High Inflammation Markers and White Blood Count

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    I know I have asked this before, but I am hoping that someone has the same issue and found out what it all means. I have been seeing a Rhuemy since September and repeated blood tests repeatedly have showed the following:
    White blood count - 17.2 normal is 4 to 10.5
    Full range CRP - 51.8 normal is 0 to 5.0
    Sed Rate - 57 normal is 0 to 20

    This time the doc added a 'Differential WBC' that broke down the WBC into 4 categories - they told me it would indicate which portion of the WBC is causing the high reading. But they all seem to register hihg and my Plateletes are high at 492 notmal is 149-415.

    I seem him in two weeks to check in but he sends the results with a letter. The letter basically say what I have said here...not a lot of help just questions.

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks in advance, Nancy
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    for answers
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    Your crp could mean rheumatoid arthritis. I have RA. My cbc stays high and so does my crp. Sometimes my sed rate is less or more. I also have sjogrens syndrome.

    The crp does not have to mean RA but your symptoms should be accounted for also.

    I also believe that the crp and sed rate are more important at this point. I am not a doctor but I was a nurse for a long time.

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    Thank you so much for your replies. Here is a little bit of background.

    I started seeing a new rheumatologist who is an internist too. My first visit was extremely thorough - I have never had any doctor pay so much attention to me and my symptoms. (I found him when I googled for a new doc and it turns out that he is one of the top doctors in the country for not only FMS, but Lupus, RA, and other connective diseases.) His office have no other doctors in the practice but he employs 5 or 6 Nurse Practioners and he has both a full lab for blood work and an xray machine and tech on his staff.

    This first visit (in September) he did a full set of xrays (like every part of my body) and full set of lab diagnostic tests with blood and urine. When I went to him I had been in major flare zone dealing with insominia, extreme pain in the lower part of my body, cognitive difficulties, dry mouth, inflammation in my ankles (I am overwieght) and I just felt a overwhelming sense of fatigue and depression - a typical flare for FMS.

    At my first visit he added a low dose of Elavil to my medicine regime which was increased to 75 mgs over a month's time. I started sleeping through the night almost immediately. He also told me to start taking 1/2 of my Flexiril dosage in the a.m. and the other one late afternoon. He believes that muscle relaxers help during the day by keep your muscles relaxed (so obvious but never tried to take it in the morning.) It took me about 2 weeks to adjust to this change because it made me sleepy at first but when it started working I was amazed. I felt better so quickly with just these two changes I was amazed.

    First set of lab work comes back with elevated CRP, Sed Rate, & WBC. My second visit he prescribed Prednisone - low dose but he wanted to see if it helped with the unexplained inflammation. The tests for Lupus, RA, Sjorgerns (sp), and other diseases came back normal. Having been on steroids for carpal tunnel off and on I knew that they would work and make me feel better, but I didn't want to be on them long term. Currently I take 5 mgs daily and it has reduced the inflammation markers but as you can see they are still high.

    This run of blood work they did the WBC testing that breaks down the WBC by the components you mentioned to see which of the components were causing the increase and I beleive it was the Lymphocyte that was the highest. I don't have the results with me. I am sorry this is so long but having these atypical results for 5 months with no explanation scares me a bit.

    Last bit of history - I take the following meds in addition to the meds above

    Protonix for GERD
    Mircette Birth Control
    HCTZ and Benacol for Hypertension
    Evoxac for dry mouth
    Synthroid for hypothyroid
    Zoloft for going nuts to try and remember all of these meds :)

    Can you have Lupus or RA or MS for that matter and have the tests show that you don't? Not that I want to be diagnosed with them, I just want answers you know? The last symptom that is really wierd is my skin has gotten ver pale and thin. My viens seem to make my skin blue on my hands and arms. Doc reminded me that I wasn't 16 any more, but I have always had an olive complexion and this is a recent devolpment. My hands and feet are always cold.

    Thanks again for any advice either of you have...Nancy

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    Ok now that I am home and looking at the report I was mistaken on which part of the WBC was high. Here are the details and this is the Absolute values:
    Neutrophils 12.4 - normal 1.8 to 7.8
    Lymphs 3.8 - normal 0.7 to 4.5
    Monocytes 0.9 - normal 0.1 to 1.0
    EOS 0.2 - normal 0.0 to 0.4
    Basos 0.0 - normal 0.0 to 0.2

    I have to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Is this board the best or what? Any additional insight on this is of course appreciated. If you ever have questions or issues with your phone or PC I could help you there.


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    I heard you on the elavated CRP could link to heart disease. The good news is that while I have High BP it is under control now, so much so my new average is 100/68. Additionally my cholesterol and glucose levels are always withing normal ranges. I know heart disease can be the silent killer but isn't the test for heart disease the high sensitivity CRP test?
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    My FFC doc told my that inflammation/infection can affect the CRP level and so until they're under control the CRP doesn't have a whole lot of weight. HOWEVER, since I have a family history of heart disease she wants me to get a cardiac consult, stress test and holter monitor test. Just in case...

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    KJFms - The doc orders Thyroid tests each time. Over the years I can tell when it is out of whack before any tests...it is really wierd but my hair texture changes, my skin gets overly dry and my fingernails are brittle.

    MCD - Any idea of what sort of infection it might be that seems to be sticking around me - EBV or something else?

    Thanks again and the trick to keeping teenagers off of the phone/pc - if I knew that I'd be rich. I know as a teenager I was always on the phone and it drove my folks nuts! Thank goodness PC's were not a consumer product when I was growing up or my parents might have gone nuts!

    Good luck to you and thank you for all of the wisdom and advice....Nancy
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    I do hope that my situation really didn't keep you up last night. I am at work this morning otherwise I would be home snoozing because beleive it or not - I seem to develop a sinus infection over night - headache, bad sore throat and all. Not sure if it is suggestive thinking or not, but I do know that I do get sinus infections a lot.

    Haven't had one in a while - at least that presented with symptoms like this - but could the infection be sinus related?? I actually have a prescription for a z-pak and that I am getting filled today.

    I did more research last night per your suggestion and looking at the symptoms and characteristics of endocarditis just don't seem in line with where my body is reacting!

    And you are funny about my situation being a puzzle. The nurse practioners and my doc think I am 'very interesting' because I present strangely. I never get fevers in fact I run below 98.7 routinely! Thanks again...
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    Sue -

    Wow is all I can think of regarding what you have been through. I do feel very fortunate to have found my doctor. I bring my lists of questions and they go through them all with me and are willing to try things in a controlled way. I have had an ultrasound and every piece of my body x-rayed. I am definitely going to bring up the bacterial infection connection and see where that might take me.

    I am glad to hear you not only recovered but did so quickly. I do think those of us with FMS/CFS present uniquely and it is hard for doctors to pinpoint what is wrong. I've read here how many times we question - is this FMS/CFS related or not. It scares me that I will make that assumption only to miss something else seriously wrong with me.
    Take care and thank you for sharing your story, Nancy

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