 and I was about a size 2 (don't know what my levels were then unfortunately). Although I am not a vegetarian, I do not eat dairy (except very occasionally), never eat fast food, rarely eat out, eat red meat about 3-4 times a month, and poultry or fish otherwise (also tofu) and lots of "good" foods.

    I've been told to exercise, but anyone here can understand the irony and frustration with this advice. I was first advised to make dietary changes until we went over my diet and it was decided that my current/past diet is what the "reformed" diet would look like.

    I'm totally confused by this information. I have no apparent "normal" risk factors for SCARY high LDL and cholesterol (others are OK) other than being more sedentary than most my age.

    Does anyone know if high lipids are normal with CFS? I have no interest in taking statins, but my LDL is over 170, which I understand is high enough for immediate concern.

    Thanks to anyone who can share or shed some light on this!!
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    The liver is the main fat burner in the body and it makes chloresterol. Thyroid hormone (T3) is the gas pedal to all the cells in the body. If the liver is at idle, T3 can rev it up.

    I had sky high, the whole chloresterol spectrum, low body temp (95-96°F), low heart rate, depression, weight gain, lots of fat, little muscle.

    Going on Time-released T3/T4, chloresterol all normal, real close to 98.6°F, 70-80 BPM, less depression and more muscle. Life is so much better at 98.6°.

    My fatigue doc says that a fast pulse is good for right now since I'm actively fighting infections (Lyme).

    Looking at a root cause, do you have mercury exposure? Dental amalgams? "The hypothalumus has an affinity for mercury." Dr. Andrew Cutler

    Hypothalumus -> pituitary -> Thyroid -> celluar gas pedal T3
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    The real question, I guess, is why is the liver at idle? Many possible answers of course...

    Did you have your T3/T4 tested and then get an MD to treat it with the time-released T3/T4?

    My thyroid levels are absolutely normal (which convinces me of nothing in particular other than I don't appear to have levels of diagnostic concern). I've never heard of a time-released treatment. Many years ago I took a thyroid supplement derived from pig I believe.

    I too have low body temp (alternating with fevers that last days-weeks-months), depression (who doesn't?!), and just in the last year went from unusually muscular (still can't explain why since I haven't been able to exercise in close to a decade--just thought I was lucky) to a waist that expanded more than 7 inches (with less than 10 lbs weight gain) in about 8 months' time. I don't have a slow heart rate though; I'd say the 70-80 would be about standard for me even after resting. If anything, I tend to be tachycardic.

    I have had amalgam exposure, and only have 2 left in my mouth. I have been having them replaced slowly as I was not strong enough to handle the detox of getting them all removed at once (detox takes a lot of strength/energy!). I believe all but 2 teeth are filled and my molars have been filled several times each. My teeth are a constant problem.

    Was it your doc who explained the flow chart for you? Oh, how much time went by after treatment before you saw changes in your lipid panel? Oddly, my triglycerides and HDL are quite good.
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    Not like caffeine or any nervous stimulant.

    It's a lot more complicated than most regular docs know about. I went to the Fibro & Fatigue Center in Fort Worth. Kelly Boulden MD helped me out a lot.

    There is a great webinar: http://www.fibroandfatigue.com/webinarArchive.php?id=FFC_OD_ThyroidOptimization

    Porcine (pig) thyroid is called Armour, the FDA is shutting it down. There was another posting on that topic.

    I checked my chloresterol 2 months later and it was completely normal.

    I later added in Lugol's Iodine: 2 drops/day. Jaminhealth uses Iodoral. Iodine is needed by the thyroid and our cells. Our cells convert T4 (reserve hormone) -> T3 (active). Iodine is part of the missing link. See David Brownstein's book: Iodine: why we need it, why we can't live with out it.

    Acidic saliva is very hard on the teeth. It is one of the symptoms of Lyme. Which I also have. pH test strips are available, very cheap. Eat more veggies.

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