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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Scotty-girl, May 26, 2003.

  1. Scotty-girl

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    Hello. I am just wondering if anyone knows a natural alternative for high cholesterol. I take all sorts of vitamins for my fibro, eat healthy, exercise but still can't lower my cholesterol. The next step is taking a prescription drug but I really hate to do that. Can't seem to tolerate any Rx drugs. Any help would be grateful.
    Thanks very much. Scotty-girl
  2. MsBrandywine

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    Ive had my cholesterol checked and thyroid. now on synthroid and when they checked mine it was over 300.. scared me half to death.. Ive quit smoking.. will be a yr in June that my hubby and I both quit. I thought it would go down from not smoking but it seemed to go higher? ..
    I have to go in a few weeks to get it all checked again .. hopefully its down now with taking the thyroid medicine. if not then Im not sure what to do.. I dont want to go on any statin drugs..
    My parents Dr told them in Florida that they can really damage your liver.
    Good luck with yours scotty-girl
  3. QueenM

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    Hello Scotty Girl,

    Have you tried Niacin to lower your cholesterol? My husband was told by our family doc to take it for his cholesterol. You could ask your doctor about that because our gave my husband a sheet of directions to taper him up on the dosage. Also, I have heard garlic (the non-odor kind) pills help.

    Good Luck!
  4. MemoryLane

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    My Dad has been taking Polycosinol, which is a natural OTC solution to cholesterol; it is available at the Health store. He also takes a prescription strength Niacin supplement.

  5. PatPalmer

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    Hi Scotty-girl,

    Green Tea and Digestive Enzymes on empty tum have so far been the best natural substances I have read about for this.

    My mother has a high cholestrol count and has recently started on this protocol, she is having another check in September to see if it has worked, sorry I have no result for you yet...

    Love Pat.
  6. marta

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    Since my body is very sensitive to drugs, the first thing my doctor tried for my high cholesterol was the natural combination of 1,000 mgs. niacin (you can get flush-free niacin), 1,000 mgs. fish oil concentrate and 1 aspirin per day. Unfortunately I had my usual reaction to B vitamins (over-stimulation) and had to quit but it works for some.

    I'm now on 10 mgs. of a new drug called Zetia which does not impact the liver and has greatly reduced my high cholesterol.

    While some people seem to have a genetic propensity to high cholesterol, most of us need to control it with drugs. I trust my doctor with this one.

  7. klutzo

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    Please go to Dr. Joseph Mercola's website and look up his articles on cholesterol. Total cholesterol is meaningless. If your HDL is over 55 and your triglycerides are under 175, don't worry, and don't take those awful drugs!
    Also, you may need T3 as well as Synthroid. Many of us can't convert T4 to T3 adequately, so we need Armour Thyroid instead of Synthroid, or Cytomel in addition to Synthroid. Your dose may not be high enough either. Inadequately treated hypothyroid is a major reason for huge jumps in cholesterol that cannot be fixed with diet. Look at your last TSH lab result...many docs don't know that the normal range has been changed, and your TSH should be no higher than 3.0 now, and preferably as close to 1.0 as possible.