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    So all my problems had started with a high esonophila and a high WBC count in a regular CBC blood exam, but at the time I had no physical symptoms at all. Tropical eosinophilia is considered a manifestation of a species of microfilaria. I had taken a 3 month course of a medicine called Hetrazan (Diethylcarbamazine) and the esonophilia count and WBC count had become normal. The readings had become normal BUT all my FM/CFS symptoms? seemed to start around the same time of my finishing the medicine course. This was more than a year back.

    Since a year I have been regularly getting CBCs done and the readings have been coming within the normal range ....my WBC count does come in the higher range at around 9500 but esonophila has been coming in the normal range since a year.

    Since about 3 weeks I started 4000 FU of nattokinase to thin the blood. Yesterday I got a CBC done again and the esonophilia count and WBC count is again elevated - not as much as the initial elevation but nevertheless the esonophilia is at 15 ( range 1-6) -beyond the upper range and WBC at 10500.

    I am thinking could this be due to the natto thinning the blood and the "invaders" coming out of their hiding places and the immune system detecting them again ?

    Any thoughts ?

    Lots of love,
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  2. Mikie

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    I'm so sorry that I've never heard of esonophilia but I assume it is some kind of pathogen? I am making the same assumption that you have stated here. It is possible that pathogens can become more active once one starts the blood-thinning process. That, in turn, triggers the immune system to go on a killing spree. That is how it worked with me. Have you experienced any Herx-like purging? Any sweating, nausea, headaches, diarrhea? This only happens when the dieoff is so great as to cause too many dead, toxic pathogens which the body cannot excrete without purging.

    It's good to get this stuff out of us. Just be sure to work with your doc on this. Most docs do not understand all this stuff which, to them is either cutting edge or so foreign that they dismiss it. Specialists in our illnesses and specialized clinics do these things on a regular basis.

    If you do Herx and it is too harsh, slow down a bit on the Natto to give your body a break. Good luck and thanks for the update.

    Love, Mikie
  3. spacee

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    Personally, I feel you should stop the natto (as Mikie suggested) and see
    what happens.

    After googling esonophilia, I recalled that my son had a similar high white
    count and high eson count. His was caused by a mold that is in dirt. He
    happens to be allergic to that mold. So when he is around dirt, his nose
    runs because of the allergy, then he puts his hand to his nose and sniffs in
    to the sinus, the mold. There it grows until it becomes very obvious that
    something is wrong in his sinus.

    But that is his experience. When the mold is gotten rid of he is fine.

    Your high count isn't typical of what I have read on these boards. But I have
    a low T-cell count which isn't typical either.

    At MayoClinic.com there is a long list of what high esonophila could be caused
    by. A very long list.

    What does your doc say about your high count?

    Love, Spacee
  4. deepak

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    Doctor here ( and I asked 4 of the best ! ) , said the high count is something due to something called tropical esonphilia which is common in India. Its a filarial infection and they did not seem to make much of it - the fact that the hetrazan medicine reduced the count back to normal so soon they say makes it certain that its tropical esonophilia.

    The natto , I think, has helped me in the head heaviness and dizziness I used to get, but maybe I can try to stop it for a few days and then see the count again.

    I am going to meet the doctor again tommorow - will keep you posted :)


  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for clearing up this condition I've never heard of. Years ago, someone mentioned bacteria in soil which can cause illness. I had never heard of that didn't really believe it at the time. Now, I know that pathogens can come from anywhere.

    Deepak, let us know what the doc has to say.

    Love, Mikie
  6. spacee

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    Could your doc test you for EBV? Sometimes docs cooperate and sometimes
    no. EBV seems to be linked to more and more chronic illnesses.

    Hope all goes well at the doc's.

  7. chloe_s_mom

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    Hi Deepak,

    I am slowly digging around the various sites after a few months in slumber land. I feel like I am missing a simple link that joins my health conditions.

    I almost fell off my chair when I read your post, as I have just been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Those pesky esoinophilic cells!

    For as long as I can remember, I have had trouble swallowing food, pills etc. It wasn;t until I had a scope this past August that the GI confirmed a severe stricture (my esophagus was only 4 mm in diameters). I had a dilatiation and more biopsies performed in Dec, which confirmed esoinophilic esophagitis (eosinophils were found all along my esophagus, meaning the entire esophagus was very inflammed).

    My understand of eosinophils is that they represent inflammation caused by different possibilities. For the esophagitis it might be food, environmental or neither (how's that for covering all bases?? ha!)

    To me, this sounds like something is causing my immune system to react so I am now trying to see if I can identify a source.

    I am desperately trying to reduce pain and battle an awful wave of exhaustion that seems to have settled on me since Christmas.
  8. deepak

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    Mikie- Yes I will keep you posted what the doc says :)

    Spacee - Thanks, I will ask him about the EBV testing .

    Chloe_s_mom - Yes, it seems these esonophils are causing my immune system to be in a heightened state so the WBCs increase. What are esonophil and WBC levels ? What treatment have you been given for your condition ? Also, what general symptoms do you have ?

    Love to all, :)
  9. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Hi Deepak

    For my specific diagnosis, it was thru biopsies (multiple) along the esophageal tract. My understanding is that a presence of these eosonophils in that spot is not 'normal'. The thoracic surgeon said that my esophagus lining 'sloughed' away when he tried to biopsy.

    I don't think that anyone has thought to look for eosonophils in my blood, and I don't think that i have had a recent WBC count....hmmmm, something to ask my GP.

    The symptoms for my esophagus are severe strictures resulting in an inability to swallow certain foods plus all pills. Then it progressed to choking and having to perform the Heimlich on myself (not fun for my young kids to see).

    20 years ago I was dx with interstital cystitis, which is another auto immune condition and is linked to inflammation etc.

    I can't help but wonder if inflammation (to foods? environment? something else?) isn't at the root of this? Combined with fms and possibly ME?
  10. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    for info on eosonophils and found an 'interesting' condition - eosinophilia myalgia syndrome

  11. deepak

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    Thank you for the link - have been reading up on it and my symptoms all match, except that it says this disease happened because of taking some contaminated supplement called L-tryptophan but I did not take that. Will ask my doctor

  12. deepak

    deepak Member


    Went to another rheumatoligist and she thinks i have this esonophilia myalgia ! Has given some tests to do . Will let you all know how it goes.

    Love to all.


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