High Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzanne4health, May 11, 2006.

  1. Suzanne4health

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    My blood test came back twice with high cortisol levels. I did a blood test in the am and pm. I see a Endocrinologist to rule out Crushings Disease.

    It is known that having Crushing Disease mirros the same symtoms as Fibro.

    Has anyone had their results of Cortisol come back high?
  2. bpmwriter

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    i'm curious to know how the high cortisol level makes you feel. my cortisol numbers were low last summer before going on bio-identical hormones at the fcc. by february of this year my numbers had tripled! i didn't like the way i felt at all. i started to have migraines again, terrible anxiety; my acupuncturist didn't like the fact that my cortisol was up. i told her, i thought we wanted my cortisol up!! so confusing. up and down. in any case, i think i would take low cortisol over high cortisol any day. just wondering what symptoms you're suffering.

  3. eeyoreblue02

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    Next week. Mine is being tested by my saliva. I have to spit in glass vials four times throughout the day and they test my saliva.

    I gained 60 pounds, 40 of it very fast.

    I did not know that Cushings Disease mirrors fibromyalgia.

    I'll let you know what my levels are when I get the results back.

  4. butterfly8

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    I had a 24 hour saliva test done the other week and my cortisol levels were only 1/5 of what is regarded as in the normal range.

    My advice is to have these saliva tests done rather than simply rely on blood test results as the 4 x24 hour saliva test would give a much more accurate reading.
  5. elsa

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    With the HPA Axis being dysregulated in CFS/FMS it is not unusual to have low cortisol levels.

    Most people are familiar with the cortisol levels being high ..... cause of weight gain .... IE CortiSlim commercials .....

    However, when talking about CFS and fibromyalgia and our not quite right response to physical stress, we can very easily run into low cortisol problems from having to produce so much of it as the hypothalamus directs us to.

    Eventually we start running low on what it takes to produce cortisol, making cortisol itself run low.

    The Press Conference from the CDC (about the Kansas City study results) mention that one of the genes that lights up in all CFS subgroups is directly related to stress and cortisol.

    As far as having to stay on cortisol treatment forever I think varies with the patient. Dr. Teitelbaum has his patients start on a treatment protocol that includes tappering off after 3 months(?) to see if their systems can handle things on their own. Many can ..... some need a low dose indefinately.

    Of course there are many of us here that have overlapping illnesses ... IE fibromyalgia plus ________ fill in the blank. I will keep positive thoughts for you concerning Cushings .... Hope all goes well ....

  6. mbofov

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    I did a saliva test (4 samples over 24 hours) 2-1/2 years ago and my cortisol levels were high. This was a cause of middle of the night insomina and general jitteriness and edginess.

    I started taking Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) and this worked great, I started sleeping better almost immediately and also felt calmer, but not drugged at all. It took some tweaking to get the correct dose.

    I was taking 8 capsules a day and now am down to 1, and hope to be off of it pretty soon. I found it very important to take the Seriphos in the morning on an empty stomach. I took it in divided doses. When I took it at night, it made me feel horrible. I think this was due to the natural rise and fall of cortisol levels during the day and night.

    I did the saliva testing through and get the Seriphos from Clymer Healing Research in Pennsylvania. They're on the Internet and we did everything by phone and e-mail and regular mail.