High Immunoglobulin M - anyone know what this means?

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    My Immunoglobulin M came back at 278. The normal range is
    48-271. I realize this is only slightly above the high end of normal but I am still concerned. My doctor's office is not being much help and all they are saying is "inflammation" and "arthritis". I DON'T HAVE ARTHRITIS!
    I have muscle pain and I'm tired of not getting any answers.
    Please answer if you can help!! THANK YOU!!
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    Thank you so much for bumping that for me! I appreciate it!
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    Going out on a limb here...as I am pulling this from a little foggy area in my brain when I took immunology a couple years back. Immunoglobulin M is a glycoprotein. It is typically found when an initial immune response is mounted, the early response to an antigen/infection/etc. This type can be seen when a body's immune system is first exposed to an antigen (bacteria, etc) which causes an immune response. Now if someone had a more chronic infection, they would have more IgG (immunoglobulin G) and less IgM (Immunoglobulin M). For one reason or another, your body had been making more IgM. Forgive me if this is not a very comprehensive answer. But this is my general understanding, and I thought I would pass it on for what its worth. Did you find anything on the internet on this lab test? As to how that relates to your muscle pain, I have no idea. Could it have been myoglobin that was being measured?
    Good luck! Keep us posted![This Message was Edited on 08/12/2003]