High Liver Enzyme Count

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valleyann, May 17, 2006.

  1. valleyann

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    I got a call from my Rheummy today and he said my blood tests came back abnormal for my Liver. That my ALT is about 2 times that of a normal person.

    He said it has nothing to do with my Acid Reflux or Fibromyalgia...but that it could be number of things. Has anyone had this problem? Or know anything about this?


  2. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

  3. kriskwon

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    Mine are too. I was told it was probably from my meds. I have to take Valtrex daily for shingles, and I was also taking Lortab and Effexor (sp?). My GP said ALL were bad on the liver. But remember - that was just me. I am scheduled to be retested in 1 month.
  4. jenni4736

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    Hey valleyann,

    You need to get things checked out. The liver has many functions from helping you blood clotting to filtering you blood,etc.

    High enzymes can be from SEVERE anemia, Hepititis A B or C, diabetes, pancrease issues,alcoholism, etc. It could even be from OD'ing on Tylenol (I think).

    It is probably nothing to worry about but definatly something to have checked. Keep a list of questions going....there are ALWAYS QUESIONS!!!!

    Don't get too rialed up about it! This disease has ways of making all of the tests "ABNORMAL". They are watching things closely it sounds like. Maybe he does know what he's doing despite his lovely bedside manor.What did the lovely Rheummy say about it?

  5. valleyann

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    I scheduled an appoint to see my family doc this friday. My liver enzyme count has been high for over 2 years now. But they were just keeping an eye on it. And now it has increased even higher to 2x normal.

    My Rheummy gave me the test results and said that it's nothing to panic about but I should go see my family doctor about it. He said it could mean a number of things, but that it had nothing to do with my GERDS or FM.

    I had an ultrasound on my liver last year and nothing showed up... I just wish they could figure it out so i'd have less to think/worry about.

    I just feel like I'm falling apart right now... I don't want anymore problems! aghhh... ok i'm good, I've pulled myself together. ;)

    I also just found out yesterday that one of my uncles is missing...my family is very worried about him as he was very depressed and talking about suicide. Now nobody can find him. He's been gone for 4 days and took nothing with him. So all I can do now is pray...

    Thanks for listening...
  6. jenni4736

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    I had that feeling a couple of weeks ago! I know how you feel! It seems like there is always something with this DD. The reality is...that's about right :)!!!!

    But that is life....there is always another fire...another problem. The challenge is learning to deal with them without sending your body into a tizzy.

    I am so sorry to hear your uncle is missing. I will pray for him to be found safely, healty, and soon. I know this must have you very worried.

    I am glad you have an appointment to get checked. I have symptom that made me question Lupsu too. For me, I think it has been ruled out. But even if it is Lupus or something else, you are young, strong....and you have that handsom man by your side to help you through.

    Try not to worry too much. It's easier said than done, I know. No matter what your answers are, you can't change them. you just have to roll with it...and make the best of what comes.

    Let me know what comes of things. I will be watching for an update. I wish you peaceful dreams, a gentle hug, the safe return of your uncle, and a simple answer- with a quick fix for your tests.


  7. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    I responded to your messages on the Lupus board, did you see it?

    As far as my symptoms go:
    -Rashes - red patches on cheecks (they come and go)
    -Oral Ulcers
    -Arthritis - in my fingers
    -Inflammation in my chest

    Those are a few of my symptoms... but apparently my blood tests came back normal, except for my liver. So we'll see I guess.

  8. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    My liver enzymes have been sky high in the past and when they repeat the tests a week or so later they're fine. I don't know if it's the dd or what, but it has happened to me more than once. Retest.

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