High eosinophils..........anyone?

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    I've been diagnosed with cfs/fibro and a few weeks ago took another urine and blood test just to see what was going on. As usuall everything came back normal accept for my cholesterol levels and my eosinophils. This is the third time that in a blood test my eosinophils came back quite high.

    I'm wondering is this a part of cfs/fibro or would this be indicative of something different all together? Does anyone know about eosinophils? I know that they are ver spacific and attack things such as allergies and intestinal worms. My doc says I have allergies that's why they have been high, but what allergies he doesn't know. He didn't say anything about testing and I'm wondering should I be worried about it? Do eosinophils indicate anything other than allergies and worms?

  2. ikumdo

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    thanks for the reply. So is it possible that I could have had asthma or have developed asthma after all these years?

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    Do you ever watch the TV show Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health Channel?

    There was an episode where a patient was evetually diagnosed with high eosinophils and that was ausing all her symptoms (strange rashes, sore thorats, low grade fevers). They put her on 6 months of steriods. While she did gain weight and have mood swings on the steriods, it did bring the eos count back down to normal and now she is symptom free and off steriods...

    Somehting to think about. I guess it depends how high the count is and how bad your symptoms are.

    Hope this helps,