"High Dose" NADH

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by seans, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. seans

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    Hi all. For the last week I've been upping my dose of NADH to 4 tabs (I think 20 total mgs) and it seems to be making me feel better. It's so hard to tell if this is just pyschological or due to other factors (as is so often the case with these things) or if it is actually doing something.I'm tempted to up the dose some more and see what happens.

    Has anyone had any experience with "high dose" NADH?
  2. amymb74

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    I finally got up the money to get some supplements & thats one I am going to try again. I tried it years ago when it first came out but only took 5mgs a day & saw no results. This past year I saw a cfids specialist & she said try 20mgs a day for 2 weeks & I will know if its working or not. I was waiting to get thru Christmas so now I'm buying for me. I will let you know & keep us informed on you. I would stay at 20mgs for 2 weeks or so & see what happens, just my opinion. Hope you keep feeling better. Amy
  3. seans

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    Thanks Roman! My experience is almost the same as yours. I was using 5mg and upped it to 20mg and I noticed a difference right away. Now, I can't say for sure the NADH is responsible. Recently I've made a lot of adjustments for the better. I have also just started taking Q10 (100-200 mgs/day.

    Anyhow, it's good to know this effect I think I have been receiving is corroborated.