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    I went to a a new Cardiologist for a stress test and ekeo gram( no results yet)

    While I was there a Drug rep came in and handed out very expensive Halloween treats to all the building (About 75 folks)I was able to see the price on the back of each hand made chocolate was 2.99 .A lot for a treat.

    Than while waiting for my next test my tester went by with lunch.I asked if there was a cafeteria for us to get a bite to eat after done.He said no the reps for the drug companies bring in buffets for us.

    Than I said oh how often they do that.He said a few times a week.I than said boy I wonder how much they spend on Christmas?He said they really put on a spread.

    I looked at my husband and said no wonder we can not get a great drug plan.NO one wants to give all this up........The perks just upset me.Reason is I am cutting my meds. down cause I cant afford them .

    Here they are charging us for the perks......If they did not do them maybe just maybe drug prices would go down....

    Sorry Just A bit Discusted........Not with my doctors Ive had for 4 years there wonderful............But with the system....


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