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  1. krissy888

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    I have all of the symptoms of excess cortisol. Constant anxiety, all my weight goes in my stomach area and I am a fairly thin person, depression, fatigue. etc.

    My doctor ordered me a cortisol test. I have heard you all mention that you test with a saliva test. Is this more accurate than the blood test?

    What do you take for high cortisol and how long does it take to get it down. Thanks so much

  2. kholmes

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    I did the Adrenal Stress Index saliva test, and it determined that my cortisol levels were high in the evening, especially before bed. My doctor suggested I try a product called Seriphos. Do a google search on it. It's phosphorylated serine, and costs around $25 a bottle. You don't need a prescription for it.
    It helped calm my adrenals, helped me to sleep better, and actually has brought my cortisol levels down to normal. You might check Seriphos out online. I doubt most doctors have heard of it, though.
    Good luck, krissy888.
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    Interesting, I have low cortisol. I didnt realize someone could have high cortisol. Im taking cortef (25mg a day) and 25 mg of DHEA because my body doesnt produce enough cortisol and DHEA. I had constant anxiety and I was gaunt looking at the beginning of my illness because I was anemic and had high mercury poisoning. I was tested with a saliva test for adrenal gland problems. I have Addison's disease (also known as adrenal gland exhaustion). Let me know the outcome of your tests. Good luck!
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    I had the saliva test done too, which showed high cortisol. I don't know if it's more accurate than a blood test.

    I was told to take Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) like Kholmes. It worked right away. Within a day I felt calmer and started sleeping better.

    The only difficulty was finding the right dose, which was trial and error, and also I discovered that the time of day I took it was very important. I had been told to take it at night, but that made me feel horrible. I switched to the morning and it worked much better. I later read somewhere that it was best to take it in the morning, just as I was doing.

    I started out with 8 capsules a day 2 years ago (4 when I first got up on an empty stomch and 4 late morning), and am now down to 1 a day.

    I noticed about 6 months after starting the Seriphos that I was getting more tired than usual and finally figured out that I needed to cut my dose -- my cortisol was going too low.

    I did the saliva test through Clymer Healing Research. You can find them on-line. They're in Pennsylvania, and we did everything by phone or e-mail or regular mail. My neighbor who has FM had the saliva test done through Clymer and it turned out her cortisol was low. So we're all different.