High liver enzymes and cholesterol

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    Hi any suggestions to help with high liver enzymes and high cholesterol naturally?? I dont want on any of the statin drugs my Dr. is offering, too many side effects. I tried zocore about 14 years ago and had severe muscle pain and the Dr. took me off it right away,I have used red yeast rice supplement before and it brought all my cholesterol down to normal in 42 days taking 600mg twice a day. But now when I try to take it I have really severe indigestion. I mean severe burning pain so I have stopped. Im on alot of medications and supplements and worry about adding anything els. Thanks in advance for your input!
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    I have been on crestor for over a yr now and it has brought my cholesterol down to normal right away. I have no side effects. It is fairly new. Recently my liver enzymes came back high on my blood test. My doctor told me to stop the crestor for 1 month and then have the blood test repeated. After one month the liver enzymes still were high, even higher than the last time. An ultrasound of my liver was ordered and I was to see a liver specialist. He said that my ultrasound report said I have a fatty liver. I am 50 lbs overweight so now I not only am fat on the outside, but fat on the inside. He said I need to lose the 50 lbs I have gained and go back on the Crestor. He said the blood test showed that the elevation of the liver enzymes was not from the crestor, but because of my weight and the fatty liver. I went back on the crestor, and am now following a food plan and I go to overeaters anonymous, as soon as I get half of the weight off I am going off the crestor. I do not like taking the meds for cholesterol either. I take enough meds now.
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    This is what I took and did, and it went from 297 to 207 in about 5 months:

    2 tablespoons fresh ground flaxseed, 4 or 5 times a week. I grind my own in a coffee grinder and store it in the freezer to keep it from going rancid.

    6,000 mg. fish oil a day (in divided doses)

    two 300 mg. pantethine softgels a day (Swanson Vitamins brand - they have good prices)

    Cut out excess sugar - I was eating lots of raisins for snacks, over a pound a week. Now I eat a piece of fruit every other day or so.

    Cooked oat bran a couple of times a week

    I don't think my liver enzymes were high, but my cholesterol and triglycerides definitely were.

    Both my doctor and I were shocked when we got the second test results. I hope this helps!

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